We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Jaimie Adams | Entrepreneur/ Hairstylist/ Painter/ Singer

The most important factor behind my success would have to be my faith in God! There is absolutely no way I would be this successful or courageous to even take the leap of faith into my career! Read more>>

Adam Ross Leibold | Onwer

My success comes from my experience in the industry and having a bar none great product and service alongside with knowing product and clientele. We treat all of our clients the same and take pride on that. I was blessed to have an amazing mentor show me the ropes. When starting a business in any field you must know your product is the best. We have the best quality fabrics in the world and do NOT cut any corners. I want my clients to receive a garment that will last a lifetime, not a year. We partner with the finest Italian, English and French fabric mills in the world. We provide both both a bespoke or a custom made experience. Every client that walks into our shop has a paper pattern made specifically for them. I have an amazing clientele base and we are proud and happy to give them a 5-Star product and service. Read more>>

Diana De Leon | Baker & Blogger

The most important factor behind my success is quality & integrity. I stand behind my products because they all are handcrafted and baked with fresh ingredients along with excellent customer service. Read more>>

LAUREN SANTACROCE | Material Broker – Residential & Commercial Construction

Relationships. As material brokers, the relationships with our suppliers (who we buy from) is just as important as the relationships with our customers (who we sell to). With so many flooring and countertop showrooms out there — it is almost impossible to maintain high purchasing power with each & every supplier. But that’s where we come in! 35 plus years within the industry — we know that the key to maintaining strong relationships is by communication, honesty, and paying people on time! It’s pretty simple – if we do not have the relationships to purchase material better than anyone else, then we cannot sell or be competitive. Just as, if we do not have customers calling on us to help with their projects, then it doesn’t matter how well we can buy because we wouldn’t have anyone to sell our unbelievable priced material to. Read more>>

Tamar Turner | Creator & Host of Down 2 Business Podcast

The most important factor behind the success of the podcast would definitely be consistency. For me, it is about continuing to push through and deliver quality content even on days where I may not feel up to it or am simply procrastinating. It is about recognizing that I am not doing this solely for me but also for the success of others. As long as I can continue to stay consistent and diversify my content, the sky is the limit for the Down 2 Business Podcast. Read more>>

Jeff Fitlow | Jeff Fitlow Photographer

Since the start of my career I have always taken every job seriously. A small job receives the same though and preparation as a larger commercial job. I try to research the client. Find out who their audience is and shoot with that in mind. I used to look at books and magazines constantly of great photographers especially those in the same style of upcoming assignments. Often you are only as good as your last job. Some good clients might give you a second chance but not a third or fourth. Show up on time. Have the proper gear, memory cards, charged batteries, back up equipment. Read more>>

Jasmine Lewis Greenlee | Makeup Artist

Honestly, God. Yes I know that I am in the beauty industry and there may seem like there’s no place for “religion” here but I know that it is God that has blessed my business/brand to be so successful. Read more>>

Jameria Morris | Mom & Event Planner

My 3 year old son. He gives me the motivation daily to keep going. He pushed me to start off my small business. I’m where I’m at now because of him and the important people around me. They knew my talent and saw something in me, once I sparked my own fire. I just took off. Read more>>

Monica Medrano | Cake Artist

I believe you should never stop dreaming! When I started my business I never thought I would be making the type of cakes I make now. Read more>>