Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Aaron Dvorak | REALTOR

After graduating from business school I had no intention of ever starting my own business. I went to work for the State of Texas and after my family being relocated to Houston I began to think about what I wanted to do next. I have always wanted to get into real estate and having an emphasis on helping people was the trigger that led me to being a REALTOR. Looking into what it takes to be successful, it is definitely starting my own business. I enjoy the freedom of scheduling and time I have to prioritize what is important- spending time with my children, family, and helping as many people buy and sell their homes as I can. Read more>>

Mia Suzanne Walker | Suzanne’s Band

I initially was just a songwriter looking at selling my songs. When I looked into the process and ownership modules of what that entailed, it was a better idea to make it a business especially since I wanted to play/sing them myself and not just hand them off to someone else to interpret. Read more>>

LaKeshia Williams | Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN APRN

You would think that since there’s a pandemic there would be many places hiring in the medical field. However, so many nurses are going back to school to be a Nurse Practitioner because being a bedside nurse is a lot of hard work. So, many states are over saturated with Nurse Practitioner. That being said, after I got laid off in December 2020 and couldn’t find employment that was willing to pay a decent salary, I prayed and asked God to show me a sign. Read more>>

Jessica Lemmons | Copywriter and market researcher

I had been writing marketing copy at my job for free without realizing it. I was a dance teacher who was barely making ends meet at home, and realized that I could have been getting paid for what I’d been asked to do as a part of my teaching duties. I am also a mom, and I needed to have the freedom to be able to be home with my children when they needed me. Teaching dance classes didn’t allow for that, so I decided it was time to begin building my own copywriting business. So I began slowly taking on clients, and taking steps towards working for myself! Read more>>

Josh Wilson | Commercial Photographer

Honestly it was a combination of ignorance, fear, and burnout haha. I was ignorant about how hard it would be to start my own brand, I was fearful about not knowing what to do next in life regarding a career, and I was very burnt out from my previous job. Read more>>

Minson | Founder CEO

My entire family on my father’s side has been in the food industry since they were in Vietnam (before I was born). My brother and I grew up in their restaurants in Houston, TX (Banh Mi Ba Le, Feng Ling, Tan Do, and a few others). The opportunity presented itself one day and I jumped right in without any hesitation. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit (since elementary school selling candy, snacks, pencils, Pogs (Milk Caps), CDs/DVDs to other students), passion for food and drinks, an the ability to partially have control one’s own destiny. Read more>>

Sonia Singh MD | Primary Care Physician

I had my first baby right around the start of the pandemic. When I returned to work after my maternity leave, I saw everything through a new lens. I realized how challenging it was to be a mother, let alone a working mother or one dealing with a medical issue of her own. I finally appreciated what a Herculean effort it is to even see a doctor as a new mom. I thought about how little time I actually got to spend with my patients after they planned their entire day around the visit. Read more>>

Blk Shaggy | Artist/Theorist

It really was a trial and error kind of thing, I knew I always wanted to be an artist But it wasn’t so easy. So I kept revising my marketing technique limited on funds but not ideas. At first I thought I knew it all but I realized there’s much more of a strategic aspect to the business Which wasn’t understood. So it was frustrating but exciting to see at the same time Read more>>

Sabrina Jean Baptiste | Licensed mental health counselor and entrepreneur

I wanted to create the opportunity of creating a brand that relates to mental wellness and self care. With the chaos that was happening around the world in 2020, I felt the need to create a path in helping people navigate thru the chaos. As a therapist, I preach self care and positive coping skills to my clients on a weekly basis. One of the most common and effective coping mechanisms that I work on with my clients is journaling. I love create art work as my own personal coping skills and thru some brainstorming and motivation from my family, friends and my own therapist I decided to create personalized journals. Read more>>

Kristian Cardona | Salon Owner & Stylist

I wanted more freedom to be a creative artist and to have more control over both my experience and my clients. It was important to me to create a safe space for my clients that felt like luxury but also comfortable enough to feel like home. I love being able to provide an array of services that fit multiple needs and having a salon suite was the perfect option. Read more>>

Vanessa Mala | Vintage Shop Owner & Pilates Instructor

In 2009 when I was introduced to Etsy, I thought to myself, maybe I could just do this ETSY business as part time thing and see how it goes. It went well for the first few months, but then I wanted to dive in all the way, so I could be my own boss. In 2010 that happened.I was tired of sitting behind a desk working for someone else. I wanted to do something I loved, something that was fun and making a difference in the World. Read more>>

Jen Rosso | Home Baker

Honestly it was a whole lot of encouragement from family and close friends. I have always loved to bake, it’s therapeutic for me. But I kind of thought my friends and family were just being nice when they said they liked it. A friend suggested I make several cookies and post it on my Instagram, so one day I finally did. I was overwhelmed by the response. That’s when I decided to take the leap. Without the support of the people around me, it would have never happened. Read more>>

