A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Estefania Saavedra | Content Creator

Being your true self. Growing up, there were times where I was told how I was supposed to look, or what to wear or how to act. Whether if it was a family member, a friend or what I saw on TV or magazines, it still impacted me. So I created this thought in my mind that I shouldn’t show too much of who I really was because it wasn’t good enough. When I started my videos on Tik Tok, I saw that people love to see realness and raw. Videos that they can relate to. I started being more comfortable in showing a full figured shot, showing my insecurities like my double chin. I started singing and dancing, even if it wasn’t perfect. And then, only then, I realized that while I felt comfortable and loved the person who I truly was (the goofy, imperfect, big girl who loves hard,) nothing can stop me from being my true self. Read more>>

Ashley Russ | Esthetician, Self Care Enthusiast, Wife & Mama

I’m 110% inspired by the movers and the shakers in my industry & beyond. By the women I see being mothers, friends, wives, business owners – just being, and doing it well! They make me want to be better and chase every dream, crush every goal, live life to the absolute fullest. Read more>>

V Squad | Christian Hip-Hop Artist

The most complex, yet straight-forward question an artist is asked; “what am I inspired by?”. I’ll try to avoid sounding cliché, but I do want to answer honestly, so here we go! I’m inspired by life and everything happening around me. Right now the world is full of worry and uncertainty that COVID has caused from Team Vaccination to Anti-Vax, Team Mask to Anti-Mask. Whether we’re tracking life-threatening storms, flooding, earthquakes or wildfires in California. Or still seeking peace in the middle East, one theme that seems to be on the front of everyone’s mind is; “we are certainly in the last days”. Read more>>