To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

J-Darius | R&B/Soul Artist

It all comes back to you knowing you “why”. The reason you are doing your art, business or whatever you have decided to commit yourself to. You have to remember why you’re pursuing your passion and why you’ve sacrificed to share what it is you bring to the world. Holding on to the truth of your “why” will push you to keep going and not give up. For me, I know the singing, music and artistry is one of the avenues that I share light in this world and help people. My love for helping people pushes me to continue my art. Read more>>

Ana Soto | Artist

If you have a true passion for what you do then it will always be something that you keep coming back to. As an artist, painting, drawing, and doodling come fairly easy to me most of the time. It is the business aspect I tend to have trouble with. If there is something that is driving you to do what you do, that is what you need to harness and put to its full potential. Of course it’s OK to take breaks if you need to take some time to think about where you are in your business and where you want to be. Every business fails once whether it’s in the beginning or in the middle or in the end and you just have to decide whether you’re up for the challenge. I think the one piece of advice that I’ve really taken to heart is to ask yourself when you’re thinking of giving up whether you’re giving up because it is the right thing to do or the easiest one. Read more>>

Leanna Long | LeeTheStylist

You ask yourself is everything you’re doing is worth it. You sit with yourself and you visualize all that you want to accomplish, all that you have already accomplished, and you find the beauty in between them both. You ask yourself “What does it say about who I am, or the kind of person I aspire to be if I give up right now?”., “What will I think about myself?”. You make a decision to keep fighting despite the odds you are against and you don’t fold. You believe in yourself, your abilities, and also believe in God. Know that he has you and in that moment you feel like you have to decide to give up or keep going, choose faith. Choose faith, choose yourself, and choose God. Read more>>

Vernetta R. Freeney | Millennial Black Christian Blogger

There comes a time when this question will cross everyone’s mind. It has crossed mine plenty of times. But we have to rethink what this question means. We’re not giving up when we quit, stop or distance ourselves from the business or creative endeavor we were building. We are just repositioning ourselves to be better aligned with the new focus to continue to work towards our goal. I normally know when the spark is gone that it’s time to sit down, reflect and decide whether to keep going or to leave it alone. I’ve blogged since 2009. This is the longest professional commitment I’ve had. And there were numerous moments I wanted to quit due to exhaustion, frustration or doubting myself. Yet, I continue. I’m resilient. I’m determined. Having those two attributes helps me stay focused on why I blog. I blog because my words will make a positive impact on others. This is the way I express my thoughts, knowledge, experience and share information. Read more>>

Kyaris Brown | Kyaris Brown I Social Media Influencer I Youtuber I Preacher

You should never give up. God did not create us to give up but we can slow down, change methods and strategies, consider new concepts, or ask for help. We usually feel overwhelmed because what we’ve envisioned for our personal journey as well as our business doesn’t happen overnight. We feel the passion and know the time that we have invested which includes the research and the birthing pains we’ve endured. It is understandable that we would want people to recognize and respect our efforts by showing support and purchasing our product. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case which, actually, is okay. As entrepreneurs we have to be fine with admitting that something is not working. Then, we can humble ourselves and make adjustments in our business or personal lives. We have to give ourselves clearance to make mistakes and try different methods and strategies. Giving up is not the answer when something does not happen as we expected. Instead, I advise others to reach out! In doing this, you are seeking wisdom and guidance that can renew a fire inside of you that will help to make your brand the best that it can be. Please continue to always keep going and growing. Read more>>