Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Andrea/Nelson Pinto/Matheus | Entrepreneurs

The thought process was the customer need. We need to explain we are two persons in this business (Andrea & Nelson). Andrea works with eyebrows and she begun to ask to the customer about what kind of clothing they like. We are located in Katy Texas (Metropolitan area of Houston) and we saw missing colorful clothing and we saw the potencial business. Read more>>

Wyatt Coleman | Director of the American Music Academy

I started my college career with plans to become an orthodontist. College is expensive, so I found a way to pay for school through a music scholarship at the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music. However, after taking organic chemistry my junior year, I had the epiphany that the last thing I wanted to do was spend my life in other people’s mouths. Music is what I love, and it always has been. I had been teaching private lessons throughout my college career, and noticed that it was very difficult for private teachers to find jobs that provided benefits and a good salary. So, I set out to open the American Music Academy. My goal was to provide a place where teachers were provided for so that their focus could be solely on the students. Read more>>

Renecheia Robinson | Owner/Entrepreneur

I’m actually born and raised in Houston and we had several greeks store and over the years they decreased to almost none. When my daughter decided to become a Delta, I couldn’t find any store in Houston to buy her stuff. That’s the second time a light bulb went off about opening a greek store because believe it or not I said in high school I wanted to open a Greek Store one day. So at the time I couldn’t find anything for my daughter, my linesister was already designing and making shirts for our line so I said let’s open a Greeks Store. She does all the designs and I handle the day to day operations and that’s how Linesisters Greeks and More was created. Read more>>

Carolina Paredes | Co-Founder of The Litas HTX

We started this Womxn Moto Community because we wanted to connect and ride with other womxn. Create a safe environment for the ladies to ride, make friends, support each other and learn how to take care of each other in and out the roads and Live Life Free. Read more>>

Larekha Murray | Skin care & yoni specialist

My thought process when i started my business was just like jump out here and do it , we see aspiring businesses everyday and i want to work for my self doing something i love and can call off when i want . I wanted to be my own boss Read more>>

Violet | Founder of Premier Violet Hair Extensions

When I was first starting out my business I really, truly prepared myself for a lot of things before my initial launch. I like to say “get ready, to get ready, to get ready”. I believe you can set yourself up for success by preparing all the things necessary before you take the big leap. So that is exactly what I did; I built a solid foundation. This looked like branding, systems, target market, purpose, legal documents, and much, much more. I made sure to do this all before I even accepted my first client. And let me tell you, it gave me a lot of confidence and security when I did pull the trigger to launch Premier Violet Hair Extensions. Read more>>

Amanda Solis | Artist and Selena impersonator

Honestly this wasn’t intended to be a business. It actually turned into a business eventually… I was kind of pushed into it after I entered a karaoke contest sang Selena songs and dressed as my mother people thought I was a tribute to SELENA but really it was just for fun and immediately after people started to contact me to try to book. Read more>>

Chatarra Brittney Easterwood | Lash Artist

To be perfectly honest when I decided to start my busisness I was at my wit’s ends. I had to find something I was intrested in willing to learn and that was lucrative. When I decided to start a lash business, I was like this has to work for me because I had tried everything else. I had 3 children and I was tierd of living pay check to pay check. So I had to put my all in starting my business and making it work. Read more>>

Beto Liòndeux | Marketing Strategist

I wanted to give something to our youth in Latin America that seem to be struggling with huge complexes and fears about starting up a business, there is a psychology that permeates in their mind of insecurity, lack of confidence, not knowing their own potential and whaty they are capable of. So, I wanted to bring some light on entrepreneurial topics but with a realistic approach and reachable goals – for instance, I dont consider proper to sell them the idea of becoming rich, nor making six figures income in a month with certain techniques. Although, you could do it, but in the context those youth live in, the way to tackle the problem is not promising them to be rich, it is encouraging to move in their life with their project. Read more>>

Lauren Barela and Roslyn Silva | Co-owners | sisters | mothers | South Texas natives

Sisters, Lauren and Roslyn were born into a family of entrepreneurs. Their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins have owned and operated multiple family businesses, one being a working ranch in South Texas, where they grew up. Their parents too started out owning and operating a bed and breakfast when the two girls were young and living in Colorado. That love of creating and owning something you were passionate about and proud of, pulled the sisters into the world of small business ownership. Read more>>

FSG Rell | Artist & Author

My thought process behind starting my own business was that I wanted to help people. I know how people feel when they feel like they’re missing a piece of them. Listening to music and succeeding helps people in their own lives. Read more>>

Lashonda Johnson | Event Specialist

I gave it a lot of thought and it was/ is a heavy process. Can you imagine just walking away from a full-time job with guaranteed pay, 4 kids, and just a dream? That was me I built up the courage and faith, you really need the faith to just walk away. It actually took off at first but this is around the time your getting to know your business and your customers so it’s really more a trial and error situation. In the beginning, you think you know it all but your sales tell you fairly quickly that you don’t. You cheat yourself, overwork yourself, and stress yourself out immediately. Read more>>

Lauren Austin | Head Coach/Owner of Boss Girls Brand

I started Boss Girls Brand with the vision to create a team of High Performing women who want to be successful not just in their careers, but also with their own personal health and fitness. I wanted a team of women who uplift and support each other. When one of us wins, we all win. Through the use of fitness and tailored nutrition programs I build each woman up, helping them to achieve their goals and become healthier, stronger, and happier versions of themselves. Read more>>

Willie Harrell, Jr | Dog Trainer

Growth in myself was the first thing. I felt the organizations and/or companies I worked for, prevented that or controlled that direction. I wanted that control! Then the ability to run a business the right way, in my humble opinion, became the focus and reward. The way the consumer is treated, is my focal point, especially after sitting in the background and not being able to do what you may think is right, because of course I wasn’t in charge. Read more>>

Inez Arevalo | Yard Card Business Owner

The yard card sign greetings have been very popular in the past few years in my area but I never saw one that really caught my eye and that is how A Decorating to Remember was born. The yard card greetings were plain, simple and not as creative as I thought they should be. Personally, I would prefer a tall and creative sign, since it’s celebrating a special day in someone’s life. I decided to start the business to provide affordable and unique signs to everyone in hopes of bringing a smile to their face with my creative signs. Read more>>

Eric , Sharon, Ted Twiggs, Porter, Fells | Founders, WNM Ventures, LLC

Founders, Eric M. Twiggs, Dr. Sharon H. Porter, and Ted Fells noticed a trend of people giving up on their ventures during the Pandemic. We literally said to ourselves, ” what now?’. The What Now Movement was born. The mission of the What Now Movement is to inspire people to pivot when they face a challenge instead of stopping. From the What Now Movement, the business, WNM Ventures, LLC was organized.. Through WNMVentures we consult, provide training, and technical assistance to federal government agencies, private industry businesses, and educational institutions. Read more>>

Simran Dagla | Yard Designer

To be honest, it was an impulse decision. We’d had a yard sign placed for my brother’s birthday and I was intrigued by them. After school went virtual in March of 2020 due to covid, my brother and I borrowed some money from our parents and started OMG YARD SIGNS. We received 12 orders after our first post on social media. And that was the start of OMG YARD SIGNS. Read more>>