The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Mrs. Latria Franklin | CEO/Owner @ Blessed Lips @triablessedlips cosmetics

I wanted to start my own business because I didn’t want to work hard for anybody else in life. Also to show my boy’s that they can do anything they put there minds to, pray about and give it to God. Read more>>

Dr. Sharon H. and Karen Porter and McConnell-Jones | Founder and Co-Owner, Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and Media

Owners and Founders, Karen McConnell-Jones and Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) are owners of their own businesses, Class Act Productions, LLC (Karen) and Perfect Time SHP LLC (Dr. Sharon). The thought process behind owning a business together (Vision & Purpose LLC) was to be “all things media” to our community. Our passion and love for the community, politics, and media brought us together. Read more>>

Melissa Morales | Home Baker

My thought process in creating my business is I am not actually starting a business, I am giving life to a dream. I persevere through mistakes and obstacles that come my way in order to fulfill a dream I once thought was out of reach. It has been quite a journey from where I first began to bake; but to see how far I have come pushes me even more to keep learning and creating. Read more>>

Stacey Winder | Gift store owner

Our store’s name is Amy Lane, and we are located on The Strand in Galveston. Originally from Houston, we were transferred to the north Texas area for my husband’s job. We lived in a picturesque setting on a few acres in the country on a street named Amy Lane. There was fruit growing on the property, and not wanting the food to go to waste, I learned to make jam. Read more>>

Sasha Okea | CEO/ Founder of The MeLuv Companies

I wanted to start a business that motivated women to be the best they could be, and to help women feel good. MeLuv is Self- Love and my goal was to make sure everyone felt her best. Read more>>

Courtney Morris | Event Planner & Artist

I decided to start my own business in hopes of following in the footsteps of my lovely mother. From a very young age, I saw how hard my mom worked to start her business from the ground up. As a single-widowed mother, who was laid off from her job during the Great Recession, she had no other choice than to make her passions profitable. Read more>>

Abby Stoudt | Hairstylist & Make up artist

My thought process did not have a business behind it. The only reason I have a business is because of my husband, my husband made having a business a reality. Growing up I always knew I would work for the rest of my life but I never really had a dream or thought of owning my own business. Read more>>

Jennie Slaw | Health pusher & food critic

Since I quit eating meat, I was constantly getting asked “what do you eat, salads?” So I wanted to show others easier healthier food & lifestyle options. Read more>>

Iris Ochoa | Candle Maker and Designer

Before COVID, I was a self-employed party coordinator. The lack of events encouraged me to find an alternative way to make income and be an outlet for my mental health. I knew I wanted to create with my hands in my home and the inspiration came after a conversation with a dear friend. Read more>>

Latham Liggett | Digital Content Creator

When I first started Prophet Cassettes the main goal was to promote authentic people and help them share their message through digital marketable content. Whether that is through photography, videography, or graphic design. There are so many incredible companies and inspiring people in the world that no one knows about. Read more>>

Pat Louis | Spiceologist

My thought for owning my own business was to have a company that could make a difference and that I would have input and control, Read more>>

Queen Muhammad | CEO of Madd Pop Records, Song Writer & Producer

Hi my name is Morshica Bouldin. I have a few nick names, but most people know me as Queen Muhammad. I started Madd Pop Records in 2017 from my love for music and not hearing that soul sound that I heard growing up on the radio anymore. I love the new music but I wanted to hear more so since Philadelphia has been a huge part of the soul sound, I thought, why not start a record label. Read more>>

Enlicia Byrd | Master Lash Technician

I started my business as a result of being a young mother in college knowing that I needed to achieve something bigger in life for my children. As a result of being a college graduate at Prairie View A&M University looking for a job lead me to not being able to work a job in my field. I decided to pursue my creativity in the beauty industry doing hair for family members and close friends, after two of my aunts were diagnose with cancer. Read more>>

Joimel Dunigan | CEO

Dranny’s Dream Wellness Spa was established in 2020 by founder/ceo Joimel Dunigan. Her mission is to create a space of peace and wellness in honor of her maternal grandmother, Dranny. Dranny was a Registered Nurse by profession and a consistent care giver by passion daily. This level of compassion is Joimel’s biggest influence. The attention to each detail of every client’s experience is extremely evident and intentional…. all in honor of Dranny’s undeniable influence. Read more>>

Nicky Johnson | CEO of Kloset Hive

My thought process behind Kloset Hive was to cater to women where I can be a go to for not only fast fashion, but for fashion that makes them look as good as they feel good. Also to be known for women who like to be in between of sexy, classy and casual. It’s like the perfect combination to have. Women gotta have options. That’s what KH is known for rather they want to apply some pressure, be a lil sassy or cute and on the go. Read more>>

Caitlyn Huffman-Derouen | Founder and Creator at Cait’s Custom Press On Nails

I first started venturing into the press-on nail world in early 2020. Covid-19 had caused the Houston area, among other cities, to shutdown completely and I was left with a lot of time and an Amazon prime account. This lead me to buy my first gel nail kit along with other nail supplies I would need. Making press ons started out as a fun way to pass the time and keep my nails looking fresh without the commitment of a full acrylic set or manicure. Read more>>

Megan Green | Honey + the B | sticker shop

Authenticity and consistency are probably the two biggest factors in how the brand has grown. People want to feel connected to the people they’re supporting, and the best way to make those connections is to be yourself and say the things you’re feeling. I started putting phrases and ideas in the sticker designs that were a bit off-beat, but they’re the ones that people gravitate towards the most, because they’re not trying to fit into someone else’s rules. Read more>>