We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Bobby TIPPIT | Cobra Beats Master Audio Engineer

The thought process behind starting my own business was the passion I have for music. When others think of business most think of money. Starting a business was bigger than money to me. To me the passion began when I saw that music was something that I wanted to continue to wake up and do everyday. Read more>>

Color Rebels | Muralists/Artists

Our thought process behind starting our own business began with a true passion and appreciation for art and our community. As Art Educators we aspire to engage our students into the arts. As Muralist, our goal was the same; to create art within our community that will motivate others and create a captivating space. We have a true appreciation for what we do so starting a muraling business felt second nature. Read more>>

The Pint Exchange | Craft Beer Media and Marketing Brand

Our main thought process was creating something that we were proud of, something that stemmed from our love for not only craft beer but supporting local. We wanted to make sure that what we were doing mattered. We also wanted to make sure that we capitalized on our individual talents, so we not only created The Pint Exchange but also TPX Media, which will represent, much of the media portion of the brand. Read more>>

Genesis Flores | Hair Stylist

Hmm this is actually an interesting question because I actually never wanted to start a business. I wanted to work for a salon and build my clientele through them . But life has a weird way of working and now I am running a salon suite . So “Corazón Sagrado” backwards in English is “Sacred Heart” . I come from a Hispanic household and when picking out a business I wanted to incorporate that in. Next I had to pick out the aesthetic I wanted for my salon , I am a huge fashion lover and the 70’s era really spoke to me so when you mix 70’s and Spanish roots you get Corazon Sagrado. Read more>>

Nicole Lassiter | Owner of Creations by Niki Lassiter

Honestly I never intended to start a business! I was diagnosed with several rare and debilitating autoimmune diseases which derailed my life entirely. I went from being a very active person to bedridden for most of a year. After seeing endless specialists and dozens of painful, grueling tests, I had definitive diagnosis with no available treatments or therapies. It was a dark time emotionally for me. Not knowing what to do or even who I was (without being able to contribute to my family, friends and society) weight heavily on my mind. I’ve always loved creating and designing. Read more>>

Elizabeth Fitch | Body piercer

I have been piercing for 20 years . I love piercing, I noticed that we had few options for aftercare . So I built my brand of aftercare line by hearing the needs of my clients . We use the best products in our aftercare. Read more>>

Ruthi Drori Mitelman | Multi Media Artist and Art Teacher

I was just beginning to go back to teaching art, after dealing with some difficult to diagnose diseases that had kept me ill and bedridden for a number of years. Before having to quit working, I had been a middle and high school studio art teacher for the bulk of my career, spending almost twenty years in the classroom. Knowing I couldn’t go back to full time work meant that I needed to find other venues for teaching, so I began teaching evening adult classes, and fell in love with working with adults! Read more>>

Poetic Dae | Poet & Talk Show Host

At the time that I got the idea to start my show, I was working at a bar and I realized how much drunk people enjoyed talking to me. It sounds weird, but these people would get drunk and just start telling me all of their business lol. With that on top of my communications background, it led me to start my talk show “Drunk Diaries” Read more>>

Gary “soze” Williams | Founder & Designer

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to own my own business. I just base it around the talents and skill that was already developed. Read more>>

 Lily & Vince Matocha | Small Business Owners

When we built our stock tank pool four years ago, we could not believe how much we loved it. Although a stock tank is only 24 inches deep, we found that this is a perfect depth for our needs. It gives us a place to relax, play, and cool off for a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool. I just love how stock tank pools make owning your own pool accessible. They are really changing who all can own a pool. We believe that being in the water can be a beautifully healing and transformational thing. Not everyone has the time and energy to do the DIY project, so we are grateful that we get to help people experience the water in their own backyards. Read more>>

Jeremy Harris | Realtor

My mother has always been an entrepreneur, doing different things to make ends meet and really being an example of hardwork for my brothers and I. We grew up being athletes so my mother never wanted to miss a beat. I realized young that when I have children I wanted to be present in their life just the same. I’ve been working since the age of 12. My first employer was a local entrepreneur that gave me a chance to get in and see entrepreneurship at it’s core. Coming from the inner city community, there wasn’t much opportunity present. Read more>>

