We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Miguel Alcorn | Spoken word poet/ hip hop artist/ producer

I’m inspired by living life. I think the day to day is something that you can take and build off of, if you look at life through a lens that will propel you, no matter if it is good or if it’s bad. Read more>>

Jai Duque | Humanitarian & Self Taught Baker

I am inspired by the strong and powerful women in my life. Women such as my mom, Lolas(grandmas), sister, aunts and all other influential women that i look up to and taught me to become who I am today. These are all real life makers, shakers and creatives that has influenced me to aim high. Last but not the least, I am also inspired by the Filipino culture and tradition that i grew up with. Read more>>

Narayan Naidu | Photographer & Creative

Now of days there are so many different things to get inspired by. Personally, I feel like my inspirations come from a wide range of sources. Some of my favorite artists that I feel inspire by are Davide Sorrenti. Kid Cudi, Van Gogh, and Kanye West. Currently, my favorite photographers that are still coming up whose work inspires me are Neri and Yasi. However, I might get clowned for this but the place where I get most of my artistic inspirations is Pinterest. Read more>>