We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Jamaica Booker | Owner of Perfectly Unique Boutique

The principle I value and honor most when it comes to the Perfectly Unique brand is authenticity. I try to make sure that I personally am coming across as my true and authentic self when I am promoting and engaging with my audience. It really stems from the “Like, Know, and Trust” factor. I want my customers to get to know the person they are purchasing from and to realize I am no different from them. Read more>>

Mark Smith | Executive Director and Disaster Recovery Expert|

One of SBP’s core values is Constructive Discontent. This is something that resonated with me going back to my first day with the organization as an AmeriCorps member more than six years ago. Constructive Discontent means not being satisfied with the status quo. It means constantly seeking to improve. It also means that we have to voice our discontent in a way that is hearable to those around us because improving a team, an organization, or even an industry takes buy-in. I’ve found this to be incredibly motivating and liberating as a professional in that it gives me the onus to push for change when I see an opportunity to do something better. Giving people the opportunity, or even the mandate, to improve their work-life or their community unleashes their potential for good. This is important to SBPnot only in terms of production and efficiency but also as a social service provider. Read more>>

Ja’Salyn Smith | Chief Chandler in Charge

To be completely honest, most people don’t think of creativity as a “value”, but it is really and truly at the core of everything I do. My creativity is not only the fun aspect of my business, but it’s what helps me navigate through and solve problems. It gives me the motivation and confidence in the products I create, because it opens my mind to new possibilities. I’m in an industry where there are thousands on thousands of people who manufacture the same type of product! If not for creativity being at the heart of my thought process, my products could easily be lost in the sauce, haha. I differentiate my candles through my catchy naming conventions, the creative blending of scents to match the seasons and the moods we feel throughout them and my creative communication skills to flex across the different modes of social media outlets. Creativity has always been the name of my game. Read more>>

Trisha Stetzel | Founder, Serving The Community Podcast

Serving. There are many ways to serve; volunteer, give, help, teach, even providing great customer service to your clients. This message may seem pointed at Business owners, but all community members should be serving. Everyone has something to give – time, money, and education just to name a few. At my core I believe giving back to the community that supports us is not negotiable. Each of us is responsible to the people who have helped and supported us be successful. Your service of choice could be through animal care, fostering children, caring for our senior community, educating our next generations, and so on and so on. Find something you are passionate about and get involved!. Read more>>

Jonathan Chumley | Photographer

The most important value in any business is the customers, and behind that is quality. I strive to always give the highest quality no matter size of the job. I am constantly upgrading gear, learning new ideas, studying techniques and thinking of no ideas to grow. Then of course the customer which make a business successful are the key ingredient. That’s why it’s important to me to try and stand out from others. Read more>>

Christopher Charles Evans | Owner & Principal Creative Designer

The principal that matters most to me is understanding the importance of value over cost. The reason this principal matters most to me is because the impact of value has a longevity that far exceeds the temporary upfront impact of cost. The temporary effect of cost is long forgotten in comparison to the unremitting value of a purchase. A thoughtful and calculated purchase, no matter the cost, should be viewed as an investment when done with insight, focus on quality, craftsmanship, the heritage and the timelessness of the piece. Read more>>