We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor behind their success. For us, success is about accomplishing your mission. For some, that mission might be changing discriminatory practices within their industry and for others it might be building a sustainable, profitable business to support their family. Regardless of your mission, we want to equip you with wisdom and knowledge from the community in the hopes of increasing the likelihood that you are successful in your mission.

Karenn Murga | Business Owner

The most important thing I have learned in my years in business is integrity. Leading my business with integrity is one of the reasons why my customers trust me and recommend my business to others. Your clients want to be able to trust you and build a connection with you. I take the time to talk to my clients and get to know the things they like in order to make them a custom gift they will love. Read more>>

Adreon Hongo | DJ PrimeTime

The most important factor behind my success is my positive mental attitude because without it and my profession you would always be mad about what the next DJ is doing or worrying about the gigs they are getting. Every week I’m practicing new skill sets, recording mixes, trying different techniques to help me stand out from everyone else. My positive attitude also help me draw a lot of people wanting my services because I am so confident in myself that people are amazed by it and my skills also speaks a lot of volume. Read more>>

Jessica Schooler | Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

Being in a service based industry, clear and positive communication has been a large key to my success. Before ever meeting clients in-person, I connect with them via email—and it’s important to get off on the right foot! Setting clear boundaries, expectations, and providing an excellent client experience are all top priorities for me and my business. I want to clearly define myself as an experienced professional that can be trusted; and to do that, my clients need to know that they can count on me to respond in a timely and professional manner, take an interest in them personally, and go above and beyond for each and every one of them. Read more>>

April Littmann | Business Owner & Interior Designer

The one attribute that we believe has lead to our success is the ability to always put our client first. We truly believe in serving others through our business by creating customized homes for our clients. When starting on a new design project, we always ask ourselves how does this furniture selection, or this kitchen counter top, or this paint color best serve our client and best serve the overall design? By keeping our client in mind through all aspects of the design process, and serving them to the best of our ability, this has created a superior level of customer service. Read more>>

Huberto Villarreal | Actor

Well, as for me this also pertains to my life in general as well. Even though i haven’t had major success in Hollywood yet, i still believe i’m successful, in my own rights. I’ve worked with Anthony Ray Parker in a Feature Film that was filmed throughout the city of Houston. I’ve been Nominated in The Zone Film Race back in 2017 & i was also Nominated in the 2020 MCP Network Showcase, which i won an Award for Best Supporting Actor. For the past two years i’ve had the opportunity to Audition for Casting Directors for major TV Shows, which i’m very thankful to do. Read more>>

Sakara Ross | Entrepreneur

I’d have to say that legacy is the most important factor behind my success. SNR Construction was inspired by my grandfather’s carpentry background. My intention was to honor him and create a lasting legacy for our family. Shortly after starting the company, my father who was also my business partner passed away. The unexpected loss of my father made it more imperative that I succeed at building a family brand. He was the foundation and provider of our family and losing him compelled me to get clearer about my goals in order to build and be inspiration to my family. Leaving a legacy for others to follow is what drives me. Read more>>

Autumn Kirk-Phillips | Business Owner/Fitness Instructor

Perseverance : continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the action or condition or an instance of persevering. Not many succeed at their first attempt at anything. People that do succeed are the ones that try over and over again until they reach their goal. To me, perseverance means learning to fail graciously and working through my failures to eventually achieve success. You’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect” right?! It’s basically the premise of perseverance. The more you do the thing you love the better you will become and eventually achieve exactly what you planned. Read more>>

Raquel Marie Sims | CEO of La’Marie Media and Producer/Talent at Stafford METV

I honestly believe the most important factors behind my success and brand is God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are the ultimate producers behind everything single thing that I’m doing. If it weren’t for God, I wouldn’t have breath in my lungs to breath, a voice to share his words nor the mindset to bring forth the visions he’s placed on my mind. If it weren’t for Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins, I wouldn’t be free to do what God has called me to do. So with that being said they’re the most important factors behind my success and I give them all of the Glory. Read more>>

McKenzie Morgan  Content Creator

Having grit is without a doubt the most important ingredient to the recipe for success. Grit is defined as courage and resolve; strength of character. The five characteristics of grit are best known as courage, conscientiousness, perseverance, resilience, and passion. I feel as though my success stemmed from the courage to launch my brand Styled by McKenz; my conscientiousness in knowing that I would not be where I am today without the support of my family and viewers; my perseverance in continuing to work for “it” regardless of growth being at a standstill; resilience in the sense that not everyone wants to see you succeed; and passion—the key to keeping the spark alive. Read more>>

Stacie Zollars | Food + Dessert Content Creator & Yoga Instructor

Commitment. There are many factors that play a huge role when you are in the service based industry, but in the end the brand is only as strong as your commitment. I worked 3 jobs and 19 hours day to help grow my business because I believe in myself and have a passion to help people live a balanced life through food and fitness. Now, I only work 2. At least I am headed in the right direction! It is easy to say I have a passion for x-y-z but after 2 months are you still working as hard as you were since day 1? Building a business thrives on my attitude during the months that I hit rock bottom, the months I am debt free, and the months that I make more money than 6 months combined. Read more>>

