Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Josephine Nwaogu | Owner of Desire’J Hair

I love everything hair, ask my friends and family they know. Since I was a little girl, I was always doing my hair. From parting it into sectioned twisties and adding barrettes to now, creating all the units I wear. So when the plan to form my own hair company had me up at odd hours of the night researching, and pausing at random times during the day to jot down some idea that popped in my head, I knew it made sense. I am a serious planner. When curating my business, the big three questions I planned around were “how will I set apart my business from others” “how can I ensure quality is embedded in everything I give” and lastly, “how am I going to pop out with this?”. This led me to source endlessly when choosing my vendor, creating my website from scratch, and co-directing my first video & photoshoot. Read more>>

Alycia Anderson | CEO, Founder of Toxic Love Company, Toxic Love, LLC.

My thought process behind Toxic Love Company was to build a brand to help individuals in different types of toxic situations realize how unhealthy these type of relationships or situations are, and choose a path to move forward with either diminishing, or removing themselves from toxicity. Toxic Love Company offers a variety of clothing and accessory items to assist in educating, achieving self-love, healing, and choosing positivity over toxicity. Read more>>

Bernardo Sarmiento | Endodontist & owner of Sarmiento Microendodontics

The freedom of being independent and manage my Endodontics specialty practice to my own standards. Read more>>

Bryan Smart | The Yard Man

Started my first businesses when I was in high school. It was a legit way for me to make money and be able to buy the things I wanted that my parents would not buy for me. Entrepeneurship/organizational leadership has been a passion of mine since my 14 year old self started those first businesses. While working in politics; I thought that building a to build wealth for myself and future family I could build folks up through employment and careers. Read more>>

Jervon Whitney | Fashion connoisseur & wardrobe stylist.

Hello! My thought process behind starting my own business is basically to share my passion and to teach and show the world that they too can be fly, classy, glamorous, up to date with trends on a budget! This is more than just a business to me. It’s my passion, my gift. Fashion has always been my drive and I have a talent that just flows off of me effortlessly. I love to thrift. And I also love to repurpose and rework my items to fit today’s trends as well. Read more>>

Diamond Wiltz | Kulture Kouture LLC Fedora and Accessories Store Owner

My thought process was strictly going after what I wanted! Stop procrastinating! To be a Entrepreneur and Business owner! I decided it was time to turn dreams into reality! My time has come! Read more>>

Dai Picasso | Beauty Connoisseur

I attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University for undergrad. I enrolled as a Pre-History Education student; I wanted to teach 11th and 12th grade Geography, then go on to be a high school principal. I have a passion for teaching and learning, but it took me a minute to be realize that the classroom is not the only place one can learn. I was a sheltered child.. school, home, and church were basically the only places i went. During my first year of college, my mom supported me financially. That came to an unexpected end about three weeks into my sophomore year; she told me that I would have to find a job. I remember telling her, “Don’t worry about it, I will figure it out.” Finding a job was not as easy as I thought it would be for me. Read more>>

Sonia Santana | Resin Artist

My thought process behind creating The Smoker Babe was to use my art life and mind and morphing it into something more than what you could hang on the wall, unique products that people can use everyday, products that has the entire room talking. This business is not only to show off my creativity inspired by living in Houston, or my passion for smoking accessories, but to promote other houston local businesses and making products for them with their logos and ideas! Read more>>

Marilyn Anguiano | Founder of Unkept Pups – Luxury Pet Groomer, Pet Photographer & Bakery

I’ve always loved photography, animals, grooming and over all holistic health care for animals, so I thought why not form it into a business! I never once saw my work as a job, it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing since a kid. I remember being 12 years old knocking on people’s doors to ask if I could groom their dog. My friends, family and even neighbors would come to me for help if there was a sick dog, rabbit or a squirrel. They knew I would be the one to nurture it back to life! Read more>>

