We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

The Idea Midwife | Idea Lover x Action Taker. | Lives @ The ER. Saving Ideas For Life. | #Ideasarediversity #Actionispower #Welovepeople #EclecticResolve

As soon as we are born, we enter into an unspoken agreement to die without ever having made that decision for ourselves. The only thing we can choose is how we live. Thus in our every decision is a risk, and also an opportunity. I choose to take the risk of living life with purpose. For me, this means that I made the decision to give up my “normal” life to switch into entrepreneurship in an uncalculated manner. While I don’t recommend this method, I did it. One day after fighting another soul-wrenching day at my 9-5, I looked up to the sky-blue heavens and said: “Lord, I know this is not for me. I am an entrepreneur, and that’s what I will be.” What I am today, I have always been–an entrepreneur. Without taking the risk to challenge my norm, I would have never embarked on this beautiful, daring and exciting journey that has enhanced my life. Risk is the essence of entrepreneurship, and the epitome of business. Risk is what happens when you take action on an idea. Take the risk and overcome your fear by taking action on your idea now. Your idea today just may be your future tomorrow. Read more>>

Myosha Porterie | Investor, Web Designer & Tax Professional

If it wasn’t for risk taking, I wouldn’t be where I am. I always feel that risk taking allows us to outside their comfort zones and do great things. The risk I took for all of my businesses allowed me to not only do things I never thought I could like start a business, but it allowed me to live. It gave me the financial freedom to do what I want, when I want. Read more>>

Renatus | Licensed Massage Therapist, Tarot Reader, Energetic Healer

Risk has always been a great teacher for me. I am a big believer in following your own personal edges, which for me has been about service to humanity through bodywork. I feel that through aiding people in their own personal liberation, I have, in turn, felt free. I love to see people healthy, happy, and thriving in their personal worlds. I feel that with my extensive knowledge of the body, and my personal edges, I can push through many obstacles and not see them as obstacles, but learning how to open up to life. Read more>>

Dovie Crouse | Experimenter | Problem Solver | Adventurer

Growth is impossible without taking some risks. All of my biggest adventures and greatest growth in my personal and professional life have come as a result of taking some measure of risk. My first step into risky territory was to leap into a study abroad program in France. That experience was incredibly fun and rewarding. Many others have followed – big and small – from buying my first home as a young single woman, to taking a foreign assignment to the UK for work, every time I’ve taken on a new role, getting married, and now starting Arion in 2017. At every decision point, it was always about considering what was at risk by taking the next opportunity as well as what was at risk by NOT taking it. I’ve never regretted a single risk I’ve taken, because I’ve learned something from every single experience. Read more>>

De’Jah McCoy | CEO at PerfectFit

In my opinion, risks are a huge part of your success or failure in life. However, I believe the key to success in risk taking is to calculate them so that you “fail forward”. I’d like to think I live my life on the edge and this is a huge contributing factor to why I view myself as such a success. When thinking about the possibility of loss or negative exposure I tend to weigh my options on a scale of win or lesson. I believe every experience, good or bad, can be learned from. I also believe in feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Read more>>

Mark Battles | Music Artist & Business Owner

I feel that risk are apart of everything we do some are smaller then others but they attached to every decision, I think my whole career is benefits of risk taking from the 1st cd I sold to the 1st show I performed I just didn’t let my doubts decide what to do. I’d rather take the steps to see what is possible then sitting on the sideline assuming everything is impossible. Read more>>

Travis Postany | Athlete, Entrepreneur

Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risk. This is a phrase I have lived by my whole life. In my BMX career I would sit on top of a roll in, starring at a jump, thinking about the trick I’m going to try, knowing full well it might send me straight to the hospital. There’s a certain feeling you get in that moment that makes the average person back off. They back off because they associate that feeling with fear. However, there are people who will have that same feeling and instead of fear it is excitement about the possibility of something amazing happening. These are the people that do great things in life. While it is easy to illustrate that in BMX it has also carried over to the business world with me. Whether is be starting a new business or investing in a new business your excitement for the outcome must always outweigh your fear of failure. Read more>>


