We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Marla Figueroa | Tumbler Designer

I think for me, it’s how much time, effort, hard work go into each tumbler. The end result is absolutely beautiful, but the process to get to the end is 8/10 a bumpy one. Each tumbler can easily take 5-7 days. The design behind it, prepping the cup, glittering 2-3 times, epoxying the cup to get it smooth, and let’s not talk about the sanding to make it perfectly smooth, then coming the decals, epoxying one more time & cleaning it then packing it up to ship it off! It’s long but so worth it in the end. Read more>>

Amanda “Mandy” Hughes | Author and Creative Advocate

The self-publishing industry is not one that allows a writer to simply write a book and upload it to platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) with the guaranteed result of bestseller status. When considering self-publishing, there are several necessary procedures that are time-consuming and costly. Unlike traditionally published authors, independently published, or self-published “indie” authors, must rely entirely upon themselves and the resources they can curate to assist with these procedures. The process of self-publishing one’s work is long, tedious, expensive, and can often feel unrewarding. Read more>>

Jacqueline Davis | Realtor & Pilates Instructor

A lot of people say, “I want to get my real estate license for fun, just for family and friends, or for summer time, etc….” I’ve heard it all. A lot of people assume real estate is easy, quick money and that because we are self-employed, we can do whatever we want. People also think they can do this seasonally. To be a successful realtor, people need to understand this career requires flexibility and patience. You have to be be willing to work evenings, weekends, and even holidays. Read more>>

Carly Crawford, RID. Co- Owner and Principal Designer, Blue Jay Interiors | Stephanie Jones, Co-Owner

Interior Design as a practice is much more than choosing paint colors and fun pillows. As with any artistic career, talents are recognized and then they are cultivated with education and experience. Interior designers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their clients, while providing beautiful and functional spaces. After finishing a 4 year degree program, licensed Interior Designers must sit for an exam given by the Texas Board of Architectural examiners, this exam consists of 3 parts and takes 2 days to complete. It is important to inform client and the general public of this, so they understand the value that we bring to the table. Hiring a licensed Interior Designer as part of your team will ensure a finished product that is safe, functional and stunning! Read more>>

Daniel Seiler | Owner of Dryer Vent Specialist

The NFPA reports that there’s on average 15,970 home structure fires involving clothes dryers every year? This equates to around $200 million in property loss annually. Read more>>

Kenia Ocampo | Boutique Owner

In the midst of all the chaos, I’ve taken on a lot with my brand, Heartbreaker Society. I think right now with Amazon taking over in all sectors of distribution, a lot of people expect things to arrive the next day and be readily available for very low prices. I think a lot of people forget that as a small business there’s a lot I have to do – from the marketing, to the website, IG, Facebook, customer service, packaging, local deliveries, inventory and so much more! All of this affects my pricing and I take a lot of pride in having GREAT quality pieces that will make you feel like a million bucks! I don’t just order things from China and upload it on on my website. Read more>>

Paty Araujo | Branding Photographer & Host of The Creative Mompreneur Conference

Branding is such a massive key to the success of a business, not just what branding and branding identity represent but also how you represent your company visually whether it is in an image or video. They don’t think the need to invest in a branding session is necessary but it is what will create the most profit in the short-long run. Read more>>

Julio Quirino | Insurance Restoration Expert and Appraiser

One thing people don’t know is since I am in a very small niche that I found it’s always hard to get paid sometimes. Read more>>

Maricel Cephus | Owner & Pastry Chef

French macarons take determination and patience to make. They are one of the most challenging cookies to tackle in the baking world. Everything affects the success of each batch. This includes the environment, oven air flow, timing and ingredients. Vegan macarons are even tougher and that is why they are rare to find. Read more>>

Painted by Rose | Visual Artist

There are many misconceptions about Body Art especially for outsiders. Body Art, aka body painting, is a cultural performance art where the body serves as the canvas. To me, Body Art happens to be the most interesting form of performance art because of its versatility: face painting, photoshoots, art shows, cooking classes, maternity shoots. It is not as intimidating as it seems, nor is it as inappropriate for those who are new to the Art form. Read more>>