Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges.  We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to  pursue a creative career.

Bree Cosby | Journalist & Creative

I pursued a creative AND artistic career because i’ve always worked well with my hands. Whether it be drawing, painting, writing, or crafting. I’ve always had a fond love for all things art. The idea for my very first pair of earrings came to me in a dream, and the next day, I immediately gathered the supplies I needed and literally, made my dream come true. Being able to share my art with the world has been such a blessing. Even if money wasn’t involved, I receive great joy from seeing my art in other spaces around the world. Read more>>

Sunday Traffic | Houston Band

We chose to pursue a career in music because there are some ideas and feeling that can only be conveyed through music. We also just each enjoy playing our own instruments and playing together as an ensemble. Read more>>

Adam Warlock | Producer & Artist

Unlike others, for me personally I wouldn’t call it ‘pursuing a creative career’. Especially when at my core I’m a creative first so it’s naturally already embedded in my own DNA in a way. I just thoroughly enjoy and envy the arts & love to see different ideas and waves take shape in the world. When it comes to music production it can more or less provide a sense of therapy. If for example, I’m going through a crucial moment in my own journey- that can be inspiration to a new work of art more than half the time. Whether it be through lyrics, a new melody, or a new edit it can be transferred to almost anything I choose to do. It’s why I keep pushing for it, the art. Very few people actually know the behind the scenes work that takes place to do the things you love or are great at. Read more>>

Lakeita Valon | Musician, DJ, Photographer/Videographer

I chose this career because it speaks to me the most. There’s a feeling deep down inside that resonates with my passion, my vision, and my ambitions and in order for me to activate it, I had to give it my all. Read more>>

D. Gemm | Professional Artist, Event Curator & Creative Consultant

To empower Creatives, people and the youth. Art is empowering in so many ways. Visuals stick with us and they can impact us on many different levels. Read more>>

Devonte Gaines | Creative & Model

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be numerous things and always changed my career field. I knew I was creative but I always avoided it because I did not understand my individuality, I felt like someone else was going to do what I wanted to, say what I wanted to speak and create what I had already visualized. However, throughout those next couple of years, I started to realize my distinctive nature and abilities when I realized more of who I was and that what I wanted to do had not been done before. I also knew that there were plenty of others who felt the same way I did and went through the same complications that I did and still do. That’s what finally pushed me to drop everything else that my environment and culture wanted for me and I really began to take myself serious creatively. My pursuit to create and inspire with my artistic and creative abilities as a career became my main focus when I realized how much of the world and entertainment industry lack who I am as a person, who I am spiritually and my distinctive way of words and creations. Which I will soon reveal to the world shortly. Read more>>

Zhariah Chillis | Bridal Stylist – Zhuri Styles

Since i was a little girl, having an creative space was very important for me. Where I grew up there weren’t very many artists, but I gravitated to everything art related very naturally. It was my outlet, and it brought me the most joy. I knew very young that whatever career path I chose, it would be pertaining to art. It is the only thing that has ever made me feel fulfilled. Read more>>

Robert Harrington | Husband, Father & Media Producer

In 1999 I found myself working for a great company and I sincerely thought I would spend the rest of my career with them. The pay was amazing and the benefits were outstanding. I could set my own schedule and had plenty of personal time to pursue passions and hobbies. One passion was my high school sweetheart Virginia, and the hobby we both shared was videography. After we married in 2001, we created our first music video starring our new puppy. This project led to many more and before we knew it, we both went full time with our company Harrington Productions. In the beginning, we took huge pay cuts but it didn’t matter. We were happy and loved what we were doing. A few years later we welcomed our first daughter Isabella into our family and today we are Bella.Media. As Bella.Media has grown, we have brought in some talented creatives like Josh Thornton, who has been at Bella.Media for over 10 years now. We pursued this passion because we loved it and found it very rewarding. Read more>>

Max van Otterdyk | Photographer and Videographer (Creative)

I pursued this career as a creative because I saw a market for it in my community. But not only did I do it to help my community, but because I was passionate about the work I was creating. An artistic career with a camera means your work is always changing. You are never stuck in the same office every single day. A filmmaker is always out capturing festivals, weddings, and so much more. You get to see different job fields and never get bored. Read more>>

Daniel Tyrone Riddick | Professional Photographer

I pursued a creative career as a photographer for two reasons. The first was that I had already had careers in corporate accounting and as a military officer. These positions insisted that I follow the leadership of others or had to provide leadership. As a photographer, it gives me the freedom to imagine a space and time that I can control and my clients can appreciate. The second was that I constantly surrounded myself with positive people that encouraged me to follow my dreams and instincts. Because of this I was encouraged to not limit myself with my artistry. Read more>>


The Kids! If I can be a voice, i’ll do it! Like them I’ve experienced Bullying, people bringing you down for fighting for dreams, adults telling you’ll never succeed, even unstable mental health! No! I wasn’t born with a musical ability, but I learned! How to write, how to sing, how to create original content. Honestly, it all played out as a way of relieving my own anxiety and depressive demons at first! But the more involvement, encounters I had along the road, the more I realized how much words can impact a soul. Just how my inspiratons impacted mine! I want to bring that same energy for somebody, through the motivational words ‘We’ll be okay.” More than art I would like to bring love and hope!. Read more>>

Miguel Rojas | Artist

I went to school for computer science, it was a fun adventure but the more I coded and got to know the industry I realized it was not for me. I enjoyed it a lot but I lost my passion for it. I realized art was the career I wanted to pursue when I would go paint or develop film after long nights of coding. It was my form of stress relief. My way out of the pressures around me, it made me feel free. Read more>>

Chris Dickerson | Music Producer

Music had always been something I loved growing up but I didn’t think about pursuing it until my friends in high school wanted to start a rap group. It started out as something we did for fun but I really started to take it seriously. I began teaching myself how to produce and music theory. It all felt natural to me and it became one of the first things I really fell in love with. Read more>>

Cabria Scott | Singer/ Songwriter

The reason I chose an artistic career over anything else is because I felt a the age of 14, that there was a lot for me to express to the world musically. I wanted to change the world with my voice. I’ve always had big dreams, and that dream to change the world still remains. For so long I felt my creative voice was being stifled by circumstances, so now I live my life in a way where I am truly free to express myself. I thrive off of creativity and I’m glad I’ve given myself the opportunity to express daily. Read more>>