A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

LaKisha Mosley | Event Producer & Digital Event Strategist

Balance does not exist. For something to be balanced, that means everything has to be equal on all sides. With life and work, there is no way to “balance” that. I used wear myself out trying to balance everything. I never achieved it. I finally decided that I would create my own semblance of balance. As a mother, serial entrepreneur, and social change activist, I have to decide what will be a priority at that given time and that is what I would focus on. I refuse to inflict undue stress on myself trying to achieve something that really doesn’t exist. Read more>>

Brenna Hodge | Destination Wedding and Newborn Photographer

The ebb and flow of a work life balance was completely disrupted by Covid. Prior to March 2020, my business had been picking up speed. I had chosen to lean into the artistic world, and find myself outside of being Mom after 11 years of full time hanging with my 3 kids. They were all finally in school, and husband was home on the weekends, so the daytime and weekend shoots were completely feasible. Post Covid, I, like so many others, became a full time homeschool teacher. We had to reconfigure our schedules so that the little work I had during 2020 was met with the energy and excitement required of me. It was hard. It was draining. It was also some of the most intimate and intentional weddings I’ve experienced. In all things there are decisions to be made and priorities to be considered. I am blessed with a job that allows me to adjust and pivot as needed to be present for the moments and memories I am hired to capture. Read more>>

Aisha Albritton | CEO, Visionary & Bad Ass Boss Lady!!

When I first started my business, It was all work and no play. I felt like I had to stay focused on what was in front of me at all times. I stayed that way for 12 years and I was VERY successful HOWEVER, I had to realize that without taking time for myself to stop and enjoy the fruits of my labor…I missed out on a lot of the little joys that make life what it is. I was so ready to tackle the next project, campaign or event…I completely forgot to congratulate myself on the job I just finished. It was always go, go, go for me. I regret that now. You have to stop and smell the roses. You have to create boundaries for yourself and your clients or you will definitely become consumed and often times when that happens, you get overwhelmed and start to loose the love you once had! Remember, what is for you will always be for you so it’s ok to stop, take a break, spend time with friends and family AND STILL be a bad A** at work. Read more>>

Patrick Moore | Cellist

I always heard that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I now realize that if you do what you love, you’d better be careful or you will work every day of your life. I find myself lucky to be in the position of having achieved many of my wildest dreams in my career. I have dedicated my life to this career of my choosing and I love it! However, that passion easily turns into obsession and before I know it, I have spent an entire day, or week, or month to working every waking moment. Regardless of how passionate I am about my career, I know very well that it is not what is most important in my life. In the first few years of the relationship with my husband, we both endured many major losses in our families. It was a hard time and it made the importance of family and friends significant in both of our lives. Read more>>

Hollie Berry | Owner of Hollie Berry Beauty and Co-Founder of Alchemy Beauty Academy

Owning two businesses now has made the work/life balance even more apparent and important. By knowing myself and knowing when I’m wearing myself thin I will schedule to have more life balance because both are equally important and can not function without the other. Read more>>