We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Gustavo Lopez | Body Piercer

One thing that I think people are not aware of (not just for body piercers but for tattoo artists as well) is the time and materials that go into doing what we do. I always get asked why such a simple earlobe piercing costs so much? But they don’t see the time and materials that I put in to get the jewelry ready for the customer, sterilizing my clamps, cleaning and maintaining the autoclave, sanitizing my work area or making sure everything is 100% ready to go when the customer walks in. All of that takes time and materials. But I do it so my customer has the best piercing experience and hope they come back for more. Read more>>

Fred Aebli (aka Mr. Fred) | College Instructor, Software Developer and Creator or Get

I have been a teacher at the college level for over 22 years. During that time I have taught kids coding camps during the summer. Prior to that I had a career as a software developer and I am a former Marine officer. Along the way, I noticed a decline in the number of people interested in coding and technology. When you say or use the word “coding” it sometimes raises this spectre of a “mathematical wizard”. True, math can play a role in parts of computer science. However, coding is a broad area as it weaves in new tools that require different skills that everyone possesses. These new tools are opening new doors for all sorts of careers. Read more>>

Lisa Joubert | Venue Owner

So you want to open a venue? A lot of people have come up to me expressing their desire to open their own event space especially after seeing that I have stayed open during the Covid-19 pandemic. I think a lot of people see running an event venue similar to a rental property…you have your rent costs and charge per event and they think it’s a no brainer to have passive income. There is NOTHING passive about managing an event space! Each client is unique and comes to you with their once in a lifetime experiences they are trusting you with. Read more>>

Savannah Brazil | Owner & Co-Founder

I believe one thing outsiders are unaware of in the art industry is how valuable art is. How much thought and effort that’s put into each creative piece. Read more>>