Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Dennie Gonzalez | Credit Repair Agent

Just the thought of starting a business was frightening to me. All though i’ve alway liked the idea of working for myself automatically my brain started to throw a million questions at me. Most of them doubting myself and the fear that something could go wrong or that i wouldn’t be good at it. For me, it has been a gradual process. After having my first son, i knew i wanted to stay home and soak in every minute of being a mom. I’ve always been pretty independent, so i wanted to continue to contribute financially to our home. I then thought, “i want to do something where i could make a difference and help people.” Read more>>

Janicia Fortenberry | Chef

The idea to start A Star In The Sky Exclusive Catering came from me always being in the kitchen with my grandmother. I always loved helping my grandmother cook and sometimes I just sat in the kitchen and watched her. Just Being in that kitchen with her made me happy! On April 1,2020 my grandmother passed away due to COVID-19. I was unable to attend her funeral services. During my isolation and grieving, I decided to start my own catering business. I used cooking to transmute stress and channel my creative energy into something good to my soul. Cooking is most definitely a physical form of my love. Food is my love language! Read more>>

Maegan Willmann | Hairstylist, Salon owner

Well, I’ve been working in my area for 7 years. I was at the same salon for the past 6.5 years before opening Lonesome Blonde. I was ready for a change and when I started looking for a new salon to move to I realized the selection around here is very limited. I could either make a lateral move to another typical salon, open a suite, or go big a open a salon like no other in Cypress. In order for me to really take my career to the next level, there was only one option. I figured that if I feel this way, there have to be other stylist looking for something different and special as well. Read more>>

Andrew Brockenbush | Marketing Executive, Podcast Producer, Consultant and Entrepreneur

I’ve been an entrepreneur and business owner for most of my adult life. I always felt the need to go against the grain and try things that put me out of my comfort zone. Starting Beefy Marketing was no different, I left a lucrative career at Apple which was a risky move, but stepping out and starting my own company was the next logical step. I knew that Apple or any other company would always be there but I didn’t want to spend my life questioning the “what-if’s” if I didn’t pursue my dreams. Read more>>

Haley Hustles | Entrepreneur | Body Contouring| Manager | Stylist| Home Organizer | Photographer

Simple I question myself: Do I want to work for a company my whole life? And I’m like Nahhhh I’m good fam! Read more>>

Debbie Slack | Small business owner & mom of two daughters.

I always wanted to own my own retail store, beginning back in high school. Once I got a business degree from college, I was not earning enough to support myself and start a business at the same time. I decided to learn everything I could about the world of retail management and buying from others. I spent many years working for small & large retailers like The Limited Stores, Foley’s, Neiman Marcus & other smaller specialty boutiques. I also learned the wholesale side of the business by working as an account executive servicing some of those same retailers in the Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana markets. Read more>>

Jeff Mills | Custom furniture, home decor and epoxy resin art

I have always known I wanted to work for myself. To be able to control my own hours, schedule, work flow and how the public views my work has always been what I’ve wanted for myself. I’ve wanted to invest my time into doing something I enjoy as well as offer a quality product that I, personally, put love and time into. Read more>>

Wil Scott | Coffee Roaster, Mentor

Starting my own business was a long term goal that I originally set for myself in 2012. Never did I consider what that business would be but I knew I wanted to work for myself one day. My interview at a large coffee chain for Store Manager was the first time I had ever gone inside of one of their stores. I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all, and did not plan to start. The plan was District Manager in 5 years and Business owner in 10 years. Read more>>

Jennifer Gongora | Manager of VK Girl Creations & Proud Mom

The decision to start our own small business actually started as a hobby. My daughter Victoria learned how to knit in high school by her life skills teacher. Victoria was really impressed with the skill of knitting and kept practicing at home. She would take her designs to school and her peers and teachers would ask her for a custom knitted beanie. We turned our formal dining room into a workstation for her and my mom bought her a worktable with several drawers for her knitting supplies. Victoria and myself would talk about ideas we had, what names we had in mind because we did need to identify her knitting work with a name. Read more>>

LaTonia and Gina Fontenot and Becerra | Business Owners

We wanted more leisure time with our family, more flexible work hours and to be able to manage our business with care not only for our customers but for our workers as well. Read more>>

Landon Glenn | Producer

Happiness, before starting our show I thought about what brought me happiness prior to diving into the corporate world, and the answer to that was writing, creating, telling stories through music and script. Read more>>

