Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Oscar Banta-Guevara | Interior Designer

My passion for Interior Design led me to launch my own design business, Interiors by Oscar LLC. For years I was behind the scenes in a supporting role. After several years as an Senior Design Associate for a local design firm my next move would be to fulfill my lifetime dream. It takes courage to start your own business. Especially after the Covid lockdown and witnessing the current supply chain shortages. But I accepted the challenge and I have not regretted my decision. Read more>>

Dina Tovar | Studio 7 Event Rentals

Our “how we started” story is so crazy to me. Oddly enough there was really no thought process behind starting Studio 7. The saying “things just fell into place” would best describe our beginnings. My mom & I have always had a passion for everything having do with events. We started with hosting & decorating multiple of our own themed parties for any occasion. Friends started to notice that we were kind of great at this. Soon what was only a few tables & chairs for an intimate Quinceanera turned into linens, centerpieces, plates & before we knew it this Quinceanera was, unofficially, Studio 7’s first ever client. Read more>>

Noemi Andrade Cordova | Confectioner & Baker

Not just one thought, but many thoughts! My process actually started off slow. Last year in May 2021 I decided to make all of the mommy’s in my family a “Hand-made” gift which was a small flower bouquet and chocolate dipped sweets. They loved them and it just left a warm feeling in my chest. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but as the year went on when my family had birthdays my mom and I would make dessert tables as a helping hand. Read more>>

Lionel Mosby Jr | Real Estate Agent, Investor & Biblical Business Coach

I heard a quote once that said, “Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” When I looked at the gap between the haves and have nots, real estate ownership was one of the major keys I saw in transitioning an individual from one side to the other. As I looked through the Bible, I realized that when God thought to bless His people, He gave them ownership of land as their inheritance. Read more>>

Darren Tompkins | Sauce Boss

As with most of my small business exploits it starts with the phrase “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” And during the pandemic lockdown this was a great time to reflect and plan. Headlock Hot Sauce is the culmination of being an 80’s pro wrestling fan looking forward to every weekend to see Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, the Macho Man, Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, and so on. Read more>>

Juliana Davila | Yoga Instructor and Owner of LoveYoga Studio

I had always dreamed of one day owning my own yoga studio, but always thought that the dream would only ever be just a dream. My good friend and teacher, Tiffany Maloney, owned LoveYoga for many years. She began the studio and I completed my first yoga teacher training with her as my teacher. After years of working as a teacher in her studio, she decided to take a break from teaching and owning a business and take more time for herself. I immediately saw the opportunity to step in and realize my dream. Read more>>

Chanel J | Hairstylist & Entrepreneur

Let me just start by saying this idea or thought didn’t happen overnight. It was something that eventually, came to me. I started doing hair in elementary school and my mother was the one that introduced me to hair and from then on it’s been my passion of mine ever since. As years went on I used to always practice on dolls, friends and family members hair. I was doing adults & children hair it didn’t matter. Read more>>

Kolby Simpson | Managing Member at Coveted Cakes & Bakery LLC

The thought of starting our own business was the easy part. Edwin and I both come from families that have created and ran successful businesses so to say it’s in our blood is putting it mildly. The difficult part is bringing everything to fruition. With both of us working full-time in completely different fields, our time is limited, but our desire to create something out of nothing and to build something of our own are two effective driving forces. Plus, the simple yet powerful notion of being your own boss is, one could say, “the icing on the cake.” Read more>>

Nora Verville | Visual Artist

I was challenged in my 3rd grade class this year to develop a product for Market Days to present to classmates in a fun pretend buy and sell day. I chose to make 10 hand painted pendant necklaces that my grandma taught me how to create. My mom helped me package them, I made my own business name and sign, then took them to Market Days. My classmates really loved the necklaces and they all sold, so my mom encouraged me to try selling them at our school’s holiday market a few months later. Read more>>

Ashley Tolbert | Entrepreneur

My thought process when it came to starting a business was first I had to change my mindset from a customer to owner mindset. How do I want to run my business? How much overhead I’ll need? Or course I thought about would it work. So I started selling baby cups once I seen I can make a good profit after having my baby I became more health conscious so it led ,e to my health and wellness business especially once I seen what the herbs was doing for me and my family. Read more>>

Liliana Valdivia | Owner of Saucy Babe Fashion

Like many other women, online shopping has always been therapeutic to me. I find it pleasurable to go online and check out all the new fashion trends, along with clicking on “add to cart”. One evening while I was in my shopping zone, I thought to myself, why not start my own online fashion boutique? I mean, I love to shop so why not shop for clothes to pass on to other women that love fashion themselves? Read more>>

Earl Crockett | Barber Stylist

There entire existence of my business was to ensure that no one could be in control of my freedom & peace. Often corporations dictate when you can and can’t take personal time from work for family time and even sick days, and that just wasn’t happiness for me. I knew that in order for me to live live as happy as could be, I needed to find a way to work for myself because who knows me better than myself? Read more>>

Alayna Holm | Cosmetologist & Hair Therapist

Growing up, the idea of a 9-5 Monday through Friday work week at a desk job terrified me. I always knew I would be miserable if I wasn’t doing something I loved. My parents taught me that when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, and that you know you’re supposed to do, the money will come; and I am proof of that. The beauty industry has been something that’s always intrigued me, and a natural talent I found out I had at a young age. Read more>>

Eric Wilson | Resident Artist/Owner

I’ve always had a natural love and talent for art. When I was younger I used to draw every chance I got and a lot of my early work was completed on family road trips. I would draw pictures of each destination and my skill grew with each drawing. My father took note of my natural love for art and encouraged me to put my skills to work whenever possible. My father believed that for every skill set there would one day come the question. ” What did you do with the talent God gave you?” I started my business as an answer to my father’s question, and for other like-minded artists to see the opportunities to create and empower a community through their artworks. Read more>>

Ida Newsome | CEO/Founder

The little boy Jordan Belliveau whom his mom killed him , inspired me I felt like I’d the mom had a little more assistance and help he may be alive right now Read more>>

Kamil JaDore | Abstract Resin/Ink Artist

Creations By JaDore LLC was formed because I was tired of waiting/ relying on other people to give me anything. As a black woman with mental health disorders, I refused to play by other people’s rules anymore. Becoming an entrepreneur is daunting and becoming a business owner is a whole other ball game. Making that decision for myself was my only way out. Read more>>