We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Rxbyn | Independent Recording Artist + More

I was honestly just looking for a way to provide myself the tools to create freely. I enjoy working with others so much! But, after years of being consistently disappointed, and running into walls;I wanted to be in full control (or as in control as I could be) of everything I did for my art, my business. Everything.
I taught myself early on about songwriting, royalties, ownership and copyright, etc. and I’m still learning more every day. I’m also a very hands-on kind of person. So, starting my own business has allowed me to start building something larger from the ground up; and have my hand in every bit of it in the process. It makes me happy, haha. Read more>>

Raquel Oliver | Entrepreneur & Hair stylist

I have just always been the person to do what I wanted. I would have a thought in my mind and the next thing would be me doing whatever it was in my mind to do. I never let fear hold me back, I just kinda did what made me happy in that moment. Read more>>

Brittani Wilson | Owner & CEO BAD Boutique

On December 1st, 2019, I gave birth to my first-born son, and was forced to say goodbye to him the very same day due to his trisomy 13 condition. I struggled daily with my identity and self-worth. I went through a horrible postpartum depression, and then shortly after gave birth to my second son. I was in complete crisis and had no direction. I felt so guilty about the “baby that survived” and struggled to find purpose. It was like I was able to inspire everyone but myself. Read more>>

Cynthia L. Hatcher | Literary and Creativity Midwife

In my young adulthood, I knew I wanted to have my own business. My first thought was to create greeting cards. I desired freedom. I grew tired of asking could I have certain days off. As I grew older and had my daughter, I got tired of missing different programs in her early school years. The day came when I saw one of her school pictures and her hair was messy. I made my decision then to make a plan to quit my corporate job and be home for my child. My plan was to use a program offered by my corporate employer to go to school and gain skills. When I graduated, I quit my corporate job and started my own business. Read more>>

Brenda & Aaron McEuen | Supply Chain Manager | Professor | Ceramicist

We thought about starting our business for way too long. We always put it to the side, thinking that it wasn’t the right time, but in the end, we did it anyways. We were both at home, with a hobby in mind that we could do during our free time, and we decided to go for it. We had a lot of help because we had no idea where to start. I saw a photographer on Instagram (Seleni Hernandez Photography) post stories about how she started her business, and she briefly explained Dbas and LLCs. It gave me the courage to ask questions. Read more>>

Karter K | Director & Film Producer

As a content creator, I felt that there weren’t enough opportunities for me to create freely in the city of Houston. The thought process that developed Rich Legacy Studios was a plan to bring together a team of creatives that could deliver exceptional, high- end content in one of the fastest growing cities. I wanted my city to experience digital content in a way it had never experienced it, so I worked to create a lane that I didn’t feel existed prior. In other words, I wanted to create a product that others could and would aspire to imitate. Read more>>

Patrice Buckley | CEO

My ultimate goal is to help others discover true health and happiness through holistic and intentional living. My mental health journey is what motivated me to start Roots. For seven years I allowed anxiety to control every aspect of my life. I hit a very low point and I knew it was time for a change. Gradually I became more intentional on what I was feeding my mind, body, and soul and adopted a holistic lifestyle. This helped me find me again. Read more>>

Krishna Lyles | Entrepreneur and Model

When I decided to start my business I had only been modeling for a year and a half but I always noticed how productions could be organized better, how models could be benefiting more and just how the creative community could be moving smoother. After sharing my ideas over and over with no one listening I just remember thinking “Fine, I’ll do it myself then!” that’s where Simply Kurated stemmed from. Read more>>

Joseph & Gina Stayshich | Owners of Bodega Bellaire

As a husband and wife team (who each had a career background in creative fields), we always planned to one day open a business together. Joseph has been a chef for over 20 years, and Gina grew up in the Houston arts community, making art for the first few decades of her life, and then moving on to arts administration. Our vision has evolved over the last decade. We initially planned to open up a small mom & pop place, where Joseph would offer a simple, but delicious menu, Several years ago we also began to drink what is loosely termed as “natural wine”, and wanted to incorporate a great wine program into our business plan. We made all kinds of plans for our future business, and our timeline for doing so revolved greatly around our children graduating from high school. Read more>>

