We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Laura Biolo | Cookie Artist

I founded Laly’s Bakery in late 2019, as a way to earn some money while I couldn’t work. I always loved American style bakery (I’m from Italy and there’s very little of it over there!), so I started selling all kind of cupcakes, cakes and fondant work, cakepops.. pretty much anything my clients would ask for. A couple of months in, I found a picture of some fall sugar cookies and wanted to try my hand at it. This is where my biggest passion was born, unexpectedly. In may 2020, I realized creating cakes wasn’t making me as happy as sugar cookies. I needed a “re-brand” and had to choose whether the road to baked goods was at a finish line or whether I wanted to make something more of it. Read more>>

Meagan Clanahan | Co-owner Houston Moms, Parenting Website

Without a doubt, it is our Houston Moms team. We are not your typical “mommy influencer” blog or social channel. I count on a team of 35+ contributing writers plus a staff of 5 to not only provide amazing content 7 days a week to our greater Houston area audience, but also to connect sponsors with our followers in a genuine and authentic way. Our team pours hours upon hours into their contributions to the website; whether that be inspirational, encouragement, or just fabulous resources for parents to help make this journey just a tad easier, a whole lot more fun, and to know they are not alone in this big city of hours. Read more>>

Rose Hinz | Founder and owner

It’s not the sale that is the most important, it is the smile that we see on our customer’s face after the sale. We are people persons and we really enjoy getting to know our customers. We thrive on each person’s complete satisfaction and knowing that they received “just what they wanted” ( or a little more). Read more>>

Afton Shelton | “Pickle-Preneur” & Owner of Nicks Piks

Nicks Piks has been wildly successful from the start- and I attribute that to my complete and unwavering belief that we have the best pickles in the world! I had been searching for my calling for some time, and when a friend Nick brought me some amazing pickles- I has that light bulb moment. I couldn’t get enough! I decided right then and there- this was it! That day I bought the website name, secured the Instagram and Facebook, and started working on a concept. I am pretty sure I was up until about 4am that morning. Read more>>

Tanya S. Kelker | Intimate Skin Care Esthetic Trainer & Beauty Chief Financial Officer and Business Growth Strategist

When I really think about the driving forces behind my success and that of my brand, the most important factor comes down to honor. The word honor at its core means to hold at great respect. At both my Day Spa and within the corporation of my accounting and business strategy firm the core mission is to ensure that our client’s experience is THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. We make it our business to honor our word with our clients, to anticipate their needs, to always do what is right, and to treat everyone fair and with respect. Read more>>