Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kevin Fuentes | Digital Marketing & Designs

I started in August of 2020 as I was in college for computer science. It sounds crazy to start during the pandemic, but like many other people, I believe it shook them up to start something new. It was the main reason why I started G2Nine Branding when I realized how important the internet was and getting noticed is if you want your business to survive. Read more>>

Jennifer Dawn Gabiola | Branding Expert For Quiet & Fierce Introverts, Empaths and Highly Sensitive Leaders

How does your business help the community or the world? My business helps the world by empowering quiet and sensitive souls to become undeniable impactful leaders. In a world with so much division and disconnection, we need more examples of leadership that embody deep empathy, sensitivity and emotional intelligence in order to create more unity and authentic human connections. Introverts, empaths and highly sensitive souls are blessed with these natural strengths. I love helping my clients unapologetically express their true essence through their magnetic brand presence and sacred style in order to make their greatest impact with their business. Read more>>

Tianne Sims | Designer & Entrepreneur

I never really knew how or where to start when I decided to start my business. My first instinct was “I have to start somewhere.”, and I’ll never regret it. I started when I was 19 so I was very young and had so much to learn and figure out about having a business of my own. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made! Read more>>

Nikkie Stutts | Ceramicist

Starting my own ceramics business has been a “long shot” dream of mine since starting to work with clay 9 years ago. I learned how to do ceramics in college, I took a hand building class and was honestly garbage at it (like most people are when they first start out) but I LOVED it. I could not get enough and soon I had fully immersed myself into the ceramics program. Upon completing my degree I felt lost, I wasn’t sure what to do with my art degree and didn’t have anywhere near enough experience to start my own business. I worked a few retail jobs over the years but it wasn’t until I got a job at a Ceramics retailer that I felt like I finally figured it out. That is what I wanted, not quite as large of a scale but a business that I could sustain myself from and do what I love. Read more>>

Karen Lindsey | Breast Cancer Survivor, CEO and Founder of NERAK Natural Essence

In 2003, I was diagnosed with Stage III, Her2 positive breast cancer, and received radiation therapy for six weeks in which I was recommended 4 types of topical creams to help with radiation burns, and irritation, but unfortunately, I received no relief. So, I started researching and experimenting with natural ingredients and produce a topical lotion, which didn’t extract chemicals, and immediately produced results in the healing of my skin and discoloration. After having much such success, I began sharing with family, and friends with the same condition and with other forms of irritated skin such as eczema and received amazing feedback and results. Read more>>

CJ Thorp | Birth Doula and Midwifery Student

I’ve been almost obsessed with all things midwifery and childbirth since I was 14 and am familiar with the emotional and spiritual sides of childbirth that can often be neglected by hospitals. I wanted to take care of women during this important time in their life, so I became a doula. Doulas entirely focus on the woman’s emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. People often say “healthy mom, healthy baby” is all that matters. But a woman’s experience during birth can greatly impact her self-esteem and ideas about parenthood. Read more>>

Jaquanda McNealy | Hair Braider

My thought process behind starting my business was just about me, a child growing up in the projects wanting more for myself and my family. I just knew that I had to be one of the ones to accomplish every goal I set and to walk in my means. I always wanted to be a hair stylist growing up. In middle school I started getting my hands wet, doing my friends and myself hair any chance I got. I knew what career i wanted to pursue in, I knew that I needed to utilize the talent that God has given me. Read more>>

Sarah Allison | Author & Publisher

I started my own publishing company to maintain creative freedom over my work. There are many paths to becoming a published author, but for me, maintaining creative freedom over the characters and illustrations in my books was immensely important. The characters and stories are deeply personal to me, and I wasn’t willing to risk having them changed just to have my stories published. Now that I have my own publishing company I am able to hire editors, illustrators, and designers that make the most sense for each individual project. Read more>>

Mr. Nakeeya ‘Frydae’ Hicks | CEO – Producer – Engineer – Artist

I knew that it was going to be challenging but at the same time exciting because of the passion that I’ve always had to create music. In the early 2000’s when the music industry was much more difficult to dive into I knew that breaking my own new sound using outside producers and engineers would be tough, so I decided to launch my own record label Champ Records Music Production. I knew that even though I would have to put in more work to get things done but with me being in control I would be able to bring my visions to life as I hear them and see them. That alone was my motivation to start my own business. Read more>>

Raddix (Josh Martin) | Artist/Singer songwriter/Producer

I started my music career as Raddix because I wanted to bring a new original sound to the world. Music has always been something I felt could be shared to bring people closer together, make someone feel better in their time of darkness or even help reflect on ones own personal life and circumstances. Read more>>

Eric CJ Cross | Fashion Model turned Entrepreneur

From working in the corporate world and trying my hardest to climb the ladder of what I thought was success, it really came down to wanting better for myself. I started to become mentally and physically drained from pouring my energy into someone else’s company while not receiving any praise or forms of appreciation. I figured that if i took all the hard work that I dedicated to such companies and scaled that to my own brand, I would become a force in any industry. I’ve always been super organized, very creative, as well as really detailed oriented. Read more>>

