There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Trenity Thomas | Artist & Photographer

Having the need to get things done before moving on to the next really helped me focus on putting my all into something to make sure it feels complete. Read more>>

Anthony Garcia | DJ & Music Producer

Definitely being consistent, I’ve learned being consistent will get your further and help gain more experience. Consistency is key!. Read more>>

Rosemary Nwaosuagwu | Children’s Book Author

In order to be successful, I must say that there have been certain habits that helped me succeed. One of those habits is having passion in what I do. I love to read and I love to write. I love creating and writing books that children not only have fun while reading, but are also learning as they read. I believe that one must have passion in their work and love what they do. Another habit is always having a positive attitude. In a business, there may be obstacles along the way, yet I believe that I can overcome anything as long as I try my best and believe in myself. In any thing that I do, I always hold my head high and know that each day I have the opportunities to grow myself and become better. Read more>>

Kenya Mims | Author

Organizer TIme conscious Persistant All of these 3 habits helped me succeed in publishing my book. I am a very organized and detail oriented person so it was easy to keep things in order, find old journals, plan for important dates around publishing, etc. I’ve always been a stickler for time, I dont like being late for anything. Matter of fact, when my friends or family are late and I’m involved, they hear from me, lol. Having deadlines with the publisher and giving myself personal deadlines allowed room for corrections and adjustments with no effect to production. All plans surrounding my book went according to the original schedule and contract. I can be very persistent about things I am motivated to do. I’m not a real persuasive person nor do I care to pressure other people about things. When I set my mind to something or create a goal to reach, I am persistent in making sure I make that achievement no matter what. Read more>>

Ashley Tate | PR Specialist & Boutique Owner

Some habits that I feel helped me succeed is waking up early and getting to work. You must out work everyone and never be afraid to ask someone a question. Focus is the biggest habit. Read more>>

Sev7en Taylor | Author and Music Artist

Mental habits. Being able to discipline myself, being open to birthing a new ” me” and leaving what I thought I needed behind. I knew in order to be successful; I would have to place myself in that position. There’s a lot that comes with becoming successful. People don’t know that you can’t have everything from the start at the finish line. I read a lot of books and me & my partner listen to motivational speeches. We practice a lot of communication with goals and how to continue be the best support system for each other. That’s very important in romantic and non- romantic relationships. Read more>>

Quaneshia Survillion | CEO

Organization, this is one of the most frequently mentioned habits of those who are successful in life is organization. Read more>>