We had the good fortune of connecting with Debbie Nguyen and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Debbie , how has your work-life balance changed over time?
Work life balance has been the most challenging aspect for me on many levels. I own, operate and work for both my companies, Charlize Alexandra Salon and Pink Palette Artists. I have 2 little girls 7 and 11, who are my biggest fans. I’m married to an amazing man, who is super ambitious and is always 1000% supportive with everything I do. I come from a big family that is always cheering me on in life. I have the greatest friends a girl can ever ask for that are always with me every step of the way. Now, I didn’t share all of that to brag or boast about the amazing people in my life (even though they are). I shared all that to express the difficult aspect of work life balance for me. I’ve been a makeup artist for 18 years along with other work ventures. Beauty, Artistry and Fashion has always my passion. I started my company as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my oldest, 12 years ago now. I had my home office and would go on location for clients, mostly on weekends. I decided this is the flexible life I wanted for my family. Being able to be home with them, then leave just a few days a week to go on location for weddings/photo sessions and still do what I love to do. As the years passed and the company grew, my original “flexible” plan seem to have changed. I opened two storefronts in a few years. I leaned on my amazing team I work with that take my breathe away with their talent. I was blessed, my company, flourished and turned into what I only dreamed about. It’s not that I am not grateful, I am extremely grateful. I am also tremendously grateful for my friends, my family and my team mentioned above that have been there for me through every step. Now the part where it gets difficult. Before, I had the hardest time where it effected me deeply. Those beautiful people mentioned above, I never really got to see much of anymore. My social events on weekends didn’t necessarily exist for me. I missed most of my family’s events unless they are able to plan ahead for me, or I was extremely late. Learning to balance and re-arrange my values along with schedule has been a struggle. I have accepted what I can control, and what I cannot. There are some events or even my daughter’s first singing recital that I had to miss. But trust that the events that I am there for, I’m all the way there, and won’t miss a beat. Even if its riding on a school bus for hours with horrible motion sickness episodes, lol. It’s not about what’s more important or less important. It’s ALL-important! It’s about doing what you need to do, being pro-active, responsible and becoming the ultimate multitasking guru. Most importantly I put the same effort in, for both my clients and my friends/family. 110% in whatever I’m doing, when I’m there, no matter what. It was a journey and still is actually. Learn and do as you go! Strive to be the best in everything you do from being a mom to working woman. We can do it all!

What should our readers know about your business?
We are Houston’s Award winning Glam Squad! Just saying that makes my heart pump confetti. I am so proud to work beside the most talented and incredible hair stylists and makeup artists in Houston. We are able to set ourselves apart from others with our continuous interaction with clients, our ability to deliver the most beautiful and creative looks consistently, not to mention the love for what we do, and the ability to work as a team. We are blessed to have incredible artists within both companies, Charlize Alexandra Hair and Makeup Studio and the Pink Palette Artists team. They consistently and professionally keep our reputation growing every year. I am so proud to be part of such a talented team I also call family. Speaking of the biggest challenge, it would be the present, this part of my career has been the hardest. The day Covid-19 shut all of our businesses down til further notice. There was no way anyone could prepare for this. Going from being completely booked every week to nothing for months. Knowing my team won’t have work for months breaks my heart every time I think about it. This has been the scariest and hardest part of my career. We have taken all measures to assist our clients in postponements as well as reiterated our procedures. That is all we could do for now, just wait to work and see our clients.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Hosting a good time is my jam! Only a food tour would be appropriate when visiting Houston, some shopping, and lots of dancing! I love brunch at Harry’s in Midtown – Biscuits are to die for. I love soup dumplings at Izakaya in Midtown Saturday – I love all asian food so Mai’s Restaurant, Vietnam Restaurant, Kim Chau, Kata Robata, Korean BBQ, Jasmine are the places to be. I love a groovy fun relaxing bar with good music. Tikila’s in the Heights is always a good time with great vibes. I love crawfish at BB’s Cafe. I started going there a while ago because Beyonce goes there when she’s in town. But it ended up to be one of my favorite crawfish spots. We will then take a moment to stop into the Galleria to burn off some calories and maybe find a cute outfit for the night. Then Saturday night awaits with glam time with the girls then out on the town!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would love to give a shout to my entire team! They make up the business and bring 100% to table everyday. Through thick and thin, good days and bad days, the credit and dedication goes to these babes who make up this fabulous team. I would also like to give a shout to all the women that make this world so incredible. During this tough time seeing everyone lift everyone up and work together has just been an amazing feeling

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