In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Kaylen Maduka | Site Curator and Content Creator, South Houston Moms

“Be with those who want to be with you.” This is a value I’ve learned through self discovery and I’m working hard to instill this mindset in my children. It can be applied to so many different areas of life: Friendships, Family, Work, Sales – pretty much in any social setting. In the past, I have found myself putting so much effort and energy in to winning someone over by changing my thoughts/opinions, my appearance, how I speak, etc. the list goes on. All of this for some kind of weird and gratifying internal reward. Read more>>

Aja | CEO, HPU

The values and principles that matter most to me are morality, “authentic” character, live with purpose, and that you must first be willing to fail in order to succeed. Morality is key in determining how we conduct our selves and how we treat others, a good leader and business person is able to conduct its operations in a way that is morale. If a leader or business person has to cheat, lie or steal to be successful, then in actuality they aren’t successful at all because they wouldn’t have been able to gain buy in on their offer without doing so. Character is part of morale but is more. Its about what behaviors you routinely display. It’s important to have show your “authentic” character. We were all made with a personality, and that’s not a bad thing. Read more>>

Anita Goshchin | Ballroom Dance Coach

Honesty. I truly believe that we get what we give away, and success cannot be built on lies or hiding certain facts. On the contrary, brands that are not afraid to speak up their truth always make a strong presence and self-presentation. Honesty goes hand in hand with personal strength of spirit, and this is something I am aspiring to. Read more>>

Amber Koenig | Realtor & Lifestyle Blogger

One of the most important values instilled in me growing up, and that continues to be important today as a professional, is integrity. Operating with honesty no matter if that’s with clients, colleagues, or passing conversations is foundational to building my business and brand. It is an honor to help families in selling their home or finding their dream home, and partnering with someone in such a large life decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even if the news may not be what the family was hoping for, I promise to always be open and honest with my clients. My hope is to build a lasting relationship with my clients not simply get them to the closing table and move on to the next. These lasting relationships will only stand the test of time if I uphold the values of integrity in all aspects of my career. Read more>>