It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Jessica Hagmaier | Creative | Boss Lady | Part-Time Superhero

I am self-taught in graphic and web design. In 2007 I got bored at work one day (I was selling cars at the time) and decided I wanted to start a magazine. I had no knowledge of how to do so, but also no money to pay anyone who did, so I taught myself. I kept the magazine going for several years and it even won an award for Best Online Magazine at the Southern Entertainment Awards in 2011. However, I eventually let the magazine go, and went back in to Corporate America, while doing basic graphic and web design on the side. In 2018 I went to work for a cybersecurity start-up, but three days before Thanksgiving the owners decided to close the business, leaving me without a job or any income. Read more>>

Sergio Buenrostro | Screen Printer

Well, I started a window cleaning business a few years ago. I made a really awesome logo for myself, like I was proud of it, and wanted to get business cards and shirts made. I went to a local print shop to see if they could help me out. I didn’t need much since I was starting out but the print shop mentioned they don’t normally do smaller orders but would do a favor. I was really excited when I got my shirts and business cards in hand because I felt legit. I wanted to give everyone to see my shirt so I can be like “Hey! This is my business and this is what I do!” Getting those items printed gave me so much motivation to keep going. The only issue was the process of me getting them. Read more>>

Jennifer Lewis | Holistic Wellness Coach

Juice Freaks was a beautiful accident.Well accident probably isn’t the right word. We always planned on opening up a juice bar. Juicing had changed our lives, so being able to share that with others was always the goal. However the plan was to buy a Franchise. In April of 2019, we were almost in the final stages of purchasing a Clean Juice. We fell in love with how they were a certified organic company and we just loved everything they stood for. One day we were sitting outside on our patio sipping on some juice that we had just made ourselves. We were talking about the next steps we had to take for the franchise. Read more>>

Ehi Mabo | Coach & Beauty Entrepreneur

I wanted to help people feel empowered inside and outside. Beside running the spa, i am also a mindset coach for visonary women so empowering women from the inside out through the spa felt right Read more>>

Courtney Watkins | Personal Shopper/Stylist/Aspiring Boutique Owner

My IG handle @MyLifeWithCurves was created on January 17, 2019 because I wanted to share my style as well as my self love advocacy with others. I constantly receive compliments on the way I carry myself, my style, hair, nails, etc. from people, more specifically plus size women, in addition to inquiries regarding personal shopping as well as questions regarding where I purchase my clothing from so I wanted to expose other plus size women to my life with curves (no pun intended, lol) in pictures. Read more>>

Zelene Aranzábal | Owner, Zetha Paradise Accessories & Founder, Sol y Luz Nonprofit

Owner @ Zetha Paradise “Be fearlessly authentic” – Growing up I’ve always been into fashion. As a little girl, I’d change my outfit 3-4 times a day, always making sure, I wouldn’t forget to accessorize. I’ve always believed that accessories pull the look together and make it unique. Getting compliments from strangers and always being asked about my accessories, inspired me to start my own business. Read more>>

Cassie B | Self-Care Coach

Cassie’s Cure started off as a personal wellness blog for me. I was going through a lot back in 2014-2015 and I needed a space to release my thoughts and emotions. I was going to therapy at the time and we were talking about learning to love myself better and certain childhood experiences that possibly played a huge role in the things I was experiencing at that time. Eventually, I started sharing my blogs and people would reach out telling me how much they could relate. I was pretty shocked. And then one day my friend was like “Cassie you should literally turn this into a self-care business”. Read more>>

Isa | Crochet Designer

It all started in the fall of 2018. I was sitting at home one day and I wanted to go out. I didn’t have anything to wear, however, I had some left over yarn in my closet and I thought to myself what I could make out of it. I got on YouTube and searched for the most simple top to make. I watched the video and made a red halter top and it’s been history from there. That’s how Gifted Hands by Isa was created. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. In fact, my father is a seamster. He used to make most of our (siblings and I) clothes when we were young. He would make everything and anything from quilts, tailored suits for men and women, dresses, etc. Read more>>