Happiness is everything.  Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Maria Garcia | Wedding and Event Florist

This is my favorite question. I knew at a very young age that i wanted to work with flowers. I started my career but I knew that I would find a way to get there. I married, started my family and was still determined to start my own business. I made it happen while pregnant with my last child and started floral school. I was so excited to start this journey. I made it work starting my business and still wanting to keep my children with me. It was a lot of long hours, working weekend and even holidays. After 10 yrs, I was able to move locations and upgrade. As my children got older they started working in my shop and continued with their education. It has been 30 years and I love seeming my grandchildren in my flower shop helping me at times. This really has been a fulfilling career that I made happen with a lot of work and determination. Read more>>

Mayra Malik | Hair stylist & Makeup Artist

I have a true passion and love for hair and makeup. Being able to creat beautiful hairstyle and enhancing a clients natural beauty with makeup is so much fun. I can honestly say I have fun at work! But what’s most rewarding and makes me really happy, is when a client looks in the mirror and loves how beautiful she looks. To see your clients expression of happiness, shock, confidence, empowerment is the best feeling I can’t even begin to describe. This is why I do what I do, to give my clients the confidence they need to keep moving forward. Read more>>

Adam Rust

That is a question I have been asking my people for a long time now. Its funny because when you grow up, somehow people get this notion or feeling that certain worldly things or people bring happiness to them. For me, there is only two things that brings joy to my life and that is God and the choice to actively love my wife. I will elaborate on my wife though. I don’t depend on any certain person to “make me happy”. That would set every relationship I am in up for failure. Happiness is not a feeling it is a choice. Everyday I wake up I get the opportunity to be thankful and to be happy. Even when things go wrong, its so much harder to create negative energy than it is to be positive and consciously make the decision to say, “you know what I am so thankful for the blessings i have each day and today I chose to be happy and help others!” Read more>>