Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Cherie Clark-Moore | Owner & Healer

For a long time I had searched for ways to help people in a bigger, more effective and structured way. Having received so much benefit in my own physical, emotional and spiritual health through participating in Body & Brain classes and programs, it seemed a natural and needed step to start my own center. Read more>>

Lauren Dunn | Certified KonMari Consultant

When I was going through my own tidying festival, it was really freeing and exciting to me. It felt so good to remove the items that I no longer needed or served a purpose for me and to be able to make room for the items that I loved. I had the room and time to add to my life things that brought me joy. I wasn’t always cleaning a home that never felt clean. I had hobbies, I was a better mom, cleaning my home was easy. When I had talked about living a more simple life to others, one person said, “you need to come to my house and help me!” That’s when it occurred to me that I should! Read more>>

Cynthia Johnson | Salon Owner & Hair Stylist

I wanted to open a salon that empowers hairstylists to get back to why they fell in love with the industry. Offering a space where we embrace a work life balance and mental health instead of the mind set of hustle culture. All while providing an amazing experience for clients, not JUST another service. An experience that includes flat fee hourly pricing, gratuity free, and no double booking. Read more>>

Jason Soto | Creator of Rap Olympus Media

In 2018, I began freelance writing for various Hip-Hop related websites. Each platform mainly focused on mainstream talent and a few underground rappers. I found myself listening to more and more up-and-coming artists and soon decided to build a space that would cater to the independent emcee and their audience. Towards the end of 2020, I launched Rap Olympus Media, and we’ve been building connections ever since. I knew starting this venture would be difficult, but the support gave me the confidence to see things through. Read more>>

D Davis | Tattooer & Designer

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, operating with a business mind since elementary school, so starting businesses was less of a thought but more of a necessity to ensure my success in the way I saw it. That being said, the thought process behind my first brick & mortar location was a way to culminate all of my business ventures into one hub that doesn’t only support my own creative mind but allows the minds of other creatives to have a place to spotlight. Read more>>

Victoria White’Blackwood | Master Whitening Tech

I started my business so people can have a luxury but affordable whitening experience. I wanted to make sure people felt confident in themselves.My products and treatment provides that ability to feel great about your smile. Read more>>

Conner Graham | Lead Sound Engineer

I loved the feeling, being in my first band, of having our first three songs presented tangibly. I loved it so much that after that band went separate ways, I felt engulfed in helping other artists and groups reach that same height. I aim to observe that same expression of euphoria and satisfaction that I felt the first time recording and creating art myself. Read more>>

B Prince | TripwithB-Your Travel Curator

I started my travel business when I was living in California back in 2018. At the time, I just moved to a new city I started a new job and could not really afford the lifestyle that I truly thought I deserved (LOL). I wanted to create a lifestyle that I enjoyed while also helping others experience the joy I have when traveling, I have been traveling since I was in the womb-according to my mom-and it is something that I absolutely enjoy. Travel is and will forever be a part of my life, so I thought why not turn something I am truly passionate about into a form of income? Read more>>