I LOVE taking risks, I would say I am where I am today because of it. 5 years ago I decided to take a major risk to leave Trinidad & Tobago to come to USA to chase my dream of becoming a full time DJ. Basically I went against advice of most family and close friends to not leave my “Good Life” in Trinidad to chase the unknown. I felt something greater was calling me, I trusted my gut, sold all my belongings and left Trinidad & Tobago with just 2 suit cases of clothes and my DJ Mixer. Now today I’m living very comfortably doing what I Love which is full time DJing at clubs/bars and also landed a weekly mixshow on Pitbull’s Globalization SiriusXM 13 which airs every Saturday at 10pm CT/11pm ET. Read more>>

Thyra Clagg Mitchell | Creator of WGNO Sorority Networking Group

I think taking risks is definitely part of my success. I go with my gut. Even if I have doubts, if my overwhelming feeling is to proceed or I think it may work, then I do it. If I fail, then at least I tried. I have a fire and desire to do better always. Providing for my family while being able to help others grow their businesses at the same time is what I work hard to do. And taking risks to grow and expand is part of that process. Read more>>

Lindsey Cooper | Photographer & BodyBarre Teacher

We have all heard the phrase that without risk there is no reward and I truly believe in this. I stepped away from corporate America without a true plan or direction but knew I wanted more time with my children, more flexibility, more room for creativity and just to feel more fulfilled. It was risky and scary but I wanted to choose to step out in faith instead of fear and it changed my life. Ask yourself what if that risk that you are scared of taking is the one that is going to change the entire direction of your life? In my mind if you fail you walk away with the lesson and try again, but you hold the comfort that you don’t have to look back and wonder what if. We are blessed with this one life and living it to the fullest includes stepping out and taking the risk from time to time. Learn new things, follow your dreams, let go of the worry of failure and change. Read more>>

Jade Turner | Owner of Bad Girl Cartel

Risk taking is a dangerous game, an extreme sport honestly. It’s also a rush, and at most times it can bring out the best in you. Risk taking has gotten me some of my biggest gigs thus far. When the timing is right and everything is perfect and you’re presented the opportunity sometimes we second guess ourselves. We shouldn’t though, take that risk because 9/10 you’re going to come out winning. Read more>>

Kendahl Thomas | Licensed & Certified Eyelash Technician

When it comes to taking risks, I believe that it is the only way to true success and making dreams/goals a reality. If you do not take the chance to improve or to grow your skill or business, how do you expect to achieve your goal? You have to take risks and make decisions that at the end of the day, will make or break your business. If it doesn’t work out, you learn from your mistakes and let that be the motivation that drives you to be better. For me, I chose to take a risk and invest In proper training for eyelash extensions. Once I made the decision in my mind that this is what I wanted to do, I did my research and made it happen. I spent a few thousand on training and supplies in hope that I would be successful. It was a risk I took, and left in the hands of God. I then took a chance with getting my own suite. I knew that I had enough clientele to make my rent, but I would second guess myself constantly. Read more>>

Jneshia N/a | Musical Artist

Taking risks has played a vital role in both my life and career. I call it a necessary evil bc you never know what you’ll end up with and the only reason I say evil is because with any risk you’re exposing yourself to potential failure but failure isn’t a bad thing if you no how to use it which I believe is what separates entrepreneurs from successful business owners. An older guy actually a perfect stranger at the time gave me a very useful gem and you’d think that it’s quite obvious but it’s not for a lot of young people. He said “have as few regrets as possible and the best way to do that is to not be afraid to make the decision that you think are risks.” At the time I didn’t fully understand what he meant but I’ve come to learn that I’d rather regret the things that I did do instead of the things that I didn’t bc it’s a win win regardless. I’m either learning from my mistakes and building a solid foundation for success or I’m taking another step in the right direction. Read more>>

