We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path.  Check out their responses below.

Nino Batista | Photographer & Retoucher

I don’t know that I “chose” my career, as it were. In fact, being into creative pursuits my entire life, I never saw being creative as work, or as a career. I’ve done drawing, graphic design, music, audio production, animation, website development, video and of course photography in some manner since I was a young child. As I’ve said before, I made a shift, in earnest, towards photography in 2009, at 33 years old. This was just the latest creative exploration of mine, and it turned out I gelled with it pretty quickly. In due course, I found I was decent at photography, and decided to make a real career attempt out of it. Even still, here in 2021, photography is not a “job” for me, not really. Yes, I run a business as a photographer, but I still see it as fun and creative, almost like a hobby that I truly enjoy and am passionate about. The business side notwithstanding, I finally found the creative endeavor I feel I am best at, and here I am. I intend to continue this direction in creativity as long as possible. Read more>>

Joshua Thornton | Producer/Film maker/ Editor

Originally I did not set out to be a videographer. Growing up I always thought I would be a fire fighter because of my family history within the firefighting community. I remember at a younger age my parents got me a video camera for Christmas and I immediately started making homemade movies, which all of my family enjoyed. Later on, in my early 20s, I received a flip camera for Christmas, which ignited the creativity in me once again. I began to nerd out and constantly watch film making videos on YouTube. Read more>>

Felix C | Artist

I wanted an outlet where I was able to express myself and work on projects that I’m passionate about, since I never went to art school following this career has helped me get better in my craft. Read more>>