We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Stephanie Rhoden | Brand Strategist and Website Designer

Ultimately, the freedom of being an entrepreneur is what really drove me to start my own business. Designing was something I truly enjoyed doing as a hobby, whether it was doing a flyer for a friend’s birthday party, designing business cards for an old high school friend, or creating a book cover design for an upcoming author. Read more>>

Cyndi P. Obasi | Fashion Desiger & Collaborator

I was incredibly frustrated with lack of employment options and opportunities available as a person with a hearing disability. It was next to impossible to find a job that I could do or gain experience from. Read more>>

Sindhura Palavali | Esthetician

My Journey as a Esthetician began 4 years ago with the intention to help people feel confident and love the skin they are in. In the process I realized I needed to have my own place to do things my way and came the idea of starting Ritzy. Read more>>

Ruth Diaz | Owner of The Fizzy Cart | Analyst for the City of Houston

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Ever since my parents moved to Houston from Monterrey, Mexico, they’ve had multiple businesses for as long as I can remember – some failed and some very successful. Read more>>

Jared Williams | IT Business Advisor & Owner of Deux Union Brand

I wanted to create something that had a real meaning behind it, with the goal of spreading positive vibes, uplifting messages, bible verses, culture/history, etc but really wasn’t sure where to begin. Read more>>

Lillian Sims | Photographer

My thoughts on starting LGS (Lights, Glam& Shoot) Photography was being able to be my own boss and doing what I love while making money! I first thought of my business name which turned out to be the initials of my name, so it was perfect! I then researched multiple photography business and their prices. Read more>>

Frank Perkins | Independent artist

To make sure you have everything ready before you even begin. You need to get a LLC so people don’t steal your idea and run off with it. Read more>>

Geovanni Vidal | Audio Engineer, Music Producer & Musician

The thought process behind starting my own business was breaking the norm that I saw from people around me, working jobs that they had no passion or love for. It seemed as they were doing jobs for experience or income. Read more>>

Eboni Frazier | Content Creator & Entrepreneur

The Bawsy Brand™ was founded with the strong belief that the business value must be continuously generated, endorsed, and shared. When I officially launched my business in 2020, I knew that I wanted to provide products and services which would inspire women or ‘Bawse Babes’ to persevere throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Read more>>

Trent Owens | Film Director | Editor

It’s been my dream to direct and film music videos since I was 7 years old, but in the 90s and early 2000s there weren’t many resources that made this dream attainable. Read more>>

Kourtney Perry | Founder & Principal Editor, 7 Centerpieces (an online wedding magazine)

I wanted to provide a resource for couples planning weddings in Texas. I felt that there was not a place on the internet that catered to the Texas bride/couple and I wanted to provide a resource for those couples. Read more>>

Rocky Banks | Founder of Found Purpose Entertainment / Music Artist

It actually was an easy one. I’ve always been around business oriented people. Even when my focus was else where, I handled transactions under the same blueprint as a business owner ; I knew jumping into music I needed to be ahead of the curve and have my business in order to protect myself from an transgressions. Read more>>

Shelly Knicks | Recording Artist & Videographer

My parents were very supportive of me wanting to sell candy and middle school, my step-dad was the first person I heard say the word “entrepreneurship”. With that being said I’ve kind of always been inspired by just my potential and the fact that my talents and ideas can be lucrative. I haven’t necessarily made any huge capital gains with what I have going on but I can see it all starting to come together with consistency and networking. Read more>>

Kerri-Ann Coombs Hodge | Optometrist

Starting a business, can be a life changing decision. As I thought of owning my business I was reminded of thoughts as a child wanting to make a difference by helping others to see. As an adult the challenges can seem bigger than the dream. Read more>>

Mignon Thomas | Coach MT

“Life is Uncomfortable; Pleasantly Uncomfortable.” ~ Coach MT Who is Coach MT? Well, she is a fierce, beautiful, resilient yet gentle blend of unpleasant imperfections. Society tends to praise the black women for neglecting her most precious blessing, herself. This is the Stigma we silence every single day inside of Coach MT VIP. Read more>>

Jean Quila | Interior Designer

I value my time, freedom to do what I love and improve myself in the process. It is very rewarding as it is challenging to run a business but I would not do it any other way. Read more>>

Tikisha Smith | Nurse Practitioner & Mobile IV Therapy Provider

I have been in healthcare for 17 years. I decided to take my years of education and training to start my own Mobile IV Therapy Business. Read more>>

Cristian-Daniel Rusu | Dj & events manager

DJs where not apraciated enough and making a business from playing music is was difficult. Read more>>

Jason Archer | Visual Artist, Muralist and Producer

When I started the business, I was looking for a way to build a creative connection to my community and wanted to make that happen through art. I was lucky enough to have several like minded colleagues who shared the same passion and we discovered a way to make it happen we the resources we had, then built on it and improved it over time. Read more>>

Helea Choucair Lee | Private French Chef

Quality of taste and presentation. I wished to bring unique culinary experiences directly to people in a way not possible in a restaurant. Read more>>

Dj Mik One | Dj

My thoughts were that I needed to provide the best customer service possible. Always be on time and just overall listen to the client. Read more>>

Meg Cambern | Hairstylist

I actually kind of fell into being an independent stylist but I’ve never been happier. I’ve always worked retail management positions where you work late hours and make little pay. Read more>>