Trevor Camp | Woodworker

Growing up in the Texas Hill Country and spending all my time outdoors I’ve always felt a strong connection with the natural world around me. From a young age I’ve known that this area is very special and to be able to find something that I’m passionate about and provide a way of life for myself was going to be a challenge, but greatly rewarding. I’ve always been intrigued with the natural beauty of this landscape and knew that several our native hardwood tree species have the potential to produce beautiful furniture or works of art. I started pursuing woodworking as a hobby and quickly went all in and became full time and started creating my small woodworking business. It’s very fulfilling for me to give a fallen down tree a second life and help showcase the beauty of this area I grew up in. Read more>>

Pamela M. Sims | Real estate agent

I worked for a number of retail companies, where I started in entry level positions and ended in management, for about 12 years. Then worked in inside sales for Parker Hannifin, until I got married. I knew when I left that job, due to me being pregnant, that I would never work for ANYONE else. I love the kitchen, I love baking. After hearing a message given by my former pastor, I thought, “Why not start a business doing something I love?” That love for baking turned into a passion to serve, and help people, create some of the sweetest memories. Read more>>

Genaro Garcia Jr | The Man with the Antidote & Wardrobe Facilitator

Menswear has always come natural to me, it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I have always received compliments from family, friends, even from previous clients during my stint at the Men’s Wearhouse. During my time at the Men’s Wearhouse I gained an abundance of valuable knowledge in formal wear, business wear, and casual wear. In addition, I was taught the importance of presentation structure. Above all else, it helped me realized that this was more than a hobby, it was one of my passions. My purpose and thought process behind starting my own business is to continue assisting men facilitate their wardrobe needs, in hopes of my clients to find appreciation for menswear, its importance, and as a confidence booster. All while creating and inspiring well put together outfits for their daily lifestyles/events. As the Man with the Antidote, I take value in acquiring the best-in-class prices while staying up to date on menswear, as a modern gentleman should. Read more>>

Keila Arriola | Life Coach

When I started healing, feeling empowered, my mindset changed. My goals and dreams changed, I had pictured myself just being a housewife, mother until my children were all gone, maybe I would decide what to do. This changed when I notice myself having new dreams and goals, planning on growing in my husband’s business, to starting my own. Read more>>

Miranda Enzor | Owner,

My blog, Spooky Little Halloween, started in 2015 because I couldn’t find the Halloween blog I was looking for. I wanted a space full of party ideas, tips and tricks. Since my professional background is in journalism and marketing, I decided to create the blog I wanted to read. Read more>>

Adil Ahmed | Entrepreneur

It can be a life-altering decision to start a business. There are many factors that go into starting a business. It’s a fast-growing business but it’s not only about the growth and wealth that brings to this business that made me want to start, it was the need for customers that use to smoke cigarettes and were looking for an alternative. The number of people who vape has grown significantly over the years. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, the number of adult vapers will reach around 55 million. I carry a wide variety of Smoke, Vape, Cigars and CBD products at my store. Read more>>

Mariah Smith | Healthcare Worker & Picnic Planner

During the peak of the pandemic, my hours at my full-time job had been shorted. This gave me the push I really needed to find a way to make extra income. I had been wanting to start a business for sometime, but would constantly let doubt set in. I had done lots of research into luxury picnics and being a picnic planner, as it is very popular on the west coast. One night, I stayed up and came up with a business name and made myself a business Instagram account. After that everything moved so quickly! I am officially 4 months into running my own luxury picnic business and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Read more>>

Jeffrey Reich-Hale | Founder, Human Being and Creator of Positive Experiences

I started my consulting business for two reasons. The primary reason is I saw the opportunity to bring my experience to more than just one company. As a very independent person with experience in a multiple of disciplines I knew I had so much to offer. I enjoy helping companies and non-profits find new and creative avenues to grow their success. My secondary reason is I found, especially in the hospitality industry, that micromanagement has consumed and interrupted the ability for the industries talent to bring success to a business in their own unique way that is just as, if not more effective than the robotic form of selling and actions that they want their teams to follow. Read more>>

Kenneth Akiri | Technology Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and departed for the United States at the age of 20, A few years earlier, I was kidnapped and tortured by Nigerian hoodlums when I was 18. A ransom letter and my father’s ability to pay to set me free, caused me to have a life-changing aha moment, that moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, and comprehension. From this moment forward, I had a decided heart. A mindset that would mold and fashion everything I would ever do in my life. “The buck stops here!”, I thought to myself. The buck stops here. Read more>>

Kayla Prier | Licensed Esthetician & Body Contourist

I wanted to make people feel good about themselves. I get a thrill when I can help someone love themselves again. Read more>>

Daniel Torres | Owner and Photographer

We wanted to build a company where we could not only grow but also bless other people. Read more>>