LaJont’e Kirkendoll | Licensed Life Insurance agent, Credit Repair Specialist, Business Branding

Wow, amazingly support was my biggest thought. I knew what I wanted to do, I knew the goals I wanted for myself and my business. My thing at that time was “will people support me?” And that was a big thing for me for a very long time. I had to learn support isn’t about who we expect to support us, but who does support us. Over the years I found my target audience. Read more>>

Samira Holland | Brazilian wax specialist

At first I didn’t have a plan. I was comfortable at my last job working for a big chain. Once I left I knew I could go back to working for someone else who was brave enough to follow their dreams or I could start to follow mine. I opened 3 weeks later. Read more>>

James Lewis | Aesthetician & Nutrition Coach

My thought process initially, was just to be a great Aesthetician. As time in school passed, I changed my thoughts on what I wanted for myself, but also for my business. For my business, I needed it to be catchy, brand specific, and also notable. Category Skin Aesthetics was born. Still at the beginning phase of coming up with branding ideas, my market, and later developments with the Category Skin Aesthetics, I had an aha moment in class. Read more>>

Sonia Parker | Astrologer & Manifestation Coach

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit, so having a business is not new to me. I owned a very successful salon business some years back. My latest business venture came from turning a hobby into a business, at a time when I felt it was most needed. I have a fulltime job which I love as well, however my businesses have always given me the outlet I needed to express my creative side. My business was born during the pandemic, I felt everyone including myself, was needing answers and searching for their purpose. I knew my Spiritual business was the resource that could help others find their direction Read more>>

Bryan Duran | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

That’s a great question.. I think the first thing that comes to mind when starting your own business, is fear. Fear of failing. During my basketball days in high school, I learned that failure is part of success. I was raised by my mom, divorced, and running her own hair salon business. I fell in love with the opportunity to have something of your own & be able to make money when your not physically there. We are have what it takes to be entrepreneurs & business owners. Read more>>

LaCresha Banks | Owner & Hairstylist

Well, I envisioned my life as a stylist at the age of 16 and what it was supposed to be for me, but I didn’t embrace it right away. As an adult, the money I was making with the hours I put in and the work that had to be done didn’t match the pay. There was a need for me to create opportunities for growth, I needed to not feel like a “cap” was placed on me and my abilities. I didn’t go to beauty school with the mindset of working for someone else for the rest of my life. I wanted to be able to be creative in my own way, set my own rules, so I knew I had to stop running. Read more>>

Kimberly Davis | Professional Makeup Artist-Beauty/SFX

I love doing beauty and sfx makeup. I started my business/my career because I wanted to continue to do this. Money was never a issue for me I just wanted to spend my time doing what I love and continue to grow at it. Read more>>

Maria Anderson | Founder – Anderson Wellness LLC DBA Elevation Massage & Bodywork

Wanting my own business has been the driving force of my career, since I became a massage therapist in 2009. I had always dreamed of a wellness center, and every year I am closer to that goal, I started small, but I keep on striving, climbing and achieving! Like most people, I spent years working for others, and having a boss (frankly I didn’t care much for that!) I observed how businesses were run, how people did things, hands on approaches hands off approaches, you name it! I always thought to myself, ‘I like that, but I would do it like this…’ or ‘I can do that better!’ So I took the leap! Read more>>

Erin Steib-Griffin, DDS | Dentist & Co-Owner of Universal Smiles

I worked in corporate dentistry for years before starting my own dental practice. The experience and training I received from there is invaluable, but it made me realize that I desired to practice dentistry on my own terms. I wanted to treat my patients to the best of my ability in a relaxed, fun, and caring environment. I wanted to change the narrative of a dental experience from being frightful and painful to happy, relaxed, and pain free. Read more>>

Lehmoneisha Johnson | Boutique Owner

Honestly, I Quit My Job Making 20+ An Hour Because The Environment Was So Stressful. I Told Myself, If I Can Dedicate 14 Hours A Day/6 Days A Week To A Job Thats Stressful & Doesn’t Make Me Happy, Why Not Start My Own Business? Work For Myself. Make Myself Rich, Not An Ungrateful Company. Why Not? The Only Thought I Really Put Into It Was, “YOU CAN DO IT” & I Took It From There. I Initially Thought It Was Be Quick Flips, Easy Fast Money But Boy Was I Wrong. Read more>>

Alan Lopez | True crime and oddities collector

I was at the end of my twenties feeling burnt out from working dead-end jobs through my 20s. I needed something new something that allowed me to live the life I wanted. Read more>>

