Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Laurie Perez | Houston Commercial Photographer

The most important factor behind our brand is consistency. Our clients come back for the same quality and care we provide time after time. If they love a lighting pattern or photo edit, we have to be sure to provide the same consistency on each job which means really knowing our lighting and camera. Knowing our craft is what keeps their brands looking consistent. Read more>>

Greg Hamill | Headshot Photographer & Content Creator

The most important factor in the success of Greg Hamill Photography is that I have a customer needs focus. The most important part of my headshot sessions is the pre-session consultation, where I learn about the client/customers specific needs, as well as, all their aspirations, style preferences, and their perceived shortcomings. About 50% of my clients claim that they are not photogenic and I want to know why they perceive that. If I am able to get clients to open up to me, it makes my job much easier to deliver images that they are 100% confident in when posting online. Although not everybody feels comfortable sharing personal information or giving feedback, so it’s my job to make them feel comfortable enough to open up. I have designed my studio and sessions to put the client at ease and make the overall experience a positive one. Read more>>

Jordan Bunch | Filmmaker & Photographer

Building a team has been the most important factor in the success of all my brands. I knew early on that I wanted to build a team of shooters from the ground up. I hand selected and trained each member of my team. In addition to filmmakers and photographers, I have an amazing Studio Manager and Lead Editor that have been invaluable in helping my brands grow and evolve. Over the years, we’ve become like a family and it has been very rewarding to watch each individual learn, grow, and thrive in our creative field. Read more>>

Sam Stilley | CEO

We have ingrained into our business and company culture from the very beginning to strive towards providing all homeowners in the greater Houston area with quality roofs and a wonderful experience they can look back on with a smile. We specialize in empowering homeowners to make value-based decisions for their roofing projects. We ensure that all clients are educated and provided with an exceptional in-home experience that they are equipped with the proper tools and resources to make an educated and confident decision for their roof replacement. We attribute this to our core value structure and company culture. We are constantly striving towards growth, not just as a company, but as individuals. Our goal is to always provide exemplary service, never compromise integrity, and always provide a top-quality product that exceeds all expectations. Read more>>

Victoria Simo | Owner & Instructor

The most important factor behind our success is making it personal. Our clients are the stars! We’re definitely not your typical studio. Our community is fun, supportive and offers all the positive vibes. It’s at our very core to welcome everyone with open arms. Our team is deeply passionate about making our studio everyone’s happy place. When you love something dearly, you share it with your friends. We have built our clientele through word of mouth. Read more>>

Sara Triana | Poet, Picture Book Author & Podcaster

Although my audience or network may seem small to some, it is solid. My readers trust that I speak truthfully about both hope and pain. Authenticity is why even people who disagree with me trust me. When I say what is hard or what is wonderful about my experience of motherhood or about existing in our polarized modern society, that truth resonates with people even if their experience of the world is completely different. Read more>>

Brian Miller

I think part of our success at MGA is that we let talent speak for itself and we give everyone on the team the opportunity to thrive at their level. Most accounting firms have very structured hierarchy where you work for a few years then you are a senior, then you work for a few more and get promoted to supervisor, a few more to manager, etc. At MGA we really let people move at their own pace. Some of our team members rise through the ranks very quickly not on a predetermined time frame but on their ability. Some get to a particular level of attainment and find that is where they are happy so we let them stay there and be productive and happy. I think is very enticing for our team, they find that we advance based on ability and not by time served. I also think the success of our brand lies in our personalities. Read more>>

Matthew Pak | Owner & Operator

The most important factor behind the success of The Burger Joint is consistency in our product and service and continually progressing and building a team that understands our companies expectations and importance of this consistency. Read more>>

Marvin Pierre | Executive Director & Youth Advocate

The biggest factor behind my success has been grounding everything that I do in purpose and passion. The success of our brand has grown mainly because of the passion and love that we have for serving our most vulnerable young adults in the city of Houston. Read more>>

Tammie McKenzie | Overcomer, Encourager & PEO Broker

I believe one of the most impactful factors behind my success is my moxie. I was told at an early age, I had a street-smart kind of spirit. You know, that intangible thing that you don’t learn in school and can’t get from reading a book. I have always been a dreamer and believe anything is possible. When I started my company, I simply combined moxie, the ability to overcome, and the dream of working for myself into my reality. Read more>>

Petrene Soames | World Class Psychic Healer Medium Therapist Teacher & Self Help Author

I am exceptionally good at what i do and i understand a great deal of what i do i put a lot of time into figuring out and healing myself before i worked with others. I have a passion for life i really care about my clients i am genuine and care about my clients about people i want them to do well be well and be happy i believe they sense those things about me. There are few people who work with as many different aspects of the field that i do. Because i have around thirty years experience i am quite well known. Read more>>