A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Fanny Blanc | Illustrator

When I started my activity of illustrator, I used to work about all the time, frequently evenings and week-ends. As I worked at home and my partner so, it was very hard to keep distance between life and work. When things did not work as I wanted, it over effected me. I was very slow in the realization of my pictures, so I needed to work a lot, but as I had long working day, I also used to procrastinate a lot. So I was often loosing a lot of time, and I used to feel guilty to take real breaks, for doing something else I like to do. (And I like to do many things else than drawing!) Read more>>

Fabiola Navarro | Creative & Owner

WOW!! Balance? I think it’s very hard even try to get a balance because be an entrepreneur is like do everything, all the time, but in the same way it’s important keep doing. One way to keep the balance is ” schedule “, “planners”, the most you can… Resting is an important part, you need to give a chance to your mind to create more and to your body to do more. But this is just a one part, because, house, kids and husband demand part of you too. How do i balance this? Well, I had to quit my part -time job, and now, I have more time to organize mi time. Balance is the harder part ever. But not impossible. Read more>>

Austin Zaine Walsh aka Ziggy Zaine | Independent Hip-Hop Artist & Producer

I used to think for me to be productive I had to do every single task every day for both my work life and personal life and I would feel so drained by the end of the week, but over time I learned it’s better for me to schedule certain tasks on certain days so I don’t over work myself. The beginning of my weeks became strictly for personal errands and admin work for my business, the end of my weeks were focused on business projects and personal relationships. Read more>>

Daisy Fontenot | Digital Illustrator and Wedding Choreographer

Balance. Well, it has most definitely changed. I am very much a go getter, and have a go, go, go mindset. I naturally operate like that, but it comes with pros & cons. It can bring in a lot of clientele and a packed calendar when you have that mentality but it can also burn you out. So the first couple of years I learned to create boundaries for myself, and to not “give in” to last minute clients. I had to set a standard for myself, so that there can be a standard for my business. Read more>>

Christelyn Nash | Multidisciplinary Artist

Starting out as an entrepreneur and an artist, work life balance seemed like an imaginary fairy tale to me. However, over time I realized that just like any other skill, it takes years of practice. In the beginning, I would work an 8 hour day job, come home and immediately dive into my business and art with little to no separation between the two. Fast forward to now, I have learned to plan my “art days” in advance. I still work an 8 hour day job, but now I have pre-scheduled days off to focus on my business, my art, and myself. This creates a time for work, a time for play, and time to rest. Read more>>