If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Chastoni Jones | Artist

Every experience is different, and each experience is unique in its own way. We don’t have definitive guidelines on persistence, and giving up. The decision to continue doing something, or to stop, is part of the art of living, and that’s what makes every choice interesting. Me personally , if I start ANYTHING, I’m going to finish! Do I get frustrated? Yes. Do I get stressed? Yes. I have even been so frustrated that I thought about throwing in the towel . In those moments I go back to a specific quote from Malcolm X…” Stumbling is not falling”. I have stumbled a million times, but I’ve also succeeded a million and one! That’s a win in my book. It’s not worth doing/starting if Its too easy and you never stumble! Our stumbles build character! Read more>>

Luis Banda | Hip Hop Rap Artist

In my personal experience I found to realize that if you truly love something and you’re passionate about it you would never give it up completely, many times I felt like giving up music but always found my way back, sometimes it’s just good to take a break from things and just relax and have fun, we can get loss in the routine sometimes that we forget to enjoy life, so my advice to everyone that may be feeling like if they should keep on going or quit is just take a break, go have fun try new things, and if after you get your rest you still feel like you don’t want to do it, than yeah it’s not meant to be, but if you truly passionate about it you are going to be eager to get back to work, learn to balance your schedule, and listen to your body as well. Read more>>

Jade Scott | Licensed Professional Hair Braider

I tell myself all of the time. “Giving up is NOT an option”. Being an entrepreneur and having your own business is not easy. You’re going to have good and bad days. It’s all apart of the journey. Just continue to focus on your reason WHY. What made you step out on faith to begin with? Think back on where you were a few years ago and look how much your life has changed since then. Give yourself a pat on the back and KEEP GOING. Read more>>

Brenda A. White | Speaker | Trainer | Author | Coach

I know why I started so, I never give up. I might try a different approach, but I never give up. This question had me ponder my entire life to whether I had ever given up or kept going. “You might get tired, but never give up!” My mother said those words to me when I left for college. She told me that I’d have some tough days, but no matter how tough, I should never give up on whatever I attempt to accomplish. Her words, deeply rooted in biblical truths, became one of my mantras. While those words still ring constantly in my head, I know there are times when I must abandon specific tasks or even slow down but never abort the mission. In my freshman year, I faced a boatload of obstacles, some I created, some I did not. Read more>>

Hilliary Hooker | Hill’s Sweet Treats Owner & Bakery Artist

There’s been many times in my life when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and give up. But then I think, “What if I just try one more time and get the results that I want? What if I finally reach my goal after all of these failed attempts?” It could be with making a new cake flavor, or mixing some icing for cookies. If I never try to use one more teaspoon of vanilla extract, the flavor can’t get to where I want it to be. If I don’t try to smooth the sides of my buttercream down a little bit more, it may never smooth down as much as I’d like it to. I could be so close to the perfection that I’m looking for, but if I were to give up, I’d never know. Read more>>

Adam Castillo | Writer/Creator

This one is kind of easy for me… I just never give up. Some time ago, I stopped being outcome based. I realized that if I enjoy the thing, I should do the thing because of the thing and not because of some potential outcome. Because the fact is, the outcome is completely out of our control. We don’t get to decide what happens to a piece that we make. We don’t get to decide if people like it. We can stack the odds in our favor but ultimately, it’s out of our hands. And if your happiness hinges on factors outside of your control, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. And you’re setting yourself up for wanting to quit when you don’t achieve the thing you thought you should be achieving. Read more>>

Nicole Gutierrez | Graphic Designer

Keep going, dont give up! How the saying normally goes. I don’t think there is a choice. I think theres a balance between the two. Hear me out. I use to have alot of self doubt. Some of the people around me doubted me to, so that didnt help. Especially taking on a path with no safety net. Growing up in a family like mine everyone had plans and back up plans. I just wanted to prove everyone wrong that I was going to become someone someday. I took on different job titles (teacher assistant and medical assistant) always trying to out due the next job. Read more>>

Kendale Walker | Singer Songwriter

How to know if I should keep going or give up can be difficult There are highs and lows with being a singer. Sometimes things are going great and gigs are booked and then there a days when you can’t get one person to respond when trying to get plugged into a location to sing at. I keep going because of all the patrons who tell me to keep following my dream. Read more>>