LaKisha Sanders | Boss, Pastor, HR Leader, Peace & Purpose Pusher

Starting Sereniti Life actually started from a conversation that I had with my mother. I wanted to really create something where I can contribute to society, help people heal, find peace, and push them into their destiny . During that time of my life, I experienced so many people who were hurting and needed something new and a book was the route I was really going at first. That conversation was the last one I had with my mother- 2 days later my mother passed away. I credit that last conversation with my mother for the reason that Sereniti Life was started. Her death pushed me to want to get some peace and some healing for myself, the very same way I want it for others. Read more>>

Reginald Barefield II | Designer & Entrepreneur

I’ve always been drawn to alternative and Japanese street fashion. When I was a teenager, I was very bold and different with my style than the other kids at school. I was very into internet fashion trends and trends happening in Japan—which lead me to creating my online clothing brand. We offer a collective of fun styles that are unique to anyone who is interested in the aesthetics we provide. Read more>>

Susan Rangel-Medina | Woodworker/Artist

I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I didn’t exactly know what I would do or how I would do it, but I knew working for someone was not my “thing”. When I became pregnant with my youngest, my husband and I decided that if I wanted to pursue a different career path that would allow me to be more available to my kids, to go for it. I remember making a small, simple mug holder all on my own and texted him how proud of myself I was for not only building it, but also not chopping a finger off with the miter saw! That was all it took for me to fall in love with woodworking. Starting my own business would give me more opportunities to spend time with my kids, but also allow me to learn so much about what I am capable of. Read more>>

Amanda Materre | Apothecary | Educator | Author | Mentor

In September 2016, I found myself undergoing pre-cancerous treatments for Cervical Cancer which left me feeling like medicine failed me. After being diagnosed with PCOS at a young age, I relied on birth control to help regulate my hormones, only to find out it made things worse. From that day on, I started switching to a more holistic lifestyle. It was at that moment that my mom named me Apothecary Annie. Fast forward to 2018, I’ve always struggled with sensitive skin, and, as a pharmacy technician, Read more>>

Alyssia Jones | Career Counselor, Resume Writer, Brand & Marketing Strategist,

Before starting my own business, I was already working with close friends and family members on writing their resumes. I was already going back and forth about turning it into a business. Especially, after having my daughter and starting my career full-time in higher education I was really reluctant to even be an entrepreneur in the first place. Read more>>

Serotonin | Artist. Designer. Musician.

I always had the intention of unifying separate cultures. I wanted my brand UNIVERDGE to encapsulate that pulse within the Houston and surrounding communities , EVERYONE has a place in UNIVERDGE, its from the source for the people to embellish in and spread. Read more>>

Ashlee Cantu | CEO of Goal Digger Financial Services & Realtor

As a Realtor, I have come across so many individuals and families that are ready to become homeowners but are held back by bad credit. It’s heartbreaking telling someone that they are denied and will have to find a way to increase their score. After intense research and training, I decided I wanted to be that resource for my clients to ensure quick and great results. I started this company with the hopes to help as many people I can increase their credit in order to achieve homeownership and reach any other financial goals. -Ashlee Cantu, CEO Read more>>

Alicia Castro | Email & Sales Page Word-Wielding Warrior for 6-Figure Life, Mindset & Manifestation Coaches, Female Course Creators & Membership Founders

Never keep all your eggs in one basket. In my early 20’s, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the physical location of my job, putting me out of work for a few months as they rebuilt. It was then that I realized I could never again let someone be in control of my destiny. For years, I knew I wanted to start my own business, but didn’t know what it could be. Read more>>

Lashona Caraway Swan | Lashona The Coach

When I decided to do T-Shirts and party decorating, it was my son’s 1st birthday and at the last min, I decided we should celebrate. I reach out to a couple of small businesses and they were either unavailable or couldn’t produce the vision for what I wanted. After some research on YouTube, I decided to try to do things for myself. I researched how to make the cheapest and easiest shirts in a short amount of time. In doing that I discovered decorating and crafting. Since I was a young girl crafting has always been something I have done from sewing my mom scrubs for work when I was 13 to making tutu skirts for little girls during Valentines, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Read more>>

Kayden, Karyie, and Kahvey Bianca Swanigan | Owners Mommy of 3KAA

I have 3 children and they all suffer from eczema. Any lotion or moisturizer I used would either spark a flare up or wouldn’t have enough moisture to last them through the day. I started doing research on all natural remedies for moisturizing the skin and hair. One day my oldest son Kayden was watching tv and said I want to meet Ryan and have my products in stores like him. That conversation was the beginning of 3KAA. Read more>>

Kristi Jeu | Mortgage Loan Originator

I have always been an independent person and thinker. So starting my own business was a easy decision for me. My thought process was I wanted to avoid being limited. I thought the sky is the limit with my own business. I would have the freedom and ability to determine my future. But with that freedom comes a lot of responsibility and hard work. I felt the risk was more than worth the reward. Read more>>