Kayla Simone Kaufman | Big CEO/Creator

When it came to starting my own business I can honestly say I was scared. My thought process in all honesty was all over the place and as many may know starting your own business can be terrifying. When I first started my business/ the journey of being my own boss I was a sophomore in high school and knew I had a talent for creating. I fell in love with marketing and becoming my own CEO for as long as I could remember. So I started making gift boxes for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Read more>>

Mallori Girard | Co-Founder and Kitten Care Coordinator

The catalyst of starting Six Kittens Rescue was the immense need that is present in our community. We, the founders, have always been helpers, which is what landed us sitting in our living room with six kittens in our laps trying to figure out the best way to help our community. We decided that instead of working as “freelance rescuers”, we could form an organization and, with the help of the community at our backs, have a much greater reach for helping that cats and kittens of Bryan/College Station. Read more>>

JoAnna Carraway-Dickey | CEO of Simply J’s Beauty Cosmetics &Accessories

The thought process behind starting my own business was stepping out on faith to get started. When starting something new my mind is racing all over the place wondering about how to get started. It’s levels to being and entrepreneur. You always see on social media how everyone is doing great making money,but they leave out the days you make zero dollars vs the days you make $300-500 days. It’s not easy have I thought about giving up yes I have, but I’m not a quitter and I will continue to grow my business one day at a time. I happy my business is prospering and I give all thanks to GOD and my customers. Read more>>

Vallan Bledsoe | Owner & Graphic Designer

I worked as a graphic designer after college until my daughter was born in 2011. Daycare was so expensive and my pay was so little even with a collage degree that it didn’t make sense to continue working. So I quit to become a stay at home mom. In 2013, after my daughter was a few years old, I decided I wanted to do something for myself. I loved staying home with my daughter… but I also loved working. So I decided to open my own business. Read more>>

Yesenia Bruno | Lash Boss

I got into makeup my freshman year of high school. Everyday I had a full face of cakey makeup and mascara. It was not a look, but putting on strip lashes was truly a struggle. I realized that a full face without lashes was just not going to work. So for me, lashes with simply just undereye concealer was life changing. I began putting lashes on daily even if they were crooked or halfway on. I eventually got better and realized I had a passion for lashes. I began selling a few pairs of individual lashes at school with simple diy packaging using wrapping paper and other craft supplies from Hobby Lobby. I worked on this throughout my Senior year creating a brand full of products that I believed were MUST HAVES. Shortly after I graduated, I took a lash extension course which turned the heat, all the way up! Read more>>

Joe and Bianca Gonzales | Owners

It really all just started by working the local farmers market during the peak of the pandemic, we started making friends with other vendors and getting familiar with different products they sold and really just getting educated on all types of food. That coupled with our weight loss journey was how Local HTX Tacos was born. We wanted to be a source of organic all natural ingredients and still have that street flavor that most desire. Read more>>

Jaelynn Renee | Hairstylist & Business Owner

I honestly was nervous to start my own business in the beginning. I didn’t know if I would have any support or if anyone would purchase anything from my brand. But I had faith & I knew God wouldn’t put something in me, if it wasn’t meant to be, Read more>>

David Burchett | Architect

To create an experience for ordering apparel. We built our stores around the customer experience. All machines are upfront and centered and the rest of the store is built around the store. We want customers to see the their projects being made. This also allows us to do classes and Sip-N-Print parties to add to the experience. Read more>>

Ray Briggs | Streetwear Designer & Entrepreneur

My thought process behind starting my own business could be described in so many ways .One that sticks out to begin with is Fear even though you may think your idea is a great one or concept is worthwhile you always have doubts. Then there is the pressure of others respecting your art or vision and actually liking them. But overall through trial and error ups and downs you push forward to doing what truly makes you happy. Making you passions into paychecks no matter the circumstances keep pushing. Read more>>

DeJonique Garrison | Journalist + Self-Care Connoisseur

Like many Americans, I found myself going through a transformative journey during the coronavirus pandemic. That, coupled with the outcry for social justice in the African American community sent me on a quest for a professional counselor. When I realized their services weren’t as affordable or accessible as I’d thought, I began to cultivate my own personal care routine. Sifting through quotes and affirmations, penning writing prompts, and studying scientifically backed practices became daily habits. When I realized the information and habits that I’d acquired could help others…..Deauxs Lifestyle was born! Read more>>