Trish Peterson | Houston Wedding & Portrait Photographer

When one decides to become an entrepreneur and business owner, there’s no escaping risk. As much as one would try, it’s just inherent and unavoidable. I’ve been known as an over-thinker and over-planner. In truth, I am a good bit risk-adverse. But looking back over the years, and especially at my career as a professional photographer, I wish that I had planned less and just done more. I admire the freedom that jumping in with both feet can afford. Yes, it is scary and we are prone to (more) mistakes. But I think there is something to be said about embracing the possibility of failure instead of trying so hard to avoid it. We learn via our mistakes, and one thing I realize now is that had I just “jumped in” a little bit faster I could have learned things faster as well. A lot has been said and written about risk taking. For me personally, what I hope to teach my boys and any folks that apprentice with me, is that it’s okay to not have the perfect plan before taking action (aka risk). Read more>>

Stephen Ojo | Multifaceted Artist

For anyone to fully reach their full potential, you must take the risk. You have to be able to push yourself further than what your mind/body is trying to limit you to. Taking the risk and believing that everything will be just fine at the end of it all even if all fails is a mentality you have to instill into your system. I know personally for me, I would not be who I am today if I allowed fear to dictate my life and future. I have lost so many jobs to my career choice. There have been many occasions where I get last-minute auditions, last-minute bookings, and I never hesitate to leave whatever job is paying for my livelihood to make those casting calls, auditions because that’s where I’m truly happy. Even if I know that there is a possibility that I won’t book the job I’m auditioning for and I will most likely lose my current job, I always bet on myself to excel no matter what. That is the reason I can confidently say that without risking your all now to achieve your all, you’re only playing games with yourself. Read more>>

Meghan Hawkins | The Blind Braider

Risk is what have me on the level I’m on now. Following last year I had a war with myself knowing that there was more but I wasn’t putting myself in that position to get where I needed to be. Over time I then came up with this ludicrous special, I made over $11,000 braiding hair for $30. I was literally running a marathon , accommodating fourteen clients a day . There after I was pleased because I had reached a goal that I never did in matter of a few days. There after , I went blind in my left eye which led to me having eye removal surgery. I doubted myself during my recovery time. Something quickly came to and reminded me who I was. I revamped me and said I was going to be my brand , I’ve been over capacity booked and busy. Taken the risk of seeing in partial vision have me as a person in great standards as well as my brand. Read more>>

Rhonda Smith | Counselor, Writer, Business Owner, Educator, and Speaker.

Risk are chances we take believing more so in succeeding than failing. No one goes into anything, expecting to fail. As a risk taker, I have a no fail formula. 1. Believe in God 2. Believe in myself. 3. Have a master plan and a back-up plan. 4. Confidence. 5. Leave doubt-out’ I play by my own rules. I went back to school after 30 years and will receive my Doctorate degree in December 2022. My first book is in publication. My boutique will launch this summer and my only child is an educator and working on his Master’s degree. Risk is only raw exposure. Success is pure experience. Read more>>

Olivia Reagan | Fashion Designer | Founder of La Soeur

I am a calculated risk taker. Risk is already demanded of an entrepreneur as soon as you decide to become one. No one has your back, besides yourself. No one is giving you a paycheck every two weeks as a security blanket – you have to work hard; day in, and day out. I have always been meticulous and calculated when it comes to business decisions. I like to take safe bets. I rely heavily on my instincts and intuition when making decisions. When I cannot make a decision (in life or business), I retreat. I regain my solitude, quiet my mind, and listen to my gut intuition. It almost always answers. Read more>>

Andrew Fontenot | Photographer

I feel risk are life defining with our lives and careers. So many opportunities are presented but never taken due to the risk of failure. Life is truly a testament to Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” With that being said we shouldn’t run or try to avoid the risk of failure but merely plan for it and create alternate endings for ourselves and take control over our success. Truly plan and think with intent on the path you are wanting to take. Because the pay of is the journey and not the finish line. Read more>>

Jaylen Higgins AKA ‘JaeVii’ | Producer

I think about risk as being a learning lesson that can’t wait to be experienced, whether good or bad. Taking a risk is seeing an opportunity that’s up for grabs. You have go for it! Taking a risk can catapult you to another level you didn’t think was possible. The amazing thing about taking a leap of faith is it puts you directly in the hands of unpredictability and the feeling of not being comfortable. That’s a good thing! I believe you grow the most in times of unfamiliarity. It forces your brain to adapt and rewire itself to accommodate or get you past the situation you’re in. Take that step! You’ll thank yourself later. Read more>>

