We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Miguel Hernandez | DJ MIK ONE

I would like to be remembered as a dj that made a difference. I would like for more professional djs to volunteer more at their local elementary schools. To inspire the youth to new and difference styles of music and djing techniques. Read more>>

Keith Mack | Personal Freedom Coach

When I leave this earth my only hope is that I am remembered as a man who brought out the best in others. A man who was so caring for others that not only did he dedicate his life to empowering the world but also helped those who were less fortunate. Lastly as a man who has so far dedicated his life to becoming his greatest version & inspiring others to do so also, I’d like my legacy to be one that leaves a spark of light & hope in the places that need it most. Read more>>

Bella Laveaux | Cosmetologist, Spiritualist ,Influencer & Plus-Size Model

I want my legacy to be a story that flows through generations from my sons down to their kids and beyond that . One that speaks about not only my financial successes but also my spirit and how it touched people through beauty & entertainment . How passion and the love for people and what you do will show up & sustain you . Read more>>

Isaac Macal | Pitmaster

When I think of legacy I think of my children. There’s a lot of guys in the industry who have a badass back story and learned from their grandparents, uncles and fathers or a well known pitmaster. It would be cool to have had that type of mentor when it comes to smoking meats. I learned off trial and error and messed up a ton of briskets. So to see the excitement my children have for bbq and the process. I’d love to be able to teach them everything I know and create a legacy. Pass down my knowledge and continue that on to even my grandkids. That’s the big picture to me. To create generations of pitmasters and business owners.Have this brand carry over for years to come. Read more>>

Esmar Ramos | Fitness and Healthy Living Coach

I want to show everyone all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, physical activities, and get as many people as possible to fall in love with being healthy. I want to be the go-to person for their healthy living questions and I want to be remembered as the one who helps people reach a better version of each one. I want to be the one who encourages each one to raise the bar, eat healthier everyday and get closer to their goals, Any goals they have in life. Sometimes we lose motivation, we lose focus, life can get pretty tough and uncomfortable, I want to be the person who helps you and remind you why you started and why it is important to keep going! Read more>>