Roxana Torres | Entrepreneur | CEO | Interior Designer | Artisan

In 2018, I was attending Sam Houston University as a junior interior design student. I had the grand idea of making cosmetics and one-step natural soap with natural and organic ingredients that I can understand. This was enough to spark my interest, but once I began researching how to make the products and then evaluated the balance between completing my degree in good standing, being a mom, wife, large interior design projects, internships, I decided to put this entrepreneurial venture on hold. My goal was to complete my education and work in the interior design industry in large to small-scale design firms specializing in commercial and residential projects. Read more>>

Linda Chaney | Owner Of Evolution Dance Studio

My thought process behind starting my own business is the feeling of community. A lot of people feel lonely isolated especially in this pandemic we are currently in today. They just don’t have people they can relate to in their circle. I wanted to help inspire and even change people’s lives in a creative way. Read more>>

Kelvon Yancey | Founder & Fitness Coach

I started Zone Fitness Training back in 2012. I made the decision to start a fitness training business because I needed a way to free myself from working for the big box gyms (LA Fitness, 24hr. Fitness, etc.). At the time, I was working for 24hr. Fitness and it wasn’t the best place for me to be to grow as a fitness professional. This was mainly for two reasons: I thought the prices they charged for personal training were too expensive and I didn’t feel like I was getting a fair cut from those prices, especially as the person doing all of the work. Read more>>

Anika & Rithika Ravishankar | hungriehoney Co-Founders

When we started hungriehoney, we never thought it would become the business it is today. We started it just for fun, to showcase to the world our food adventures around Texas and the places we visit. It was just a new way to connect with our friends, families, and followers while showing them new spots and cool products along the way. Read more>>

Cady Falkner | Ceo of NQA and Vice President of Double ???? Records and A&R

I knew I had to do something different. It was time to take my knowledge of the music industry and turn it into a way out for me and my homies. I didn’t wanna die in the streets. Read more>>

Vonnie Tatum | Attorney & Entrepreneur

I knew I wanted to create a space that promoted creativity, social interaction and community engagement. I figured we have plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs. It was time to introduce a concept that allowed customers to learn something new while not missing out on that nightlife experience. I always loved visiting paint and sip studios and thought the paint and sip industry was such a clever way to get adults back into the arts. What was missing for me, however, was the adult-like “feel.” I didn’t want to feel like I was actually in an art class. I wanted to feel like I was out on the town, enjoying wine with my friends, free to dance and socialize. Out of all the studios I’ve visited, none of them ever offered that type of experience. So I decided to create it myself! Read more>>

Cecily Solomon | Owner, Operator & Curator

In short, self-care. Honestly, I never considered starting my own business. When I started creating bath soaks, I was looking for a natural way to help me mentally and physically relax. The idea of starting my own business didn’t cross my mind until I shared my bath soaks with family and friends. Nine months later, I birthed soak.steam.soothe. Read more>>

Lindsey Carranza | Owner & bartender at The Vintage Brew

When I first graduated from college I was unsure what career path was right for me. I tried out the typical ‘corporate’ job route but didn’t find what I was looking for – even though at that time I wasn’t quite sure what that even was. Even though it wasn’t my dream job, I stuck with it for about a year. That’s when my grandfather unexpectedly passed away. After going through that tough loss, I knew I had to pursue a job and a life that was worth living and worth doing. I’ve always had a passion for people, love and weddings. In fact my friends and family joke that I’m “in love with love.” This is what made me take a chance on myself and quit my corporate job to get my foot in the door of the wedding industry and start my mobile bar business! Read more>>

Camari Carter Hawkins | Writer and Publisher

The first time I ever thought about starting a press was when I attended the Association for Writers and Writers Programs Conference in 2019 in Portland, Oregon. I walked around the book fair and noticed there were over a hundred presses in attendance. I could count on one hand how many were Black and/or Brown-owned. That was a problem for me. At that moment, I thought that there needed to be more representation for us. The name of the press did not come until my grandmother’s birthday later than year. I was sitting in her kitchen with her and my mother. After talking for hours, I thought about how precious the kitchen is for many families. That is where the idea for Mama’s Kitchen Press was birthed. Read more>>