Michael Lopez | CEO

We started a mobile Dj service first, and in order to get more clients we started SCP Radio to use as a way to advertise our Dj service and to start a DJ Mix Show so potential clients can hear how we actually sound. The mobile Dj service was supposed to be our main business, but SCP Radio became more than just a way to advertise, we began meeting people in the industry and we started helping out up and coming Tejano artists. This became a passion of ours and now SCP Radio is how people know us! By helping so many artists we get all kinds of sponsors and companies that want to run ads on our station. We are having an awesome time running SCP Radio and meeting so many wonderful people! Read more>>

Trivani Warner | ceo of Bullyed_bodyz health and beauty

My thought process behind starting my own business is first doing something I love to do and enjoy doing. Waking up in the morning knowing you have something positive to look forward to and knowing you are motivating others in a very impacting way. Freedom provides peace and happiness knowing you have availability to travel or make more life decisions without restrictions just freedom on life and life goals and decisions. Read more>>

Detrick Jones | Coach and Franchise Owner

Initially, I didn’t set out to start my own business or create my own brand, it just happened over time. I have always had a passion for coaching and competitive sports, and I came across a gentleman that expanded the coaching door for me. Before getting my own brand and obtaining a franchise, I assisted for four years alongside a team that visited our school. From there, I pretty much just ran with it. Read more>>

Gabo Martinez | Artist & Educator

While attending undergrad at Texas State University, I was a consistent member of the Ceramics Club. I would volunteer often for their sales and would donate most, if not all, of my work to the club. Since the very first sale I noticed that my work sold out quickly. It motivated me to keep making but over time helped me realize that maybe I could live off of making pots. My business is by no means where I want it to be but I do feel confident that I am making strides towards a successful career in Ceramics. Read more>>

Heena Khan | Entrepreneur

Honestly, it all started out of frustration. I was tired of seeing luxury products not available in my country & if they were, it would create a hole in my pocket. I felt that the world is not short of beauty products, stores, or stories, but somewhere along the way, it became short of specialness. HENAA HAINAA BEAUTY exists to find exceptional products, tell the inspiring stories behind them, and deliver them with thoughtfulness Read more>>

Jonathan Vasquez | Photo Booth Expert

The idea of creating SNAP BOOTH HTX came from the thought of building a photo booth business that anyone can afford. My wife and I wanted to rent a photo booth for our wedding in 2011, but we were not able to make the expense. We want our business to provide the best photo booth experience for everyone without having to hold off 0n the fun of a keep sake for their guests and themselves with affordability. The value of a memory has no price but meaning. Read more>>

La’Tia Davis | Seamstress | Designer

I didn’t want to start a business at first. I was too afraid. It all started with me wanting to make a Thanksgiving skirt for myself. I took home ec in middle school but never really learned how to sew. The drive to make a skirt fueled me. In 2017, My stepmom and a great sister gifted me a machine and serger because they knew that I liked fashion. It sat for 2 years. In October 2019 I began making “Lappies’ (Lap scarfs) for the women at church and in walks the pandemic. That forced me to learn how to make masks. To date, MadeByTLT has made over 3000 masks. The will and drive to make my own beautiful clothes pushed me to start the business in September 2020. Read more>>

Kaydo Montgomery | Self-taught MUA & Hairstylist / Video Vixen

One of the main reasons I wanted to start my own business is because I don’t plan on being a self taught cosmetologist forever. I want to drop products and be a head to toe stylist for celebrities. I always thought that I’d been deal with local people for so long that it was time to expand my brand and make Kaynime Beauty global. Read more>>

Naglaa’ Banks | Music Artist, Fashion Designer, & Entrepreneur

My thought process behind starting my own business is as I began planning and mapping out my business all I could think about is financial freedom and generational wealth! I come from a family where no one has their own business or just simply anything to pass down for generations to have financial stability/freedom. I wanted to start multiple businesses, so whichever one takes off first, will help me invest into all the other ones! Read more>>