There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Tyonia Ward | Entrepreneur & Social Worker

Perseverance. Staying persistent and going forward even when you are tired of it. Read more>>

Lyd Rock | Choreographer/ Style Curator

The Habit that I feel helped me the most is being organized/ efficient. It helps cut back on time wasted and helped to keep you on track / ahead. Read more>>

Ronal Meza | Artisan & Entrepreneur

Staying positive, genuine and humble have helped me tremendously in staying in the game. Countless times I’ve been told to morph into something I’m not simply to “fit in”. When I walk into a potential retail store to introduce my rich syrups, I’m never nervous. I stand behind my product 100% and I’m proud of my work. Is there a better product out there? Probably. Is there another bartending company out there better than mine? Absolutely! If there’s one thing I learned after starting my own business is that if I start comparing myself or my products to everyone else out there, I’m going to lose my sanity. I try to focus on myself and my company, I try do good and work hard, sooner or later, success will follow. Read more>>

Summer Lydick | Artist Extraordinaire

The ONE habit that helps me reach tremendous success is following my gut. So then all my other habits are based upon supporting my trust in myself and my ability to follow my gut, which means taking the absolute best care of my body, mind, and spirit in every way I know possible. I get up at 5 every morning and spend the first hour of my day in setting my mind right. I meditate for 10-30 mins, then I work on affirmations and visualizations, followed by some self-improvement educational reading, and then I review my day. It’s often in these wee morning hours that I get my best insights and ideas and action steps. Afterwards my morning shifts to taking care of my body, my relationship, and my dogs. All these things help prepare me to ACT ON my ideas, to trust my gut, and to really GO for IT. By staying intimately connected on a daily basis to the things that matter most to me, I am constantly fueled with the energy I need to achieve my greatest levels of success. Read more>>

Eric Wooldridge | Marketing and Operations Executive

I am trying to instill discipline and accountability in our staff and athletes. I feel that we have moved away from those two aspects as a society and I’m using volleyball as a platform to reestablish that in not only own life but others as well. Habits are hard to break so I won’t to make sure discipline and accountability is front and center as we all develop together. Read more>>