We had the good fortune of connecting with Kristina Denice and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Kristina, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
I have always had dreams of being an entrepreneur. I come from a family of entrepreneurs where my mom is a hospice consultant, my father has his own concrete and construction company, my son has his own cupcake company and my step dad has His own medical transport company. I never knew what I wanted to do, but I knew I was creative and I like to do things that were hands on. The Agape Palace LLC came a long when I decided I wanted to get into event planning but I wanted to do the planning, the decor, the candy tables, the balloons, and the treats. I wanted to do it all but not everyone knew what I offered so, I broke it down into different companies which is how Posh Events HTX HTX for kids, The Romance Concierge Romance Event Planning, and The Candy Stylist came about. I never felt corporate America was for me, it did not challenge me the way that being a business owner does. Working a 9 to 5 job limited me and the skills that I had to offer and a lot of the skills I had went unused. I love being my own boss. I love being able to help couples rekindle Their love and romance or keep the flame Burning in their relationship or marriage through planning date nights, anniversary dinners, helping men propose to their girlfriends, and so much more. I love to see the bright smiles and surprised faces of the children and teens when they see their party setups created just for them over anything they could imagine having. Watching couples, kids, and teens, make memories never gets old. It has been the most fulfilling, rewarding, and most importantly, most passionate experience of my life. I hope that everyone can find a career and happiness as I did. I would not trade this for the world. The hard work, the long hours, the sleepless nights have all been worth it, and I would do it all over again if I had to.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I am a Romance Event Planner and Kids Event Planner. I feel I am what sets me apart from other companies. On the romance side I plan and design events for marriage proposals, engagement parties, bridal showers, picnics, or brunches, honeymoon nights, romantic date nights, scavenger hunts, anniversary parties, and intimate vow renewals. I decided to specialize in romance because I am a hopeless romantic and I love all things love and romance. I take the idea of what a man and woman want in romance and create one of a kind events catered to each client. What sets me apart is that I focus on building a personal relationship with the couple or bride and groom, to really get to know what led them to be together and what keeps them together. I find out their likes and dislikes, and what causes the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about their mate and incorporate that into their event. I am where I am today by making connections and following event planners that are already successful in what I am trying to do. I go to countless conferences, workshops, and classes, and make sure that I keep up with all the trends of today. It is definitely not easy. Everyday a new planner enters the industry that may have more connections than you, has more creativity than you, and may even outwork you. And everyday the trends change. I overcame these challenges by focusing on what I could do in my business that would set me apart from other companies. I want the world to know that with my company I offer a personal one on one touch that will leave a lasting effect. I am striving to build a better company everyday, and that this is only the beginning. If anyone is looking to propose, have a bridal shower, or just a date night that is not the normal movies and a dinner, they can get in touch with The Romance Concierge. Posh Events HTX for kids is a joint adventure between me and my friend Erica. We are a startup but what will set us apart from other companies is that we have throughly researched our industry to see what other kid party planning companies are doing and how we can enhance the experience and make it better. We have decided that there are gaps in the industry and ways to do events that no other company that we know of are doing in the Houston, Texas area. We plan on entering the industry with the mindset that we are going to be the trendsetters. We will cater to the mom and dad that are about to bring a bundle of joy into the world, kids birthdays, tea parties, spa parties, graduation parties, teepee parties for over night parties, and more. As I said we are a startup and so far the road has been a bumpy One, but so far so good. So far the lessons we have learned along the way are to not low ball our pricing and to charge for everything. We have found out that we need to charge what we are truly worth, and for a partnership the price may have to be higher in order for us to make a living and pay a staff. The world should watch out for our business we are ready to start trends and put smiles on the faces of the beautiful kids in the world.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Well first we would wake up in the morning and I would take them to eat at my favorite breakfast spot, The Breakfast Klub for their famous chicken and waffles or for their fish and grits. Then we would go get massages at Massage Envy and our makeup done at Sephora, and a little shopping at my favorite spot, Tanger Outlets in Cypress. For lunch we would go and eat at Pluckers Wing bar, I think I eat there at least one a week and eat their spicy lemon pepper wings and we can’t forget to grab a pluckers lemonade. Then we can go get our nails done at my favorite nail shop in Pearland called Nails for You. We can go play a little golf and practice on our swings at Top Golf, and when it is time for dinner we can go out and eat at Benihanas and watch the chef cook our food right in front of our eyes. Once our stomachs are full we can go dance it off at The Flat with their eccentric house music or we can just go and chill and talk and converse with each other at the instagram worthy the Present Company which both are located in the Montrose area of Houston. Throughout the week we would also visit the downtown underground and nightlife, take a horse carriage ride for the experience, eat pizza at Frank’s pizza, go to Woodrow’s Bar and play a little mini bowling while drinking a Jameson ginger beer, go off Washington Avenue and go bar hopping and then relax with a little jazz at Phil & Dereks off Webster right outside of Downtown Houston or Trez Art & Wine Bar located off Studemont and Washington Ave. We can go to the Escape Room in Towne and Country, The Axe Room in Spring, and a wine tasting at envy Wine Room in Spring.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There are several people that I want to recognize throughout my journey. I would like to start with my mom. At first, I didn’t think she understood what it took to be an entrepreneur. It was not until; she started her consultant business that I felt she truly understood. Since then, she never stops encouraging me to go the extra mile and push myself to become and greater things when I felt like I was running out of fuel. She stayed on me to market and push my business by going to various networking events, and becoming a vendor at events and so much more. I love my mom and wouldn’t trade her for the world. I would also like to recognize my best friend Allen, through all the ups and downs of our friendship, he stuck by my side, encouraged me, helped me with projects, became a business partner in my business adventures, and invested financially into my business. When he should have given up on me and left my side, he was a true loyal friend and stayed to make sure that I succeed in whatever it was that I decided to pursue. I would also like to recognize a new friend in my life, Eric. He makes me laugh because he introduces me to every one as the women, he is very fond of. When we entered into this global pandemic called covid-19 and my businesses went dry, this man gave me reason and life to keep pushing even though I had a non-essential business. We sat and talked about other businesses we could start that were essential, ways to be successful through a pandemic with a non-essential business, and how to start investing in stocks in a time like covid-19. He continues to encourage me and give me new ideas to help me be successful. I have to give major recognition to my friend and business partner, Erica, who when I did a private dinner setup in her backyard for her anniversary, went above and beyond to promote my business and has sent countless referrals my way. She is now co-owner of our business Posh Events HTX for kids. Last but not least, I want to give credit and recognize my son, who without him, I would not be here. Every morning that god blesses me to see, I look at him, and know that I cannot fail him because he is looking to me to see what the picture of success looks like. I live for him, I work for him, and I will be successful for him.

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