Carmalita Ruffin | Owner & Co-Founder of Live Like You Give A Fit

My brother and I started Live Like You Give a Fit when we noticed the absence of genuine care for client health when it comes to fitness. Health and Wellness is a fad term these days, and you have trainers and coaches alike who are truly taking advantage of the clients by ignoring end to end solutioning when it comes to their fitness/wellness goals. Diet and exercise are critical pieces, but they are not the only ones. Read more>>

Alex Arzú | Creator Artist

I felt like my back was against the wall. I had a long history of being held back by the education system and the same in my corporate experiences. A lot of people think, “I was following my dreams”. The reality I was acting out of fear. I was in fear that no matter how hard I worked or even if I was talented, the economy could tank and I could be out of a job or maybe my employer wouldn’t allow me to move up because of xyz. So I trusted the work I put into myself. Read more>>

Chris Asumnu | Entrepreneur & Music Artist/Songwriter

Music has been my passion since I was a young kid growing up in the southwest Houston neighborhood of Alief. During my early years in elementary school, while riding with my big brother Stan he was listening to a freestyle tape created by Houston Rap legend DJ Screw. I immediately liked the style and how the artists just let it flow. I went home, started practicing and went to school rapping with my friends. I fell in love and never stopped rapping since. Read more>>

Nicole Jackson | Cosmetologist & Salon Owner

My thought process behind starting my own business began with the thought of wanting to be more independent so that I would have more time with my children. After I started my own business it became much more than that. Not only was I spending more time with my children, I began to touch the life of others and that became an additional fulfillment and motive to keep my business going. Read more>>

Terence James | Personal Chef

My thought behind Chef TerenceJ, was to provide a luxurious and convenient culinary experience in the comfort of my clients homes. To cut out the repetitive restaurant reservations and to bring the upscale restaurant and customer service to the client. Read more>>

Juanell Core | Portrait and Editorial Photographer

I’ve always been a Boss, Supervisor or Manager and very creative too. Since I was 18 and after working in the corporate world for over 15 years and suddenly being laid off it was the perfect opportunity to take a chance in this Entrepreneur world. I knew from a young age that I never wanted to work a normal 9-5 job and I never have. I’ve worked for large corporations but every title I held has been in a creative field. Read more>>

Soulshine Clothing | Clothing

Angie fanelli and Carmen cholopisa’s friendship was sparked by cute shirts and good vibes. At a yoga class in 2016, Angie saw Carmen’s “be happy” shirt from across the room and gleefully told her how much she loved it. Carmen returned the compliment. The two have been inseparable even since. Read more>>

Joe and Jeff | Co-founders of Spicy Creative

Spicy Creative was concepted with the purpose of creating a marketing agency that is personable and fun. The idea came when we (Joe Babcock, co-founder and creative director, and Jeff Heras, co-founder and marketing director) decided to combine our skills to create content that focused on fine artists and their creative process. By creating short documentaries and content for artists, we realized the need to provide marketing services that support the careers of artists. When we sat down to think about names for our marketing business, the first thing we said was, ‘Nothing bland. Read more>>

Anel Abdulovic | Owner

The fear within myself, the fears of what if. I had a nice plan, a unique product, the finances but the inner fear was what kept me from taking that next step. Read more>>

Junnajet Hurapan | Executive Chef

We would like to bring the deep-rooted, refined traditional of Thailand’s culinary arts to the plate, including fresh herbs with health enhancing properties, promoting the uniqueness of Thai culture, a part of the cultural detective, conveying stories through our dishes. allowing Americans to be able to truly absorb the Thainess and proclaimed to the whole world. Read more>>

Kena Golston | Balloon Designers & Event Planner

It’s really Simple I wanted to give people Joy! I fill like God had pleased his Joy on the inside of me and this is something I need to share with the world! Seeing your client’s heart filled with Joy, Happiness, and Excitement is Everything! So so strive to Kreate something that gives the client joy. Read more>>

Reggie Davis | Investment Coach & Event Curator

The original plan behind starting an entertainment company with my partner Dre was to give our peers the opportunity to have a social setting to network and still enjoy themselves while pushing their brands forward. Often times we see so many of our peers struggle to maintain their business because we don’t fully support them. Overtime I realized that beyond having consistent support, a lot of us lack the proper resources to financial literacy. Read more>>

Felton. Jessica Hunt Obaseki | Co Founders & Designer

Felton and I have always wanted to start our own fashion line for as long as we could remember. We knew we had our own take and ideas about how women and men should dress. We both knew that the fashion industry is a tough one to be in so our thought process was to network, be proactive in our market research, and take it one step at a time. Read more>>

Carly LeDay | Owner

When i was ten years ago and my cousins, Bailee was eight years old we made their first product. It was a simple “potion”, which was just a fancy name for “a mixture of all the liquid soap in the house we could get our hands on.” A couple of years later, that same duo created a whole business plan for a restaurant. It included every detail you would need to build, run, and advertise a restaurant, at least it included every detail a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old could think of.  Read more>>