Naketa Young | Entrepreneur

The thought proscess behind starting Broskiiz Watersports was to make sure that our clients have a hands on experience with a watersport rental company. Usually the process is impersonal.. Just step by step on where to rent, how much it cost, and when to drop back off. Broskiiz Watersports create a Vibe on and off the water. Read more>>

Nancy V. Mora | Entrepreneur & Accountant

I started my fitness journey about a year ago, and gave it my all. Thru my journey I found how hard it was to find healthy places to eat and yet feel comfortable. Its hard to sometimes wind down after the gym and sometimes you just need a quick break. I visioned Uno, Dos, Shakes! As a place you can bring your friends, children, or come alone and have options. We make shakes, protein shakes, and milkshakes to cater to the whole family. We also have vegan options for either milkshakes or protein shakes. Are menu is filled with a lot of other fun options also. After COVID I feel everyone has turned and tried to be more healthy because at the end of the day, that’s all we have right now. Read more>>

Deturice Dunbar | Bippy The Clown and Comedienne Dunbeezy “First Lady of Comedy” Radio Personality on KTSU 90.9 Host of the Happy Hour every Friday 1-4pm

My thought process for starting my own business has always been in my mind from a little girl. I just never knew what it would be and through may attempts at many things it wasn’t until I consulted with GOD that I understood what my purpose /Business/Ministry was and is Read more>>

Brandi Tinoco | Event Planner

My dad always told me when I was younger to always strive to be my own boss, but at the time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. As I got older I realized I love helping people, planning things, and making people happy. It wasn’t until I was helping my cousin, Aliyah plan her quinceañera that I realized there are so many people who don’t like to plan anything. There people who would rather pay someone to do everything for them and all they have to do is show up to the event. That is when the light bulb went off and I decided to start my own event planning business! Now I am my own boss and proud owner of Bee Delighted Events. Read more>>

Dee Rideaux | Body Sculpting Specialist

I decided to start my own business, because I was called to reclaim my time and pursue my dreams. About a year ago I suffered with deep depression and I recall asking myself, what did I want for myself, my life, and my career and realized that I wanted to start my business. Once I made up my mind, there was no turning back and I made the moves to make it happen. Starting a business is always a risk, but I decided to look at this journey as an opportunity to do something that I enjoyed and make other people feel good in the process. Read more>>

Karen Diaz-Bizuet | Concept creator / restaurant general manager

Anas, the owner, and I started talking about this fusion about 6 years ago, it started with the realization that our family lives were extremely similar, and that even with all the culinary influences that the Mexican cuisine has embraced, middle eastern ingredients have made their way into in yet the uses were slightly different and that was something that we wanted to highlight. We wanted to bring together the colorfulness and warmness of both cultures in a single place. to make it feel comforting yet new. Read more>>

Edmon de Haro | Graphic designer and illustrator

The decision of starting my own business had more to do with the 2010s economic crisis than anything else. It was around 2012 that I unsuccesfully tried to change my job as graphic designer for a small innovation consultancy to a design studio in Barcelona. These were hard times and I understood that all the places where I left my portfolio were closing or reducing their budget (firing workers). So when I lost my job in 2013 I decided that woking as a freelance designer would be as risky as in any other place but the good point was that I could be more independent. Read more>>

Sherrah Chester | Braider & Loctitian

I wanted to do what I was passionate about. I worked in the corporate world of Human Resources for over 14 years. I was either the “token” or the youngest no matter where I worked and no one took me seriously. I got into the hair industry on accident, but once I got in there was no turning back. It was seeing the smile on my clients face because they had never had a style that was tension free and lightweight. They hadn’t had an experience with anyone like myself. I uplift and build instead of tear down and talk about people. My clients trust me and know that their experience is just that and whatever we discuss stays confident. Read more>>

DeQuindra Rouzan | Founder/Managing Partner/Sr. Beauty Expert

My thought process behind starting my own business centered around providing an elevated experience for women of color. At a young age, color options for women of color was very limited. I would provide beauty services for my close friends and family prior to opening my business. Most people came to me because they didn’t know how to apply the makeup. Most color ranges were either to red, orange, and/or too light leaving a grayish tint which understandably caused most people to hesitate. As an entrepreneur, I identified the problem and presented a solution. Thus Faces of Virtue Beauty Studio was born. Read more>>

