Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart.  Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice.  So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Kat Frame | Baker and Freelance Model

Honestly, I wouldn’t say I have a career more of a creative business. I started making custom cakes about three years ago and modeling for about two consecutive years. Starting cakes was a no brainer for me. I love making custom cakes and could see myself doing it till I’m old. Modeling is a different story. I started as a favor to a friend, and then after that, more photographers wanted to work with me. Something about modeling gives me great joy. I’ve have started to develop great partners in the business and making a pretty great profit from some of the projects. I’ve always been a creative person. I love art which happens to come in different Styles and forms. Read more>>

Miranda Terry | Artist

I was at a point in my life, like many 19 year olds, where I felt stuck in a pretty boring routine and I felt that I wasn’t challenging myself enough. I wasn’t educated in the arts and I thought it was a hobby that people enjoyed from time to time, more like therapy of some sort. I met an amazing group of artists and musicians and my eyes were opened that I was allowed to choose what I love, which was painting. I quickly learned that art is necessary for seeing the world through different perspectives, for questioning the world around us. I realized that art is fuel for the body and the mind and the most important educator of history and current events and I fell in love with it. Read more>>

Suzie Barden | Custom Resin Artist

I don’t know that I pursued an artistic career as much as it pursued me. Four years ago I began painting and rediscovering my love of creating. The more art I created for my home, the more my friends encouraged me to create for them. Several friends insisted on buying art from me and encouraged me to follow this path. For about two years I built up my courage and created many special pieces for my friends and family. Then I discovered resin art and my whole life changed. The art that I enjoyed as a hobby soon became my obsession! Very quickly more friends were requesting me to create resin art for them. Read more>>

Jenna Duncan | CEO of Jenna Duncan Photography

Art has always been important to me. Since I was a little girl I have valued the ability to connect creatively with myself and nature through art. I love that photography allows me to not only express myself creatively but to also bless others by capturing glimpses of their lives in beautiful images that they will be able to enjoy forever. Read more>>

Aimee Santana-Hernandez | Photographer & Artist

As a kid that’s what I always gravitated to, Art. It helped that my parents are my biggest supporters. I’ve loved anything and everything artistic. I admire dancers, figure skaters, theater kids, gospel singers..etc everything that has the ability to express ones creativity. Freedom of expressing ones inner emotions and capturing beauty; that people don’t normally notice is my favorite part. The ability to create something with your own hands is the greatest feeling of accomplishment. There was no way I could not purse something in the creative field. When art has been my whole life. Read more>>

Melanie Perez | Yoga Teacher

As a young child my Mom and I used to do yoga poses for fun! At the time we had no idea it was “yoga”. When I turned thirteen I received two yoga DVDs and my yoga journey began! I remember checking out all the books on yoga at the local library. I wanted to learn everything about yoga. When I turned eighteen after the passing of my maternal grandmother I decided to become a yoga teacher. My maternal grandmother used to do yoga and tai chi. She loved practicing both! I became certified to teach yoga in her honor. Read more>>

Ariana Hayes | Model & Creative

That’s a very good question! Growing up continually, through my life I’ve always loved being creative and artistic. From the way how I arrange and rearrange my room from organizing my personal belongings. Such as socks, clothing wear, sneakers, heels, hats, underwear and so on. I enjoy trying different views, angles, and details of a product/products and myself as well for modeling. The way how I take pictures of myself or something specific, even others that take great photos gives me a thrill to have a passion for art. I love how I come up with ideas that no one thinks about doing, or if someone has thought about it then bring it to life. Read more>>

Jasmine Woodson | Author and Creative Revolutionary

It chose me! I tried to have a “regular” job and play by the rules but every time that I tried to abide by “policy” I felt that it took away from my true nature and it also placed strict black and white regulations in areas where a more colorful and creative approach was required. I always live by the motto “souls over profit” and I feel the best way to change lives and communities is through the arts and creating new things. Old stale ways are so played out and only serve certain people while exploiting or blocking out others. To advocate for all, I would much rather use the arts and creativity as a platform to create real and lasting change. Read more>>

Leola Abondano | Eyelash Stylist

I didn’t always know I was going to pursue an artistic career, but now that I have, I guess it doesn’t surprise me. When I was in school I always took some kind of art class rather it was it basic art, ceramics, or even photography. I always had an eye for creative things and really enjoyed creating with my hands. So I guess when it comes to eyelash extensions it’s no different. The crazy thing is that the first time I saw a demonstration of eyelash extensions I said, “I would never do that”, it looked so tideous and I thought to myself “ who has time for that”. But, you know what they say never say never. Read more>>

Kyong Burke | Contemporary Fine Art Painter

The process of painting on canvas or on paper gives me pleasure of expressing the beauty of things around me. Human figures and flowers are my most favorite subjects to paint. I like to use different techniques and styles, depending on subject matter. My works will range between realism and abstract expressions. I become a full-time artist after I got a bit older. Like many others, I had a dream when I was young. That dream was being an artist; but, life took me on a different path for a long time. Then, my life changed when I went to Glassell School of Art in Houston. When I do painting, I forget the world of worries. I can be in my world and express with colors, lines and shapes in my own way. Read more>>

Nicole Tapia Torres | Visual Raw-Artist

It all started back when i was a young kid and i instantly fell in love with art. Since then I’ve always dreamt about sharing my self through my art to everyone. Read more>>

Bianca Hernandez | Hou and Me Food

I decided to pursue making a food Instagram page because, I love Houston, and I love being in the know. Before I started my page, I loved being the go-to person for my friends, to find a good restaurant for dates, for birthday party dinners, and/or just dinner. I was their personal Yelp page. Now, that I started posting pictures, and information on the restaurant, I know they have a resource for information. It also makes me really happy. Regardless of how embarrassing it was at the beginning, using a light and taking pictures in a dark restaurant, I absolutely love it. Read more>>

Shayna Ellis | Owner of Virtual Visions & Founder of H.E.R. Houston

I chose an artistic and creative career because I’ve always had a creative eye. I started Virtual Visions as hopes for my mother and I to have our own interior design firm. In 2010 there wasn’t a high demand for independent contract designers unless you already had experience in home staging for well known home builders. I figured since I had an eye for creating color combinations and still had passion with designing; why not put that to use within the event industry. I started off just doing mock designs just for pictures and started cake designing as a way of keeping myself busy. Read more>>

Cecilia Valdez | Hair and Makeup Artist

I have always loved being creative and was something I knew I would make it into a career. When I started doing make up on my self, it made me feel good and my confidence kept growing. I wanted everyone who sat in my chair to feel good and also gain self confidence and feel good about them selves. Read more>>

Carolyn LeJeune | Creative Jewelry Designer

I have always been drawn to artistic outlets my entire life. When I find a creative way to express my emotions, the world seems to align magically. All my tension, stress or worries just melt away when I am working on my jewelry. I love to see an image I have imagined in my mind come to life through my creations. Read more>>

Joshua Ashton | Club Host/ MC/ College Promoter

The career that I pursue is so creative because of the fact that I can reach people, I am a people person so if people can see me doing something good and seeing me doing something that they like then it’s gonna make people want to watch me and pay attention to me and when they pay attention to me that means they gonna watch every move I make and when that happens I got to be able to make a positive impact on them and that’s what I want to do is make a impact on them in a positive way. Read more>>

Pauline Messina | Curly Hair and Blonde Expert

It became my passion. Learned it during my early years in the hair business. Read more>>