The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance.  What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Traci Ling | Photographer + Artist

Balancing work and life is a constant challenge and never seamless. There are times when either work or family will take priority over the other. Since I do a lot of my work from home, it can all sort of blend together. If we’re trying to create an even balance all the time, we will just be disappointed. We just have to manage our time and priorities for each. Having creative work that we love does help! Read more>>

Caitlin Lowry | Model

Over time I feel like my work life balance has stayed about the same. I usually keep it equal between the two. When I do change my work life balance it is because I am not happy with how I am at the time. I might be drowning in my work, so I change my balance more towards life allowing myself to be happy and not feel miserable. If I realize I am enjoying life too much, and I am not putting enough effort into my work, then I will have myself focus more on my work. Read more>>

Jennifer Davis | Cake Designer

If you had of asked me this question a few years ago, my answer would be completely different! Work / Life balance is a complete mystery until you are right in the middle of not getting enough sleep and the time dedication it takes to run a succesful business. It definitely takes a planner and a good time managment skill to juggle everything. It took me years to learn that I would never get where I wanted to go by spinning my wheels. Read more>>

Danielle Griffin | Colette James Photography

Work life balance? It doesn’t exist. The end. And you’re welcome for these words of wisdom. . . Well not completely, but I don’t feel like it ever exists. It always feels like something is lacking, someone, something is not getting the attention it needs to fully thrive; for me to make it fully thrive. But those are feelings of a control freak. Are my kiddos going to be chronically troubled because I have a session to edit instead of doing one (or five) more Disney princess puzzles? Read more>>

Bonnie Duhé | Senior Manager, Math Development at Accelerate Learning, Inc.

Maintaining the balance between work and life I feel like is a constant struggle. I used to think it had to be even all the time to make it work but I have come to realize that it really fluctuates daily. There are times of the day I have to focus on work and other times that I have to turn that off and focus on life. Some days are heavier on one side or the other but both are important. I love my job and my family, I have to make time to focus on both. Read more>>