Jamie Lindley | Calligrapher and Hand Lettering Artist

As the sole owner and creative of Jamie Lindley Lettering, the success of the brand largely depends on my character and how I treat others. I believe that is the most important factor behind my success. My attitude and positivity creates a good energy, I think makes others feel comfortable and confident in my ability and services. I like to bring an optimistic attitude, always willing to try new things, or go the extra mile to make a client feel special, and that makes a big and lasting impact. Integrity and reliability play a big role. Read more>>

Meredith Crockett Soper | Commercial Property Manager & Houston Content Creator

The most important factor behind the success of @didHOUknow is transparency. Most people use the word transparency when needing to go into defense mode. Does that make sense? When you hear someone say “Ok, full transparency here…” that usually means they’re about to get real with you and provide you with feedback defending a choice or a statement they made prior. Transparency to me and my brand is better defined by honesty, vulnerability and clarity. Read more>>

Dwayne Perryman | Realtor

Integrity! I am a firm believer of doing things right and doing it the right way. In real estate, you are a part of the biggest decision of some people’s lives. It may be a first home or a dream home that will last generations, so it’s very important to be honest and make sure that your clients are informed and prepared to make the best decision for themselves. There is no better marketing than word of mouth, and I have been privileged to earn the majority of my business through referrals. It means a lot when people have good things to say about you. Read more>>

Ashley Gohlke | Owner / Creator

In a word, passion. I started this business because I wanted a creative outlet where I could utilize my love for arts and crafts with my graphic design experience. It’s what birthed my company, and it’s also the heartbeat that keeps my business going. Dedication, education and evolution are also important factors, but it means nothing if you aren’t passionate about what you do. Read more>>

Elizabeth Castro | Hairstylist/Salon suite owner

It has to be determination! My passion is doing hair & as an artistic career it can be looked down on but I started with almost nothing & I want nothing more than to be successful & make someone out of myself. I knew if I wanted to be successful in this industry I had to set myself apart somehow, I also knew it was going to be a challenge but if I worked hard enough I was going to get there so I did & continue to. Once I started working at a salon I went straight to booth rental so knowing I had to come up with the money I had to hustle! Read more>>

Doray Castillo | Show Producer

Love and passion for my profession. If you are not passionate about what you do, you cannot have the success you expect. Read more>>

Kelley Woods | Travel Advisor

Being myself, what others call it is being authentic. Some see my life as being complicated. I’m a single working mother and I also have a travel business. I share that with my audience and choose to educate them on that. Other people want to see that you can relate to them or your circumstances is similar to them I don’t have the best life, but it’s alright with me. I guess that’s considered part of my brand. Read more>>

Virginia Leonardi | Nurse, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Instructor

The most important factor behind my success is my tenacity and my strength to always want to achieve the set goal. Read more>>

Mecca Meschèt | Singer/Poet/Entrepreneur

I think the most important detail that contributes to the success of any business is customer relationship. As a new business owner in the process of building my brand, it is imperative that I listen to my customers and have that transparent relationship so that I am not only a brand, but my personality and character shine through so that i am seen as a creative that can be trusted. Like, you’d wanna hang out with me, support my business, and be so proud to represent my business brand that you tell all your friends. Read more>>

Jordan “JoJo” Parker | Lifestyle & Inspiration Blogger

The most important factor behind my brand is RESEARCH. Aside from being enrolled at Webster University for marketing and advertising communication, I am an avid researcher on how to increase my brand. Whether that be how to beat the algorithms of social media, building my readership, how to engage your following better, etc. Additionally, I watch YouTube videos a brand building, and maintenance along with the video aesthetic. Learning what type of equipment is necessary to bring not only my vision to life but to provide QUALITY content for the readers of my blog and the views of my podcast. Read more>>

Leia Crowe | Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

I truly believe that as a business owner, if you stop thinking about making money and instead focus on serving your customers, helping people and bringing value to their lives, THAT is what will bring you success. I work hard to give them my all, and to go above and beyond their expectations. I strive to give them an experience like none other, whether they are coming in for a massage or using my personal training services. My goal is only to serve them. That’s when success will follow. Read more>>

Ashley Gooden-Stewart | CEO & Founder

Consistency is the most important factor of my success in nonprofit leadership and management. My goal is to serve many low income families and individuals in dire need within my local community. I have to diligently search for grants, donations, and donors to meet this goal. It takes a significant amount of time and effort. Taking time to build rapport and relationships with the people we serve and the board of directors is key as well. In the course of 5 years, I’ve learned to lead, inspire, delegate, plan, and much more. Read more>>