We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Phillip Alexander | Caterer & Social Media Creator

The best thing my wife and I have instilled in my son is to follow his dreams and goals instead of running from risk. He is so excited about learning and asking questions. It is my job to help him think through challenges. We stay the course and refuse to take short cuts because it builds character. Everyone has the ability to do greater things. It takes a plan, preparation, practice, patience and performing under pressure. Those same attributes are critical to life. I teach my son through pancakes and brisket. It’s incredible to see how many life lessons you can pack into cooking. Reading, math, science and life skills make a great recipe for success. Read more>>

Vanity Style | CEO Vanity Style Enterprises LLC dba Vanity Style Boutique, Vanity Curves, TPE Tax Service, TPE Transportation

Visibly showing them the value(s) and benefit(s) of dedication, hard work and consistency. Leading by example. Read more>>

Allison Burke | Cookie Artist & Owner of Twinkle Star Treats

My kids are constantly watching me. They see me get up every morning, take care of their needs, and then get right to work. They see my hard work ethic and determination as a positive example of how they should be when they grow up. However, they also see that I don’t put the business before them. I do it FOR them. I believe that showing them how to be motivated will have a real impact on their futures as they grow. Read more>>