We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Lee Febres | Photographer

I think most of the people are unaware of how much money photographers have to spend on equipment and how delicate they are, for example we have to pay for programs to edit the pictures that could cost 150$, the camera body could be 800-4000 for a full frame camera, lenses are at least 150$ and most photographers have 2 lenses or more, computers can cost between 600-2000$ and that is one of the reasons why photography can be expensive. Read more>>

Amber Bender | Founder & Executive Director of Addi’s Faith Foundation

Less than 4% of funding is allocated towards pediatric cancer research. Pediatric cancers are different from adult cancers and require specific research so we can better understand how to effectively treat children. I think our children deserve more than 4. Read more>>

Kearin Ever | Illustrator & Muralist

One piece of conventional advice that I’ve heard a lot is to go to school and get a stable job with healthcare. That sounds fabulous, and for some people it is, however… In a lot of ways I think that is just a load of baloney. I really think there is no point in spending every day of your life doing something you don’t enjoy just to be able to buy stuff you don’t need. I think that the way you spend your days is the way you spend your life. So many people spend eight hours a day doing something they don’t enjoy, and… That’s your whole life. I wish more people would stop believing in this and start doing what they love, because in 2021 there is no such thing as a stable job anyway. Read more>>

Vanessa Ann Miller | Network Marketing Strategist

Many business coaches and mentors recommend to “take messy action” in order to encourage someone to just start. While I agree to a certain extent, I believe that the student on the other end of this message gets confused. They think it means to just do whatever. But I believe taking action should be intentional (not perfect) and aligned with what you’re gut (not head) is guiding you towards. Read more>>

Adam Faust | Partner

You don’t need a plan (right away anyway). I did start with a business plan. However, the more I planned and read about starting a business, the more mile-wide holes I found in my plan. So I did what any naïve and optimistic person does: I stopped planning and started doing. When you start a business, you get figuratively punched in the mouth daily, and a plan is just not very applicable in the beginning. I have a plan now. I have a vision statement, values, and annual goals. I’m all in on that stuff now, but I wasn’t then. And it’s a good thing because I never would have started. It was better that I quit planning the business than quit the business. Read more>>

Ashley Richardson | Realtor

Many people get into Real Estate thinking that it is a get rich quick type of business. This business is much harder than people think. It takes a lot of hustle, money and dedication to get your business of the ground. 87% of Real Estate Agents do not make it past their second year. You must also possess great Customer Service and negotiation skills. Read more>>