TV, Movies, and culture sometimes paint a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Kristin Ledet | Houston Office Leader for CannonDesign

What really sets CannonDesign apart is our Living-Centered Design platform. We are committed to designing beautiful, functional buildings and spaces where people can flourish. Our approach is deeply rooted in stakeholder and community engagement, sustainability, data and analytics, research and more to ensure we create resources that can empower people for generations. Just some of our recent work in Texas includes dynamic healthcare spaces like Texas Children’s Legacy Tower and The Woodlands, the University of Texas Medical Branch League City’s expanded patient tower and key education spaces with Texas Christian University and Texas Woman’s University. We’ve also designed breakthrough spaces across the country like Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s Thompson Autism Center, a 2020 Fast Company World Changing Idea. Read more>>

Stephanie Swain | Center Director & Owner

Kumon has a strong brand and many parents inquire about our services because they had a referral from another family that had success with Kumon. The most important factor in my business is delivering results with excellent customer service. When you develop students that are studying 2-3 grade levels higher, the parents, teachers, and peers take notice. Parents trust that we are going to deliver results and help their children achieve their academic goals. When you meet and exceed these goals, you continue to drive the “word of mouth” that fuels the growth of your business. Read more>>

Jeremy Fain | Real Estate Agent

The two things that I attribute the success of my business and my brand are consistency and responsiveness. Just like any other practice whether it’s learning another language or a fitness journey, you must be consistent with whatever it is you’re doing in order to achieve the results you’re after. Real estate is also an industry with a large community so if you’re not available and able to help your clients when they need you they’ll be able to find someone who can pretty quickly. These aspects are quite demanding but they are quite rewarding at the same time. Read more>>

Da’Shaundra Marie Merchant | Day of Coordinating Specialist

I believe the ability to adapt, but also remaining who I am has played a huge role in my personal and professional success. I coordinate events that are original, charming, classic and most of all FUN by creating relationships with my clients. That means taking the time to get to truly know each of them. Their personalities. Their ideas. Their vision. Their wishes. By being a true partner with my clients, I are able to assist in turning their dream events into realities. Read more>>

Lance Miles | Owner and Head Coach

If any business is to be successful there has to be a clear and defined vision. You have to know exactly where you’re wanting to go and the people around you must believe in that vision. Each individual involved has a role, and that role must be done by someone who is a good fit for that job. The most important factor in a business being successful isn’t passion, drive, motivation etc, it’s are people willing to buy what you’re selling. It’s how you deliver the package. Read more>>

Prodbycade | Producer & Songwriter

The most important factor would definitely be my consistency. I make beats every day and I also make sure to send out beats to artist every day. Also having your own sound is very important. You can only get so far trying to sound like someone else. Read more>>

Shon Tillman | Digital Marketing Consultant

The biggest factor has been and always will be our clients. If we don’t assist them in reaching their goals, then we have failed them. Failure is not an option. In the business world, you’re competing every day for recognition in the market place. In order for our clients to get ahead, we have to learn their business like we know our own. When you hire True Digital Marketing, your bringing on a team of experts that are self motivated and eager to push the limits of creativity. You can count on us to be transparent and our marketing strategies are data driven, not money driven. Since we work with such an array of clients from varies industries, we’ve learned that one size doesn’t fit all. Every small business is unique in it’s own way. The majority of our services are ala cart, which helps us to customize a marketing strategy to fit most entrepreneurs and small business owners budgets. Read more>>

Tara & Chelle | Social Community Influencers’

The most important factor behind the success of the Mimosas & Lattes Brand is our personal relationship. We are not only business partners but most importantly, we are best friends and spiritual sisters. Given that, we share some of the same ideologies and beliefs it makes for good karma, in allowing our audience to feel and want to be connected to a brand that believes in themselves and in the ideas of others. Read more>>

Arturo Boada | Chef Owner

The passion and the love for cooking and taking care of the guest. Read more>>

Doug Rucker | Owner

Our customer service. We strive to provide the best customer service in everything we do. From the moment a customer calls, my goal is to make the process as easy on them as possible. Clients are given a choice as to whether they’d like an estimate via our contact or contactless process. We find most clients prefer that when we come by to look at the property they don’t necessarily have to be there. I can look the property over, take pictures, and then email/text the quote. Or I can meet with them in person if they prefer. We also do not require a client to be home when we perform our services, unless they want to be, since everything we do is on the exterior of the property. Payments can be made via check by mail, or online using a credit card. I am also not a pushy sales person type. Read more>>

Lyndi & Jami Munguia & Fisher | Podcast Host of the Over 40 & Faded Podcast

Together our intention is to make people laugh while sharing real stories and being incredibly open. This world is changing and times are definitely crazy right now and we want our listeners to have an outlet where they can disconnect from the news and social media and just laugh at our ridiculousness…and we are pretty ridiculous. Read more>>