We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Jolie Garcia | Wedding and Family Photographer

I started my photography business in December of 2018 as a way to have a creative outlet. I was almost a year deep into grief of losing my brother unexpectedly and I knew I needed an outlet outside of my 9-5 job. What started out as a little side job I did on the weekends just for fun, turned into something so much bigger! It’s now my full time passion and one that I wake up excited about. My decision to pursue photography was one out of fun but now its my way of life and I am so glad I did! Read more>>

Patt Baldino | Fine Artist

My love of art began at an early age. When I was 6 years old I won my first award for a school art project. I continued to draw and color throughout my childhood. This passion led me to an acceptance into the High School of Art and Design in New York City, which offered an amazing art curriculum. Read more>>

Jeana’e Jackson | Journalism student at the University of Houston

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved creative arts. My parents were active in my artistic interests and enrolled me in activities such as piano and ballet, to name a few. My love for creative arts developed at Angleton High School. I was an active member in theater arts and competed in various T.F.A (Texas Forensic Association) tournaments. Having the ability to compete on a national level in speech, debate, and theatre arts was a dream come true for me. This is when my artistic journey came full circle. After I graduated high school, I began to do some soul searching and decided that I wanted to explore more of my artistic abilities. Read more>>

Marley Metcalfe | Painter && Shoe Customizer

It All Began When I Started Out Painting/Drawing At A Very Young Age. I Always Wanted To Be An Artist! Whether it Was Painter , Sculptor , Photographer Or Music. I Was Drawn To Anything That Let Me Have Creative Freedom. Both My Parents Are Artists Themselves So Personally I Felt Like It Was Meant To be. Read more>>

Jessie Leal | Être Jewels Owner

When you’re young, imagination is everything. When we are kids, we are just out there exploring. Each day is a new day to create, learn, be different. When I work for my brand, I don’t feel like working. It’s a thoroughly creative process; you start from zero with an idea in your mind, the HOW you place that idea in the real world is a challenge, and the satisfaction of the result can change you. It’s an expression of bliss itself. Read more>>

Amber Campbell | Cosmetologist

I pursued an artistic or creative career because I felt drawn to do it. I love working with my hands and thinking of different ideas when it comes to doing someone’s hair and what would compliment them! I get a chance to create and that’s what I love doing! Read more>>

Angel Jordan | Freelance Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur

When I was in middle school, I thought about different careers that I could pursue within the fields of Media. My first thought was being a producer for television. I attended McKinley Technology High School to join their STEM program, where media was in the line of digital production. I fell in love with Digital Media every since. While I was at McKinley, I took classes like Web Design, 3D Modeling, Yearbook, and Digital Media courses. I fell in love with Adobe Software and I decided to pursue a creative career in College at Delaware State University. Read more>>

Lauri Guerrero | Cake Artist

I have always been a creative person. With school projects, and in life. Growing up I constantly painted my room different colors. I went to college for business management, because I always knew I wanted to have my own business. Baking came very natural to me. As my grandmother baked grown up. However I never imagined this would be my career. It started as an outlet to pass time after having a brain surgery. After getting out of the ICU I was told to take it easy. So I started to bake cupcakes and would sit and decorate. Read more>>

Erica Bonorden | Photographer & Owner of Erica B. Photography

I have always considered myself to be an artistic person but for a long time, I didn’t really know how to express it. When we think about artists sometimes, we think about the old definitions like painters or sculptures. But now there are so many different ways to create and showcase artistic talent. And I have always known I wanted to be creative. When I was younger I never really thought of photography as a profession, we go to school thinking that a 9-5 desk job is the only way to make money or to have a career. This is what my journey started as, but once I started photographing people and got requests I knew that photography was going to be my artistic path. Read more>>

Ashley Jonique | Culinary Artist & Momapreneur

It was a way for me to express myself whilst making a loving at the same time. I take pride in being able to bring my visions to life. Plus it doesnt feel like work. That part I love the most. Read more>>

Shannan E. Johnson | Script Consultant & Screenwriter

I came out of the womb as a weirdo. An artist. A creative. And I thank my mother for allowing me to be just that. As an 8 year-old, my third grade teacher told me I should be a writer after reading my descriptive paragrah (turned one-pager) about a blade of grass. She could smell that blade of grass wafting from the words on the page. From that moment on, my heart was set on telling stories. Read more>>

Kiana Long | Floral Designer & Owner

Well, I have been a creative person since I was a kid. Whether it was drawing, painting, or making some other craft with my hands. I knew early on I never wanted an office job and that whatever I chose to pursue would revolve around creating something or learning about the arts. I chose to pursue an artistic or creative career because I enjoy seeing a direct outcome of my work, it feels like your hard work is going toward something tangible in the world and that is an amazing feeling. Read more>>

Demetria Johnson | Retired Military, Actress & Model

As a kid growing up in the District of Columbia, I had no mentors to look up too. My mom was in abusive relationships and was an alcoholic to escape my reality at the time, I would immerse myself into acting out things that I would see on television. I fell in love with what I saw on television and I told myself that one day that will be me. I really didn’t get my start until I started to believe in myself which took years to do. So in 2017, I decided to step out on faith and that is when I started to pursue my career in acting. I have been loving it ever since. Read more>>

Nashey Perry | Content Marketing Expert

I’ve always been a creative person. I remember at a young age spending a lot of time writing music and designing album covers for various singing groups that I would put together back in middle school. I had more fun thinking of designs for the airbrushed shirts(ancient trend) than singing in front of people, hence why my music career did not take off. The same fate happened throughout my corporate career. I would be in a fundamental position, then end up spearheading internal marketing communication initiatives. I would get so much fulfillment from the creative assignments that I began freelancing and ultimately starting my own company, Perriellei. Read more>>

Jermesha “BUSY” Striblet-Holmes | Writer & Serial Entrepreneur

Art, in all forms, allow us to say A LOT without sometimes having to “say” anything at all. It introduces us to hundreds and thousands of people before we even get the opportunity to meet face to face. It carries while we’re here and way after we’re long gone. Art and all other creative careers are very giving with the expectation of nothing in return besides interpretation and appreciation. Simple and complex. As a person who considers herself to be so many things: writer, visual artist, musical artists, fashion connoisseur, mentor, dancer, etc… choosing a creative career was very “on brand”. I love bringing things to life from just ideas. Read more>>

Torry Holmes | Model

Honestly being a model is difficult but I love having to prove someone wrong. Others may say you have to be a certain height or weight but I don’t believe in putting myself in a box. I want to expand in every aspect of modeling, and yes there will be some “No’s” but all it takes is for someone to see that confidence and potential in you. Read more>>