We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Linda Withers | public speaker/author

As a parent and now a grandparent, the most important thing I can do to impact my children’s lives is to be intentional about connection. I wanted my children to feel known and loved by me. So I embraced what they loved, learned how to engage in their activities, ideas, and dreams, and worked hard to get our connection back when broken. For every child, it required something different. Instead of harsh discipline and lots of rules, we stayed close as a family with open communication, so when something went wrong or unacceptable behavior occurred, we would lean in and find out what was going on in their world, causing them to act out. We always apologized when we were wrong. My goal was that if my children felt known in their family, they would go out into the world and find success because they knew they were enough. Read more>>

Candi Benton | Makeup Artist

In a time where a pandemic not only crippled our social lives but our bank accounts as well, I truly learned the essence of my career. I was able to support 4 children academically and financially. The most important thing I’ve done for my 4 children is teaching them survival skills, different avenues for generational wealth ,along with the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Stefany Figueroa | Photographer

Being able to wake up every morning and spend more time with my kid, Photography has give me the opportunity to do that and more. I believe time is really important and the time i get to spend with him and my family does not have a price. Read more>>

Azundra Perrot | Event Planner

As a parent to a young black boy, the most important thing that I have done is teach him the importance of hard work. His father and I instill in him daily nothing comes easy, you have to work for everything. We created a job for him with AZ Events, he is learning more about the business each and everyday. He comes with me to the setups and watches how I work with my clients. He’s at that age where what I show him now he will remember forever and he’ll be able to use it when he starts his own business or maybe even take over AZ Events. The goal is to create generational wealth and a family business that creates jobs for everyone to be successful. Read more>>

Marie Williams | Poet and Performing Artist

The most important and impactful thing I’ve done as a parent is allow my children to see my vulnerability. My children understand that I am human and experience emotions just as they do. I cry, I hurt, I’ve been embarrassed, I’ve been disappointed, I’ve felt unworthy, etc. I’ve expressed these feelings and how they affect me to my children countless times; partly because I have been on the receiving end of “teenage wrath” and they must know that I am not immune to hurt feelings. Read more>>