We had the good fortune of connecting with Angie J. Emerson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Angie, why did you pursue a creative career?
At an early age, I remember being one with my surroundings and conveying that feeling through a creative outlet. Daydreaming felt so euphoric to me that I believed if I worked hard enough, no matter how many times I felt I needed to erase that line or sing that song fifty times, I found solace. So that’s where my path was drawn from the very beginning.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I have always been a “jack of all” kind of person. I started as an artist when I was younger then became a fire dancer. At the same time, I went into deejaying and mixing, which eventually led me into playing music, singing and writing which was the life changer. I am still sad I found my calling later in life, but am glad to have found it period. I am what some would consider eclectic. I find my voice in so many genres. I can’t sit still in one. I have never been a “clickish” person. I love the freedom of being universal or diverse. I was created to invoke emotion as I am an empath and feel music as if it is a part of my soul. As someone who appreciates all styles, I believe many people can relate to at least one song I perform. Now to write more! I have ten original songs currently and many ideas saved and thought about. I am currently writing an album based off of my deceased father’s experiences as an adolescent and adult. He passed when I was five and there’s many ways he was perceived, bad and good. I plan to shine a light on all aspects to share one man’s life with all of you. The significance of one life and the impact it has for others. One day I’ll do the same for my mother. The point of this exercise is to expound on the many perceptions of one person. I find that this content will be very relatable and the stories behind them will invoke pure rawness.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I am certainly one who gets around town!!! Speaking to foodies or musicians, I have a big list of places of would recommend! The bar at friends uncorked in Friendswood, Texas, has a midtown vibe in a rather suburban area. They offer live music six nights a week and have a large selection of wine, craft and domestic beers. The staff is amazing and the food selection is wonderful. I actually host the open mics on Tuesdays outside in the big backyard from 8-11 p.m. Along with playing gigs on the weekends here as well. Between us tea room in Friendswood Texas is a beautifully renovated wine, tea, coffee and eatery. They host live music on the weekends and serve delicious food and desserts. They are adding breakfast to the menu!! This place is more of an upscale feel with no dress code! Katy’s blues bar in Bacliff, Texas is an old hole in the wall joint. This place has the best of the BEST blues, soul and jazz players I have seen in the bay area. One of my favorites to enjoy live music. The Waterman Restaurant located in Galveston, Texas was a blast to play at! Plenty of outside space located right on the water. Food and full bar. A definite fun place to get away on the island. Je Mocha Bean in Jamaica Beach is a quaint and new establishment. Coffee, beer, wine and live music. Who could ask for more? A few others to check out with live music in the Kemah/Bacliff area Cabo Barge 295 Boldt House Voodoo hut Monkey Bar Okies yard house Jackie’s Brick house Chelsea’s wine bar Noah’s ark Gillhouley’s (great oysters) T’ bone Toms Marais (Dickinson, Texas) Some more Galveston spots with live music Sharkys Tavern Midtown Tavern Yaga’s cafe Stuttgarden Some Houston spots with live music Darwin’s pub The Rustic Cottonmouth club The continental club Notsouh’s Dean’s And so much more!!!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There are very many people that I have to thank for my success and their support. To start, all of the musicians who came and continue to support the open mics I host and the gigs I play with my two duos. The people, who on late nights, help me break down my gear and help load it up. (It’s so appreciated) My parents (Bobbie and Steve Revak) who gave me my very first P.A. and told me to “get er’ done” back in 2014. They also have been musicians in their own band Wood N’ Wind for ten years. This gave me inspiration watching them rock their hearts out as a married couple! My mentor Francisco Ruiz who reluctantly (kidding) took on the role of teaching me all about sound, how to find my voice and pushed me to create, despite some hard times. For the heartbreak, I had endured over the years that lead me to write my first original song in 2018. (This was a blessing in disguise) To the people who bend over backwards to do for me, and love me even if I am a stress ball, I want to say thank you and I love you even if I don’t say it out loud. I would like to give a shout out to Doug Driesel who saw a light in me and so graciously decided to record and reimagine a couple of my original songs. A few of my favorite local artists I would like to acknowledge who have played a part in my life and music career Eric Lambert Chris Hardy John and Rebecca Stoll (Grifters and Shills) Tatiana Raines A.J Seidner Cisco Nonother Austin McCarter and Carmen Garcia Charles Bryant Howell Windham You have all given me inspiration. There are so many new artists that I have met and been in awe by, the list would be enormous lol! Of course, my famous name drops are The Beatles Jeff Buckley Bjork Ian Moore Jethro Tull Lady Gaga Joni Mitchell And many more.

Instagram: Starlla01
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Other: My website will be available soon. I have two duo projects. AJEAL www.facebook.com/Ajealmusic THE AWKWARD JAYBIRDS’ www.facebook.com/theawkwardjaybirds

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