Abigail Palmer | Personal Chef & Health Coach

The biggest factor in what I do today is the people that I have worked for over the years. Through the time spent with each of my clients, I’ve learned and grown into the business I have today. What started as cooking for a single family in Austin nearly 10 years ago has evolved into a multi-faceted personal chef business that continues to unfold today. My goal is to meet people where they are in their healing journey and practically serve them through food. That can look like anything from meal delivery to custom menu planning to cooking lessons… and who knows what’s next! Read more>>

Courtney Rearick | Cookier/Baker

I wanted to have a business that I could run at home while raising my children. Read more>>

Shannon Johnson | Professional Organizer

I have always been tidy and particular about space. Even as a child maintaining a certain level of order in my space was secondary to me. At some point the demands of being a mom, working full, life’s busyness overall threw off the natural order I thrive on at home. With an already busy life I was burned out from what felt like an endless cycle of “straighten up” around the house. One day instead of cleaning I decided to get rid of stuff and started organizing. It was a process that took some time, in the end going through my home and being intentional about organization systems brought efficiency to lifestyle , it contributed to building healthier habits/routines at home, it made such a difference. I spent about 2 years researching the market, building a portfolio, and building vision for my brand. Everything started to fall where it needs to be from there. Read more>>

Dami Bisiriyu | CEO and Founder of All Things Wick’d

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was a little girl, I started with making bracelets and duck tape pens. But as I got older I wanted to make a name for myself. I wanted to start a business that was different from what we usually see on social media these days. I prayed to God to give me a unique idea and I just happened to stumble across a candle-making page on tik tok and it just clicked; this is what I want to do. For months I watched youtube videos on how to perfect a candle. I took a leap of faith and trust in God that this is something I should do. Read more>>

Team Picnic ‘n’ Charm | Event Planner

We had the idea during the pandemic. We wanted to be able to create a space for people to get out and safely enjoy the outdoors. The picnic idea came to us after participating in a pop-up picnic and realizing “hey we could totally do this!” and the idea blossomed into Picnic ‘n’ charm from there. Read more>>

Chris S. | Professional Dog Bather

I worked in the veterinary field for over 15 years before deciding to leave to try something different. I went to school to become a Safety Officer and received numerous certifications. However, because I didn’t have 10+ years of experience, it was difficult to find employment. Getting rejection after rejection took its toll on me. One day, at the beginning of 2020, I just sat and thought of the things that I love and do well. This brought me back to my love for dogs. I decided to hire myself and create a business that caters to dog parents. Read more>>

Mary Love | Certified Nurse Midwife & Family Nurse Practitioner

I worked as a hospital based midwife for 8 years before opening Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center. When I initially moved to Houston I worked in a private midwifery practice and would hear clients lament on a regular basis that they would like to give birth at a birth center, but they didn’t want to drive out to the suburbs to do it. Or that they wished there was a better relationship between the community birth setting and the hospital in case there was a need to change locations for the birth. For years I thought, “sheesh, someone should really do this.” I transitioned from that position to a role as a CNM hospitalist. Read more>>

Chuck Ndubaku | Entrepreneur/IT Consultant

As a Philadelphia native, I was accustomed to enjoying the most popular frozen treat, Italian Ice or as most know it to be, water ice. Shortly after relocating to Houston, I realized that water ice was uncommon and Houston’s closest version was referred to as “snow cones”. In reminiscing about the visits to the water ice shops back home and how these shops contributed to my social upbringing in so many ways, a question came to mind, “How can I introduce water ice all while allowing residents of the community to share in similar experiences as I did growing up?” From the mere anticipation of seeing friends after school, during camp, and throughout the summer; to the unspoken bonds gained while waiting in line exchanging flavor combinations, raced through my mind as I thought of my “why”. Read more>>