Tearani Nance | Business Owner & Medical Student

Before creating this business, I began making my own personal care products because I suffer from dry and sensitive skin. Many top brands either left my skin irritated, dryer than before, or were very costly . After much research and finding what works for me, I wanted to share my experience with others. As I learn more about various skin types through research and listening to people’s needs, I plan on expanding this brand more and continue creating natural products for all people. It is important for everyone to feel beautiful and comfortable in the skin they’re in. Read more>>

Jillian Jimenez | Hobby Baker & Aspiring Entrepreneur

The initial thought of starting my own business has been an emotional roller coaster. When I was around 12 years old, I knew I wanted to be own boss but at that age I was naive to what that actually entailed. Granted, I have a better concept of what it means to be your own boss but everything is still a learning process. I’m very blessed for my boyfriend who encourages me everyday to be better in all aspects of my life. Read more>>

Brieanna Conway | Mental Health Advocate | Future Mental health therapist | Life skills Coach

My thought process behind starting my business was that I wanted to incorporate one of my career paths into a business . I have always wanted to work for my self & own my own business so I decided to start a mental health matters loungewear line ! It’s a mixture of my Career path while starting a business ! I found a way to accomplished two goals in one. Read more>>

Minely Carmona | Online Boutique Owner & Tarot Reader

A few years ago I realized there was a community on Instagram for tarot readers so I started doing readings to make some cash on the side. From there, as a former fashion and art school student, I always knew I wanted some type of business in designing or selling accessories and apparel. So I got the idea to grow my shop by combining my love for mysticism and passion for bohemian glam. It has some growing to do, but we still offer tarot readings and sometimes share helpful insights on living intentionally by using natures magic. Read more>>

Ginah Sidney | CEO

The Thought process behind creating my business was to create a warm, chill & relaxing environment. Not only for women but for men to come to for self care, relaxation and/or to just get away. Also to be affordable in some sessions that we provide.. Read more>>

Maria Luna | Owner & Food Stylist at Con Amor HTX

I started Con Amor HTX as a creative outlet and as an opportunity to work on a project outside of the education world. I’ve served as a teacher, instructional coach, testing coordinator and I wanted to focus on a passion project that would help me share happiness. I became a mother on January 2020 and I had a brief moment where I doubted my talents. My husband was then accepted into law school and while I was incredibly proud and excited for him, I felt like I needed my own outlet. I wasn’t seeking a career change but I knew it was the right time to take a risk and begin my own business. I’ve always loved cooking, baking and styling food so why not take a chance and create beautiful spreads for others to enjoy at their events. I’m slowly finding my rhythm and personal style as I continue to build my small business. Read more>>

Lucia Mondella | Owner, Designer, Multi-tasker at large

I spent 10 years in the corporate world (in corporate jail, as I like to call it) and when I got a layoff notice in 2010 I thought that was a good opportunity to do something different, something creative and that didn’t require sitting at a computer 8 hours a day. So after four months of traveling in South America, I came back and decided to take some jewelry classes, just for fun. I then started selling at my local market and after I had my daughter in 2017 I decided to turn this hobby into a full-time activity because it allowed me to set my own schedule. I started small and slow, like many businesses and I’m glad I did, because I learned a lot of things on the way that allowed me to scale my business in a way that I wouldn’t have learned if I threw myself head first, right away. Read more>>

Alli, Jackelyn, and Julie | The POP Squad

We knew we had so much to offer as teachers and parents ourselves. When we read to our kids, we know what to say, the questions to ask, and the extension activities we can do, but we realized this does not come as naturally to everyone. We wanted to share our knowledge gained over years in the classroom with parents. People are always looking for ways to keep children busy, entertained and engaged, but they do not always have the necessary time to prepare. We take the prep work out of it and provide you with everything you need to complete all of the activities in the grown-up guide, down to the glue for the art project. Read more>>