We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Zachary Hiller | Co-Founder and Vice President

The lack of transparency in the industry. As a consumer, I assumed that each label made its own spirits. However, as we developed the business plan, we learned that most distilleries source their spirits while starting up and many continue the practice even after they are established. In hindsight this makes sense. How else could someone release a 4 year old whiskey if they have only been open for a few months? We, like many before us, are sourcing most of our spirits while we get up and running, but we are committed to being transparent about where we got them and how we have blended, finished, or otherwise manipulated the spirits to make them unique to us. Read more>>

Evan Weinberger | Educational Support Specialist

Typically, when families seek outside education support services, they do so to address an acute struggle their student(s) may be experiencing at the moment. In other words, a family may seek out a math tutor when their child receives a series of poor grades in his or her math class. Too often, however, the poor grades in math class are more of an outcome of a larger problem rather than an issue tackling math concepts. To make matters worse, when the family hires a math tutor, it may appear to solve the immediate problem. Read more>>

Luz Castilla | Photographer, Director, & Visual Creator

What many outsiders or people who are not in the visual creation industry (photography, film, movies etc) are probably unaware of is that creatives who are in the prime of their career do not get their proper credit for their work. Thats a big problem for creators, and the worse part is that it is very common. I have experienced this and seen fellow creatives go through this as well. Wether it be not tagging, paying, taking into consideration, or even a thank you. Read more>>