We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Andria Niles | Owner, Sparkly Elephant Sewing Lounge

My undergraduate and graduate degrees are both in geology and I worked as a paleontologist for a time before pursuing a career as a high school science teacher. I loved teaching, but decided to take some time off while my kids were young. During that time I started sewing and doing embroidery for people. It was also during that time that people started asking me to teach them how to sew, and I realized there was no place around that really offered sewing classes for people. The more I researched and talked to local people, I felt very strongly about the importance of creative outlets for people. Read more>>

Ashley Lacy | Lead singer and keyboardist for Astralace

The pandemic really inspired us to become more adventurous when it came to our music. At the beginning of the lockdown, we were forced to look inwardly and decide – what do we want to do in life? What mark do we want to leave? Making music has always been something we enjoyed separately, but we never imagined doing it as a band. Zach, Lauren, and I were really close already, so coming together was so natural. We were then so fortunate to meet Leela at an open mic we attended in Houston, and she added in so seamlessly – like we were friends all along! We’ve been growing ever since, and hope to continue! Read more>>

Perry Chandler | Artist

Choosing to pursue a creative career comes from a need to constantly be making creative works whether that be paintings, film making, or design. My entire life revolves around my art work and finding a way to support myself doing that has been incredibly self rewarding. Read more>>

Jose Vargas | Musical Theatre performer & artistic teacher

Since I was very young I grew up surrounded by music. My biggest dream was to become an artist who could inspire others. My artistic life was enhanced by dramatic moments in my adolescence, where I had to go through bullying and then learn to love myself and my art. Chile is a conservative country and art is not well regarded, much less a man dedicating himself to a career in the world of the arts. My family feared the worst for me, but they always fought to help me because they knew that my dream was to one day show others like me that they should fight for their dreams as well. Read more>>

Cari Otero | Resin Artist

As a child up until a little after high school I was always part of choir. Singing most of the day, making sure I had songs memorized, singing the right notes at the right time and more. Pursuing music was a big part of my life until it wasn’t, and the years after that I dedicated myself to just work until I came across Resin Art. Learning all these new techniques and introducing myself to many different skills really opened up that “spark” that got lost a long time ago. Read more>>

Kalicia Rolsal | Artist & Creative Spirit

I pursued an artistic/creative career because it was always something that my heart was telling me to do. From as far back as I can remember I was always creating something, and I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else! Read more>>

Trudi Mendez | Photographer + Shutterbugs Teaching Artist

I woke up one day after working 13 years in Oil & Gas as an IT professional and realized I needed to change the path I was taking. My journey was meant to be somewhere else. I have a passion for art and a passion for service to others. And for sanity’s sake, I needed to step out in faith and move in a different direction. So I did. Read more>>

Cary Dyer II | Designer & Creative Director

I pursued being a designer & a all round creative because it’s something that I have always been interested in. By my mother being into clothing and her managing a denim shop, to my grandmother making her children’s when they were younger, to father being a fashion model when he was my age, it’s cool that I’m doing what I do now. I started off by doing personal hand painted customs for myself such as jackets, Air force 1’s, and jeans. Then when I started going to Texas Southern university a lot of students there was liking the way that I dressed and wondered where I get my stuff from. Read more>>