Juan Alanis | Entrepreneur & Chief Content Officer

Risk has always been a presence in my life. It took me a long time to understand that some risk is inevitable, born out of necessity, like the choices our family had to make to get by as we were growing up. While other risks are necessary, and to some degree planned. For instance, the choices we have made to propel our businesses forward. We were taking a leap of faith in many instances, but we were not doing so blindly. The more experience we gained, the more prepared we were for the next risky situation. I think when you know what it is to do without you are not as afraid to return to that place even if you have been removed from it for some time. You don’t want to go there, but if you do, you are not afraid of being able to figure things out again. Or I guess to start from scratch all over again. Read more>>

Marie Oberkirsch | Non-profit Administrator

Measured risk taking has kept me engaged in my work and active in achieving a desired outcome. Seeking support and advice also brings perspective and keeps the risk in check. Read more>>

Tohan Omorodion | Entrepreneur & CEO POPPA LLC

My thoughts about taking risk is pretty simple. I say risk is inevitable in success. Taking risks in my career and life has created the best opportunities for me thus far. Think about it, If you lay all cards in a deck of cards flat face down on the table, you just never know what’s on the other side of a card until you flip it and that is the right and that is taking risk. Uncertainty in the business world creates opportunities. With knowledge, you can take risks with a higher probability for a better outcome. That is what experience has taught me. Read more>>

Paris Lewis | CEO Of Hookah Catering Business

I honestly Love taking a good risk! Risk need to be taken to see how far you can go. If you lived life or ran your business on the safe side I just Don’t see you growing much. Think of risk as “faith”.. if you take this risk or leap of faith .. what will happen. You’ll never know until you do it!. Read more>>

Natalie Love | Comedian/Social Media Influencer

I consider risks to be leaps of faith, not worring about whats coming. Knowing losses and failures are a possibility but because the vision of where you want to be is all you see makes those risks worth while. Read more>>

Brandi Hodge | Licensed Cosmetologist

Entrepreneurship is all about risk taking. Risk taking involves thinking outside of the box, trusting yourself, and going for it. If we are scared of taking risks, then we become scared of success Of course I must be realistic and admit that taking risks is a very scary thing. Leaving JCPENNEY salon to work for myself was the first big risk I took. JCPENNEY salon was a very secure environment; promised check every 2 weeks, store clientele, etc,. But with the salon being commission based, I couldn’t receive the compensation I felt I deserved. With that, I had to make the decision to continue to be comfortable or take a risk and work for myself. As I Christian, I placed all my trust is God that he would protect and lead me through this journey; He hasn’t failed me yet! Everyday of entrepreneurship is about thinking of what will make you stand out from the next person. If you don’t take risks, you won’t have the chance to find your “thing” that highlights you as one of a kind. Read more>>

Shonae Morgan | Entrepreneur & Model

The late and great humanitarian, Nipsey Hussle, once stated in other words “don’t live basic, take risk”. Life is a gamble but don’t be scared to go after what you desire! So I look at risk as milestones I need to complete as I go farther into my business. The role that risk play in my life/career is based around my whole brand of being Ambitious. To be Ambitious or have Ambitious means to take risk & make sacrifices. Read more>>

Joelisse Galarza | School Social Worker & Therapist

I think about risk as flipping a coin: its either heads or tails. Life is like a coin, you never know what you are going to get but you are hopeful for the side you want to choose. I always reflect on risk as something that can go well and if it doesn’t, I ask myself, “how can you navigate through this? Was what you originally wanted going to bring you growth?” Within the course of my career, I have taken many risks. I originally was set on teaching 5th-6th grade, adamant about going in the classroom and executing lessons. As time passed, I realized my heart served a different purpose than planned. I packed my bags and moved to New York to study Social Work in some of the toughest neighborhoods of New York City, the South Bronx and Washington Heights. I knew my purpose was greater than what I had originally planned for myself, I was determined to figure it out. I decided to take the risk because if all else fails, I would’ve navigated a different way to the end goal. Read more>>