We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Shereen Yusuff | Breath, Movement and Meditation Coach

My faith in what I do. I teach people how to breath correctly and meditate. Paying attention to how I breathe has changed my life. For this reason, I feel extremely passionate about sharing the techniques with others to help them overcome anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, fatigue, PTSD, etc. Most of what I just stated are tied to medication unfortunately and so having a way to counter it naturally, by taking responsibility for the way we breathe is definitely a game changer in the way most people have been living so far. Read more>>

Deuce B | Hip Hop Artist & Songwriter

Over time, I’ve adopted the “just do” mentality. A lot of times in the past, I’ve second guessed decisions and overanalyzed outcomes, which prevented me from taking the first step. The “just do” mentality runs counter to that. It’s basically a way for me to refocus and just create without worrying about the outcome. As an independent artist, you can’t be so hyper-focused on the ROI. That comes with time, but the most important thing is building catalog and a community of fans to support you long term. That starts with just putting your art out. It took a while to learn this, but being consistent with my art and sharing it with the world has been paying off, so far. Read more>>

Michelle Linares | Owner of ClarityJuices

The Most Important factor behind my success and the success of my brand are my clients. My clients mean everything to me, I will always go above and beyond to make sure they are happy with the product they are receiving. Without them my business would not be where it is today. I am very thankful for them. Read more>>

Cynthia Salinas-Salaiz | Event Designer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is passion. This job may seem so easy simply because the end result is so flawlessly put together, but that is very wrong. It is so hard! As a small business I am the face behind every “department”. I am the designer, photographer, customer service rep, marketing director, finance director, social media manager, and most importantly the one that shows up as early as 7 AM to install the balloons or flower walls. Without passion I would not be able to do all of this. Read more>>

Ali Attar | The Perfumist

I can say we stuck to our beliefs, the art and the heritage, and the approach that many advised against, even though we appreciated and understood the modern ways and the consistent change in the market. I didn’t play the game; instead, we tried to rewrite the rules. Read more>>

Audrey Stevens | Owner of Tia Nana’s Authentic Salsa

God, family, success and failures. They all have their place. Most important, grit and grace. Read more>>

Auketria Manor | Self-Publishing Coach & Editor

I would have to say showing up genuinely. I show up as myself and in an honest way about who I serve and how I serve them efficiently. There was so much inner confusion at the start of my business. I knew who my ideal client was but I struggled to communicate that clearly in how I was showing up. But once I began being myself whole heartedly and relating to them, because I am a self-published Author too, the audience was like, “oh okay we trust her, she’s done this thing we’re trying to do before herself.” That’s key – having a trusted brand that solves a need that you have solved for yourself and others too. Read more>>

Dorian Giles | Basketball Director at Humble Over Hype

I would say there are several factors that are equally important to success as any other, but one that I think is very important to highlight is consistency. Consistency as it pertains to communication with people in your network, consistent preparation, as well as remaining consistent after failure. The path to success is not straight at all. In fact, there have been several moments in my life that one would imagine would provide for a straight path to whatever I was pursuing at the time, but even in those moments, life tends to happen and things are never as easy as they seemingly could be. However, I’ve learned that in those moments, we are being molded and tested. Life will always figure out who wants it most and if you stay consistent and seek to better yourself one day at a time, you will be successful. Read more>>

Hey Cowboy! | Artist/Musician

The most important factor behind our success is being ourselves in our music and creating relatable, inclusive content. We hope our music can provide an escape from the everyday monotony; a daydream that leaves the listener feeling refreshed. Read more>>

Tim Bridges | CEO

Finding God, connecting, praying to a hire power than my own ego. Searching for the middle path in all daily activities. Breathing techniques to help control my mind, exercising for my body, and being in touch with nature for my soul. Regulated natural diet/supplements, drinking large quantities of purified water throughout the day, reading labels on products that go in and on your body. Great note taking and organizing contacts. and keeping an organized desk calendar. Spending 16+ hour days behind a desk/cpu, sometimes 7 days a week. While working, watching, reading, listening to inspirational leaders speak as well as their positive actions. Don’t watch TV or Sporting Events. Staying on top of top technology and learning multiple new applications quickly and then teaching them to associates. Networking in busy business sectors and showing a healthy respect for all those you do business with and pay respects to you. Investing in time saving minimalist fashion style, because my wife would want me to say that. Read more>>

Jeremy Richard | JLR-Writer ( Christian Thriller Author.)

For me, it’s been a mixture of strong discipline and fearless-hunger. The ability to jump and not worry about the fall became the go-to habits I needed to succeed. Read more>>

Fweshie Oloye | Rapper, Singer & Songwriter

Prayer , Consistency & Commitment. Read more>>

P Saint | Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Musician

A few habits that helped and are still helping me succeed are consistency, confidence and hard work. With consistency , it allowed me to to find my sound, build my catalog and grow so much as an artist. With confidence, I believe in my talents and my gift. With working hard , I’ve made sure I’ve put in over the 10,000 hours but perfect my craft and continuously level up. Read more>>

Zaneta Jackson | Master Microblading Artist & Instructor

The habits that helped me succeed in my business are just having fun and making things happen by creating small “To-Do Lists”. I used the compound effect to my advantage. Small habits over time, consistenly, will lead you to achieve your goals and desires. Which is exactly what I did in starting Microblading By Z | 3D Brow Studio and Training Academy! I love being able to bring my creative side out and join it with my love for brows, so I formed my daily habits into doing things I enjoy by making it feel as if I wasn’t work, but just simply enjoying a hobby of mine. That strategy of finding something your passionate about makes thing so much more smooth sailing during the journey to success. Read more>>

Kimara | Master stylist

I have a habit of speaking to EVERYONE and complimenting people on their hair, and when they say thank you, and disagree, it allows me to start a conversation with them and give them my opinion on how I can get them to see what I see. For example: “You have BEAUTIFUL HAIR!” And they may say “well thank you, but I need a haircut, or color etc”. That opens the door to introduce myself as a stylist, share my Instagram of my work, and offer services to them right then and there. Read more>>

Tass Banks | Hair Dealer & Business Professional

The most important factor in result of my journey to success is consistency. Whether business is steady or slow, I’m always working towards growth and expansion. Read more>>