We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Javier Rivera | Music Producer

Being authentic. 100 percent. People will recognize and gravitate towards something that feels real and honest. I just stick to what makes sense to me and put all my focus on making that the best that it could be. Also, making the time into putting in the work as well. A lot of people think that this comes easy. It’s really not. Being successful in my medium takes lots of time and patience. If you can’t handle that then get out of the way. Read more>>

Pat Williams | Drummer/Recording Artist/Band Leader

The most important factor behind my success has been to treat people right! I’ve learned throughout my life and career that people will treat you how you treat them, no matter how popular you get. As a musician and artist, there’s no ‘you’ without friends, family, and fans-do you best to be gracious, honest, and genuine. Definitely my motto! Read more>>

Autumn Conditt | Entrepreneur & Hair Braider

I feel that my brand has become so successful because of who I am as a person. Although some people may not realize it, getting your hair braided is a very intimate experience because you spend hours with your client. I am able to get along with anyone, and I feel that everyone that you meet serves a purpose. I always learn something new or gain a different perspective on things from my clients. I always listen, and allow them to talk about whatever is on their mind. They always come in as a client, and leave as a friend. Read more>>

Jahneiss Groce | Motivational Speaker & Lifestyle Influencer

The most important factor behind my brands success is my determination to try again after a failure. At times, we can allow us trying something and it not working out to deter us from moving forward on our path. It’s easy to mistake a failure or mishap for a sign that something isn’t for you. Instead, i prefer to look at it as I’m new to this journey, i don’t know everything that’s needed to be successful and this is an opportunity to learn. My favorite phrase is “When God is busy, so is the enemy” and I say that to myself when things seem to not be working in my favor or when i begin to feel that i may be in the wrong lane. Read more>>

Ariana Genilla | Photographer & Owner of Ariana Genilla Photography | Co-Founder & Creative Director of The Golden Collective

I think the most important factor to a successful business or brand is to have confidence in yourself. If you believe that you can do it and trust yourself during the process, you will find it much easier to keep pushing forward. Discouragement can come from comparing your journey to others, but when you can hype yourself up and know that you will get to where you want to be, nothing can stop you. Read more>>

Leann Veal | Photographer & Creative Director at Crowned Photography

Transparency. I work with a lot of women, so it’s important for me to be honest and open with them from a photographer’s perspective. Some clients come to me with ideas and I openly tell them that they should try a different approach to what speaks to their target audience— not to what’s “cute” or “trendy”. Being transparent with my clients has allowed me to know them on a deeper level and truly capture the essence of their brand. Read more>>

Melissa Diaz Carcases | Fashion Model

I would say the fact that I’m always trying to improve my craft even if it looks great, there is always room for improvement. Read more>>

Cameron Wooten | Small Business Owner

Lishe means nutrition in Swahili so I always refer back to that in everything that I create for the brand. Providing a product that is all natural and extremely beneficial to the body helps drive the success of the brand & keeps the focus of the brand simple. Read more>>

DJ LuNetta | Houston mobile DJ

The most important factor behind my success as a DJ is to always believe in yourself and don’t under estimate the power of networking. You can network in person by going to other dj events, music festivals, or local artist events in the city. I have learned to use my social media as a networking tool as well for djing. Using my social media to network has probably been the most effective in landing djing gigs. So many people will tell me they did a search djs using certain hashtags and they found me that way which I think is just incredible. I see my social media as a free marketing tool for my djing business. Read more>>

Kyla Lee | Yoga Instructor, Educator, Public Health Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur

The most important factor in everything I do is my spirituality. God is first in everything I do. I always pray to God about anything I do because I truly believe that He is the creator of my purpose. As a result, I can never attribute my fortune or success to luck or hard work. While I do work hard, God is the reason for my success because it was apart of my path. I am just walking in my purpose. Read more>>

Tanai Winston | Founder/Owner “Dub Scrubs”

The most important factor behind my success would be continuing to persevere. Life can often times throw us so many problems that set us back or make us want to give up on our goals and dreams, however, in order to succeed you have to be willing to be okay with anything that could happen, you have to be okay with knowing that problems are going to come. That way when situations do arise, you remain calm, take a deep breath and are able to dance in the rain until your sunshine comes back. Read more>>

Ashley Fuentes | Content Creator & Model

As an underprivileged woman who had to fight for herself without guidance, one of my missions in life is to be able to connect and give a voice to women who don’t have it. Building genuine long lasting relationships with women who also faced similar struggles is one of the most important factor behind my success. Success means different things for different people, it’s a spectrum. Some people want stability, others happiness, mine is to inspire and be able to give people the opportunity of growth and finding their light in this dim universe. A little bit of kindness can go along way, future generations should be able to love society, help each other instead of competing and bringing each other down. Read more>>

Mary Elizabeth Lizzie” Darwin | Small Business Owner/Artist

When I started Modern Muse, I wanted to create something real. I have branded modern Muse with the slogans or hashtags #authenticaf and #BEUROWNMUSE. Although it sounds cliche, being yourself is the best way to do something, no matter what “something” is. Theoretically, the hashtags came from me wanting to promote the power in what being your own Muse is, and that is looking inside yourself for answers and using your mind and soul as intuition to pursue the life you want. Read more>>

Iyanla Santana | Fitness and Positive Lifestyle Influencer

Mindset and confidence. Two of the things I prioritize in my life to help me gain success with my brand. My ability to be confident within and my self helps channel my creative energy. On set that a positive, abundant mindset helps me appreciate where I am and give me faith on soon where I will be. Read more>>

Linda Torres | Hair Stylist & Apprentice

“To become a master, you must first be the student”. This is a personal mantra that I am currently living by as I am working. toward my goal to become a a stylist educator/ambassador. The salon industry has been constantly evolving, especially during this pandemic. Starting out early into my apprenticeship at Hair By Saint Rose, I am shadowing some of the most of talented artists I’ve ever met. Because of my teachers, all of them, I’ve been inspired to pick up learning new practical skills every day, even on my off-days. Read more>>

Trevor Bishop | Vice President, Pixster Photo Booths

I think the most important factor behind my success has been the people I get to work alongside every day. Being a part of a culture where people are personally invested in the success of the company is vital. Creating an authentic buy in from the people around you where they are excited to come to work each day and feel valued, appreciated and a contributor to the growth and health of the company is something that is not easily built. Read more>>

Renee Veloz | Director, Performance Artist and Instructor

The two most important and critical factors behind our success has been : 1. Diversity. This is one of the most culturally diverse teams I have danced on, and each one of us brings so many strengths to the table. 2. Foundation.
Dance training and foundation laid down by two key mentors (Flavia Dos Santos Rocha and Christina Trumbach) These two styles greatly contributed to the way we perform and present (Theatrical vs Street). Read more>>