We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Angelica Medrano | Educational Advocate & Tutor

Reaching Greater Heights helps the community by supporting parents of children with disabilities and learning differences. In the last year, I have expanded services from advocacy and consulting to including tutoring. By working directly with students who are struggling, I am able to help them build confidence in their learning which is so important for academic success. Read more>>

Kimberlee Moayed | AFSP Advocate, Board Member, Walk Chair & Graphic/Web Designer

Almost 2 years ago I was given the opportunity to interview for a new job in Graphic Design at a local Marketing firm, thanks to a dear friend. I’m happy to report that as of now, we get to work along side each other and be creative and clever, two things I consider to be of the most importance in Marketing. As a Graphic Designer/Web Designer I have become more in tune with human behavior, something that applies to my volunteer work as well. Read more>>

Julia Proctor | Talent Buyer

With many of us going on week six of quarantine, we are seeing a necessary crave to be surrounded with people and to share experiences with others. With a lot of time to reflect lately, I’m realizing the impact our business really has. Music is powerful and has the ability to move people to feel a certain way, but there’s something even more powerful that comes with seeing music performed live surrounded by your community. Read more>>

Christine Nguyen | Filmmaker & COO

Our team at Bear Hands Media is helping our community through our latest project – Keep HTX Dancing! We’re leading a dance party across Texas to support the Houston Music Foundation of the nonprofit organization Artists for Artists in their efforts to provide grants to Houston Musicians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this project is to not only bring awareness about the crisis relief fund but also bring joy & smiles to our community during these changing times! Read more>>

Irene Greaves | Lovescaper

Through Lovescaping, I attempt to address what I deem to be the single most essential, urgent and timely need in our world: learning to love. I believe this should be the most important purpose of education. What are we teaching our children and to what end? Is there anything more vital than equipping our humanity with the tools to develop self-love and love for others? Imagine the humanity of tomorrow, based on a system of trust and respect. Read more>>