We had the good fortune of connecting with Rian Strain and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rian, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
How my work life balance has changed over time. Well definitely having help and a team has allowed me to juggle multiple work related task, have time for a personal life so that I can nurture my relationships with family and friends and have time for myself. That has changed a great deal because I no longer have to do everything myself and over work myself. Finding that balance I had to let go of the need to want to control and do everything myself. I have to trust that the people or person I hire will have my back and my company’s back and will do things just as I would even when no one is looking. What I think about that balance is it’s much needed and necessary in order to keep my sanity. Lol!

What should our readers know about your business?
As mentioned in our first interview At Naked Skincare & Waxing we firmly believe in honesty, which we like to refer to as The Naked Truth approach to skincare and waxing-that includes lifestyle, prevention, and maintenance. Naked is a boutique-sized skin rejuvenation spa specializing in all types of facials for men, women, and teens, Va-Jacial(a Facial for the Vagina), body treatments, body scrubs, face and waxing, & reflexology. We are dedicated to bringing beauty to every individual by staying educated and innovative. While not only providing clients with excellent customer service, aromatherapy treatments, & relaxation, each and every individual is special and will always receive V.I.P. treatment because no two people look the same NAKED!

What we are known for, what we are most proud of, AND what sets us apart from others is Consistency. We are consistent with customer service, our policies, and treatment protocols. There is a playbook that is enforced with myself and employees, down to how we greet guest and service them in the treatment room. So regardless of the Esthetician you choose the foundation will remain the same. Although we are a small business with just one location we operate as if we are on a larger scale as a franchise. Also, we were the first if not the only spa in Houston offering the Va-Jacial service, and one of the few who offer Male Brazilian Waxing. I’m proud of that and excited for the changes that are to come. I am where I am today business-wise because of hard work, Prayer, dedication, being consistent, and definitely not giving up! It wasn’t easy but it has been worth it.

The lessons I’ve learn along the way, one never give up. Two, figure out who your market/client is and stay the course! I had to learn early on in business that friends and family may not be my client/market and that’s ok, but I also had to find out who was and be ok with that too. The challenges and many other lessons made me stronger and wiser. Had I given up after lesson number 1, after the first employee that ever quit or was fired, the first client that no called/no showed or never returned, or the day/week where there were no customers I wouldn’t be in business today.

What I would like the world to know about me is that this year 2020 upon approaching my 10 year mark of being in business, I’m living proof that “Your past shouldn’t be reflected in who you are in your present.”

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
If my friend was visiting Houston of course everyone wants food and GOOD food! Lol! I’ve changed my eating habits and food choices so I would for sure have to take them to some of our favorite Vegan restaurants.

•Houston Sauce Co. •Lindianas. • Crumbville, TX Bakery (E-dub-a-licious Treats). •Chef Kenny’s and or •Cascabel.

For good southern comfort food(what they came for, Lol!, a treat for me and or Sunday Brunch/Dinner •Taste Bar Kitchen. •The Greasy Spoon Bistro. •Turkey Leg Hut. •Vic and Anthony’s and or •Ruth Chris.

I love Museum’s so we would go to a few of my favorites such as • The Health Museum. • Museum of Natural Science. •The Children’s Museum. •And the one I’m most excited to go because I’ve never been, so this one would definitely be first •Houston Museum of African American Culture.

Then maybe Something Childish and fun like •laser tag at Battlefield Houston, paint-balling, or go karts at Fast Track Amusements. Something chill but boujee like catch a movie at IPIC Theatres (The food is amazing here) we are going to order some food but still bring a purse full of goodies! Of course some light shopping at The Galleria Mall. My friend may or may not come into my place of business to receive a service such as a facial but then I’ll have to take them to a full service spa where we can walk around in the nude and do the whole sauna thing. • Gangnam Spa Paradise and or •Trellis Spa at Houstonian would be a start. We’ll definitely go by my moms house cause she’s a whoot! Lol! She will be ready to entertain and give her unsolicited opinion along with challenge our knowledge on different political, worldly, business, and reality tv topics.

Last we will just kick it at my house because my house is the shit and my husband and I are cool and serve up the best Southern Hospitality. I may have the massage therapist, Tameika with Enhancing Massage and Body works come through and give massages. Or the chef, Chef Sparkle with SMC Catering come through and whip up something fun, healthy, and different. I might cook a couple of my specialty meals and or we may order some of our favorite meal preps from Vegan Chef Koda with Vegan Vybes or Chef Abbie with Abbie Plant Based Cuisine. We would also just Netflix, chat, play board games or one of my favorites everyone go to their rooms and do your own thing! HaHa!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Shoutout to all of my clients and customers that have patronized my business. I have to thank them for growing with me, accepting changes I have made over the years, their referrals, suggestions and complaints. I definitely wouldn’t have lasted this long without them. Shoutout all of my past employees. With the help from some and working alongside them I’ve learned more about running a business and managing people, which can be somewhat of a challenge but well worth it. Had I stopped hiring people after the first time someone quit or was fired I definitely wouldn’t be able to have that work balance that I need and now have by having a team. Also shoutout to a former business partner of mines, Nia Yates who recommended I read this book a few years after I started my business. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell. I still refer back to this book from time to time as it gives hope and confirmation that things can positively change in an instant. 🙂

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