We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Tashell Williams | Entrepreneur | Beauty & Wellness Industry

This is a such a great question! It made me think to myself for a minute because there are a LOT of factors behind my success. I would say a few of the most important factor behind my success my relationship with God, believing in myself and knowing my purpose. I went through a near death experience that really made me dig in and question the reason for my existence. After searching and praying, I went head first into the beauty industry as a hairstylist. My experiences of having low self esteem and confidence definitely helped me to serve from a unique perspective as a hairstylist. I remember in my lowest of times going to the hair salon for service and feeling uplifted and inspired from the positive energy in that environment. My purpose and my unique sequence of life’s experiences (my story) lead me to my niche in the industry. My niche is extremely small however I am in high demand because it is very specific. When I zoned into my niche, the flood gates opened WIDE! I am in my own lane. Read more>>

Ashley McCown | Founder, Owner & Maker

I think it all boils down to love. I love what I do and I feel fortunate to be able to share that love with each and every customer. Each customer plays such an integral part in my journey and I am indebted in gratitude to them for helping me live out my dream of owning my own business. There’s a lot of love that goes into every candle and I make sure each one receives the same amount of intention, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. It means a lot to me to show that same thoughtfulness in how each candle is packaged – not only to keep it safe on its journey to its new owner, but to also create a truly magical experience for the customer as they open their new candle. I think people can tell (and feel!) when you love what you do, and that love (coupled with sincere gratitude), has been the biggest reason Good WItch Candles has been so successful. Read more>>

Bianca Smith | Mental Health Clinician & Social Justice Advocate

Faith. Not my graduate degree from an Ivy League school. Not a book I read. Not a podcast I listened too. Not a business card I received. FAITH. And more often than not, my faith has only been the size of a mustard seed, but it’s absolutely been the most important factor behind my success. I’ve learned that larger goals don’t necessarily require any more faith than that which I have when I sit in a chair and trust that it won’t collapse. Read more>>

Kat René | Wine Writer and Consultant + Tax Attorney

There are a two important factors that have contributed to the success of The Corkscrew Concierge. First, I did, and continue to do the work. I’ve spent hours and hours studying and learning about wine. And I’ve always been open to learning from others. I’ve been fortunate to learn from so many knowledgeable people that have been willing to share their experiences. Second, I’ve done my best to take the pretense out of wine. For too long, the “gatekeepers” wanted to control the narrative of wine and made it intimidating for so many. My practicality and approachability really speaks to people. Read more>>

Caitlin Scott | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

The support from my fellow entrepreneurs, family and friends has been the biggest part of why I do what I do! I truly love connecting with new, like minded people and making new friends! We all want new girlfriends right? Especially the times we’re in right now. Showing up on social media is so rewarding. Engaging, chatting and supporting other women and business owners is what we all need right now to grow. The support is overflowing and I’m here for it. Read more>>

Melissa Steely | Success Architect

Honestly I think our success is because we always stay people focused. Even at moments when we could easily choose the harsh business person route, we stay focused on what we needed and where we were. Everyone who works with us and for us knows that we will always put people first in all we do. Read more>>

Kenzie & Brad | Coffee Cart Owners

Definitely the people around us. Whether that’s our family helping us to build the cart and giving us the proper tools to create something from the ground up or the customers that buy coffee. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are now without the support and love from those we surround ourselves with. Read more>>

Deborah Elias, CSEP, CMP, CIS | Event Planner

I have had my very successful event planning company for over 22 years and am fiercely protective of my brand and image. I think the reason it is so successful is because of the high level of service, product and creativity I bring to every event, no matter how big or small. I love planning events and love every time I get to be creative or get to work with clients that motivate me to excellence, which is often. Read more>>

Kendra McCartney | Co-owner, Noisy Knits

Relatability. I think Noisy Knits has success because women are drawn to our Tees, which are about self confidence, body positivity and empowerment. Women see themselves reflected in our Tees and relate to the messages we present. Read more>>

Theophilus Ray | Music Producer & ,Engineer

Being consistent , continuously learning Having the drive to reach the next level. Read more>>

Jese /JaeUndreas Webb | Master LOCTICIAN

To stay focused on the need of the business and the people that we serve. So many time we get more focused on making money the we forget about people and service to them. I have always kept the thought that I don’t what i do for money, I do it because it makes me happy to see he lives changed from the work I do. Read more>>